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Just in Afghanistan, Nanny Pel-ostrich?


Cue: "There's A Kind Of Hamas (All Over The World)"

he who can't wait to "move on" as Screecher of the House with Demorevengerat plots to impeach and convict both President Bush and Vice President Cheney so she can be crowned Acting President Peloseri (Bites be upon Tongues), feels our country should retreat from Iraq in disgrace and cower afterwards in Kabul because "the war on terror is the war in Afghanistan."

This is one of those rare instances where she and al-Qaeda — whose No. 2 resided in her home state from 1998 to 1999 — are not in total agreement. As far back as 2003, even Newspeak said that (emphases supplied),

according to Taliban sources, Osama bin Laden's men officially broke some bad news to emissaries from Mullah Mohammed Omar, the elusive leader of Afghanistan's ousted fundamentalist regime. Their message: Al Qaeda would be diverting a large number of fighters from the anti-U.S. insurgency in Afghanistan to Iraq. Al Qaeda also planned to reduce by half its $3 million monthly contribution to Afghan jihadi outfits.

All this was on the orders of bin Laden himself, the sources said. Why? Because the terror chieftain and his top lieutenants see a great opportunity for killing Americans and their allies in Iraq and neighboring countries such as Turkey, according to Taliban sources who complain that their own movement will suffer.... Bin Laden believes that Iraq is becoming the perfect battlefield to fight the "American crusaders"....

  Tim Russert: "Is impeachment off the table?"
  Sag Frag Nag: "Well, you never know where the facts take you for any president...."
 NBC's "Meet the Depressed" (May 7, 2006) regarding wannabe House Judiciary Committee chairracist Abjohn al-Qonyers' "push for his impeachment resolution."
Apparently bin Laden hasn't been the only one living in a cave these past three years.

Had Nutsy Peloonbat awoken from her roof-hanging nap long enough to wing around the countryside, she might have noticed between rounds of munching on defenseless insects how our enemy has no intention to follow her No Going Outside Afghanistan™ "plan." That's because WWIV is officially known, by both sides, as the "Global War."

While Nanro fiddled with her broken sonar, Bali and Madrid and London and Amman etc. burned. That's Bali, Indonesia; Madrid, Spain; London, England; Amman, Jordan; etc., etc. — not Bali etc., Afghanistan, Shrieker Noggincy Le Pointy.

How about you come up with how we can win totally and expeditiously in Iraq first, Madam Squealer of the Grouse? You know, something that relies heavily on the V-word you abhor using in this World War with respect to America. Then, once we achieve it, we won't have a need to be there anymore. Why won't you trust that "the American people, in their righteous might, will win through to absolute victory... (and) with confidence in our armed forces, with the unbounding determination of our people, we will gain the inevitable triumph. So help us God"? Or would that violate your party's ever standing Never Positive, Always Negative® rule?

Why aren't you and other Demoloserat Party leaders helping, or at least loudly rooting for our country to win WWIV? Do you feel your party could someday "reclaim" government control and power only if the American people lose these life-or-death struggles anywhere near as badly as it's going to this election?

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