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Smelling the leftists


Think it's bad now? Wait until Summer comes around.


n offer of gas masks for our money so it'll be protected from the deathly reek of onerous liberal politicians' economic policies communism, recently arrived in my email.

Titled "Obama-Proof" Your Portfolio, this timely message by Ann Coulter via Conservative Book Club begins by revealing a surprising addition to the ranks of From/To Each According To His/Her/Other Abilities/Needs™ Kool-Aid® drinkers.

Ann Coulter

"Obama-Proofing" the Ann Coulter Way...

Dear Fellow Conservative,

Do you know which special interest gave more money to the Obama campaign than any other?

If you guessed "trial lawyers" — well, okay, that's too easy. But can you guess which special interest came in second?

Labor unions? Nope. The Green Lobby? Nope. AARP? Wrong, again. NEA? Nyet.

Give up?

Communist Party USA? Domestic Terrorists Union? Association of Hate-Filled Racist Bigot Pastors of the U.S. of KKKA.? Nuclear Weapons Council of Iran? Communist China's Superior Infrastructure Commission?

Okay, here's the answer: Wall Street.

That's right. According to CNNMoney.com, Wall Street securities and investment firms gave over $35 million to Democratic candidates this election cycle. And the amount they gave to the Obama campaign was nearly five times the amount they gave to McCain.

Paging Doctor Dean, paging Doctor Dean. There's a call for you on line one.

Someone wants to know if "we need to buy back our government from the corporations that have paid Barackomrade Obamarx to run it." Says it's urgent.


No, I will not take a message for you.

If you've been wondering why the financial industry is in meltdown — and taking your 401(k) or investment portfolio down with it — now you know.

Let's face it: The former frat boys who populate Wall Street today understand economics about as well as the pinko professors whose courses they snored through.

Helping finance the elevation of an avowed Marxist to the office of President Former Senator of the United States isn't a sound investment strategy?

Well, it is according to University of Chicago professor Mew N. Bhatt.

Her paper Social Justice Markets: The New Capitalism explains why economies owned and run solely by government eliminate the need for such outdated notions as "competition" and "profit."

See how progressive Wall Street has become?

That's why betting their entire industry on "subprime" loans to people with no jobs and no collateral made sense to them — and why betting the entire U.S. economy on the likes of Obama makes sense to them now.

These jokers don't even know what's in their own self-interest, much less yours. Trusting them with your money is like trusting Bill Clinton to babysit your underage niece.

BiIsIs al-Qlinton just wants to spread the wealth around, too. What difference does it make that his is coming from the family jewels?

(Oh — pun intended, by the way.)

But I know someone you can trust to manage your investments — or rather, to help you do it yourself, without paying a nickel in commissions to some Wall Street frat boy.

His name is Dr. Mark Skousen — that's "Dr." as in "Ph.D. in Economics and Monetary History," something you don't get by playing Beer Pong with your frat buddies.

In other words, way overqualified for membership on Former Senator Obama's council of economic advisors.

For the past 28 years, subscribers to his investment newsletter, Forecasts & Strategies, have profited enormously from his uncanny ability to predict major market trends before they happen — often while the Wall Street establishment is pointing investors the other way. For instance:

In the early '80s, Dr. Skousen predicted that "Reaganomics will work" and said "a long decade of profits is coming."

Lucky guess.

It was nothing short of an absolute miracle that cutting business taxes and government red tape would spur the largest peacetime expansion of the nation's economy... ever.

The Soviet Union didn't do any of that and it got along just fine.

Why, its final decade of existence was undoubtedly one of that country's best!

He issued a "sell everything" recommendation just 41 days before the stock market crash of 1987. Then he told investors to get fully invested again several weeks later, just in time for the recovery.
He called the Gulf War of 1990 "a turning point for U.S. stocks." The Dow subsequently began a bull market that didn't end for nearly ten years.

Dow since 1987

That's what you get when you have a Republican-run Congress.

All that profit and prosperity. Geesh!

What about the Social Justice Market™? Where were its bulls hitting record highs and stuff?

At least the Dow has lost almost half its value since Former Senator Obama took the lead in the polls before being selected. So there's Hope®.

Spread it or shed it, baby.

Only pocket change we need. Not wads of cash.

He told subscribers in 1995 that the NASDAQ would double, and then double again. That's exactly what it did.
Just weeks before the NASDAQ collapsed in 2000, he warned subscribers that tech stocks were dangerously overvalued.
In 2007, he warned subscribers about the looming financial crisis — and showed them how to protect themselves.

Kind of like an investment community organizer. Albeit a remarkably successful one with many tangible things to actually show for his organizing.

Unlike a certain comrade former senator out of Chicago and his regular brand of it.

Personally, Dr. Skousen had me at "Reaganomics will work." But it's nice to see — and nicer still for his legions of loyal Forecasts & Strategies subscribers — that he's continued to call things right ever since.

What's his secret? Well, if I knew, I'd be an investment advisor myself. But I think it begins with grasping the real laws of economics — not the warmed-over Marxism that today's Wall Street frat boys imbibed with their warmed-over beer on the morning of their Econ 101 finals.

No wonder nearly all of them chose "c" to this question on those finals:

27. When stock investors go on a longterm "buying binge," it usually indicates what?
a. bear market
b. bull market
c. beer market
d. all of the above

The "bottom line," as they say? Don't let Democrats run the country. And don't let Wall Street frat boys manage your investments. Do it yourself, with the genuinely expert guidance of freedom-loving economist Mark Skousen in Forecasts & Strategies.

Click here to learn more.


Ann Coulter

Only you won't be allowed to do anything yourself anymore.

Former Senator Obamartinet has dictated that it's now the government's job to do it all for to you.

P.S. My friend Dr. Mark Skousen has just identified 7 "Obama-Proof" investments to help you survive — and thrive — when "The One We Have Been Waiting For" ascends to the presidency. It's all part of a FREE Investor's Dossier Dr. Skousen has prepared called "Obamanomics and Your Money."

Click here to learn more.

And by "and" he clearly means "Nabs."

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