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Demoloserat losers feel America's going to lose


In other news: "Experts Say Sun Likely to Rise in East Today," "Dog Observed Biting Man," "Medical Study Finds People Who Never Breathe Experience Serious Health Problems."

oserals always want America to lose. Lose the war. Lose her economic strength. Lose our security and our individual freedoms. In fact, they badly need America to be as much a loser as each loseral is so none of them look so bad.

Now — and again — it's we're Losing in Iraq (© 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, ... Loserstream Mediaqrats, LLL). For its latest edition, Dhimmiloserat "experts" have commandeered and are leaking unauthorized statements on behalf of the dotardish James Baker's Iraq Study Group, originally "undertaken at the urging of several members of Congress" (e.g., Christopher Shays, R- D-CT) and provided a million of our taxed dollars via a "Diplomatic and Consular Programs" item tucked into a supplemental appropriations which supposedly expired last month. Bypassing that group's publicly appointed membership — which include Woodrow "Peace Without Victory" Wilson International Center for Scholars director and former 9+1 Against Bush Commission vice chairman Lee Herbert Hamilton, Monica Lewinsky's jobs finder (i.e., ones whose titles don't start with a "b") Vernon Eulion Jordan, BiIsIs al-Qlinton's chief of staff fundraiser cover-ups and grand jury testimony coordination Leon Edward Panetta, No-Win William al-Qinton's secretary of defense ignoring al-Qaeda declarations of war and treating terrorism as a law-enforcement matter William James Perry, Dhimmiqrat hatemonger Charles Spittal Robb, and ex-associate justice of the International Law Tribual (formerly "our" United States Supreme Court) Sandra Day O'Connor — its hired Dhimmi "experts" are unethically and unprofessionally violating their confidentiality agreements by disclosing their biased We've Lost/Let's Retreat taxpayer-funded scribblings to each other, including

draft policy options shared with The New York Sun by commission [sic] officials [Demoqrat staff]....

Just as the 9+1 Against Bush Commission's dhimmi staff did two years ago with their unlawful "preliminary reports," which were also harped on by the Mainsnark Media in yet another lame attempt to influence the outcome of our federal elections.

Fortunately, us voters have already decided, as we have in every election since this World War began, that those who stubbornly insist America can never win are not the kind of people we want to lead her. They've already predicted our country's failure and loss so stridently and often, why would they want to do anything that proves they were wrong all along? It'd show more clearly than usual exactly the sort of extremely petty, partisan opportunists they really are. Which would really make them look bad. Being only interested in themselves and their Sole Quest™ of "reclaiming" power, they'd rather we outright lose World War IV so they can deflect the blame away from their repeated failures to do anything to help America win and lay it all completely at the feet of "previous Congresses."

Regardless how much Demoloserats and their propagandizing media wish we would lose, the reality is America can, will, and must win, not only the World War but its related battles to strengthen our economy even further, to ensure our families and structures are never again attacked, and to fully defend everything else of ours the enemy sneakily targets.

Only a loser foolishly says that America — the nation whose people split the atom, cured "incurable" diseases, defeated the combined war machines of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, then went on to send a dozen men to the moon — could lose at anything, including beating back a bunch of backward-looking barbarians and their buffoonish backers before sending them all to hell. Yet, although it's not surprising, Demoloserat Party leaders are saying just that: "We're going to lose, America. Let's move on."

We'll move on, all right, Doomerats. To victory. How do you losermongers ever expect to win anything — including a World War or any national election — with that always negative, defeatist attitude of yours? Not only do you hope America herself will lose, but you want to make everyone and everything joined to her lose too: America's president (impeach!), America's working class (tax hikes!), America's economy (amnesty for invading cheap-laborers! unilaterally binding Kyoto-style restrictions on consumption!), America's energy independence (obstruct even environmentally sensitive petroleum exploration and extraction!), and America's war efforts (yield every battlefield to terrorists and tyrants!). Everyone and everything, that is, except America's enemies and their lethal plans.

Indeed, Deathoqrat propagandists want us to despair, give up, lose, and then wind up dead so badly, just so they can BlameBush! for it, they've desperately resorted to shamelessly lying about how up to "800,000" have died in Iraq. The only deaths they're not happy about are those within the foreign enemy's ever-depleting ranks, whom our Troops keep killing with much more regularity than the domestic one's rank and file would ever care to mention. That's because it shows we're winning! Speaking of domestic enemies, Dana Milbank, one of the frumpy fifth columnists in the Mainsneer Media, has even BlamedBush! for behaving like a human being at last Wednesday's news conference. Meanwhile, berater-in-chief Hanoi John F'in' al-Qerry feels we're doomed and "the United States needs to make some friends on this planet." (Hear that, Great Britain, South Korea, Italy, Australia, Poland, Romania, Denmark, El Salvador, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Latvia, Mongolia, Albania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Armenia, Estonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, et al.?)

Despite how gleeful Demoliberats feel even when it just superficially looks like we could lose, they still miserably fail to see what deadly consequences await our nation if ever that fondest wish of theirs comes true.

If you lose, or are perceived to lose, a war you will likely have more enemies. If you win, you tend to have fewer. Democrats are arguing, based on their cherry-picked section of the [National Intelligence Estimate], that going into Iraq created more enemies. But the "redeployment" so many of them favor would likely result in our having even more.

This, of course, is completely lost on Dhimmiqrat Party misleaders, such as Senate minority loser Sqarry "Seqret Land Dealer" Sqreed, who feels Iraq's "in a civil war!" and Afghanistan's "moving backward!" and our own borders are "unsecured!" Yeah, some real positive "thinking" there! Not only that, Dungoqrats are so proud of their old-found negativity that they're even overconfidently embracing the L-word (i.e., "loseral") again.

Why would we ever wish to have a Demonegative Party who's always saying there's only disaster awaiting America, be in control of any part of her government? We'd have to stop being Americans before we could even think about allowing that to happen.

President Bush and other Republicans, on the other hand, are helping America win (emphases on the positive emphases):

The economy is growing so strongly that, as the president said yesterday, he reached his goal of cutting the deficit in half — three years ahead of schedule. The stock market is soaring, and unemployment is low. Not a situation in which the Democrats tax record looks inviting. The Democrats, Mr. Bush warned, "will raise taxes. Now, I know they say only on rich people, but that's — in my judgment, having been around here long enough to know, it's just code word. They're going to raise them on whoever they can raise them on."

On national security, one can point to mistakes Mr. Bush has made in handling Iraq or Iran or Syria, but it is clear the Republicans are the party that wants to pursue the war on terrorists most aggressively.

Oil prices are coming down too — again. Moreover, in Iraq,

our troops are helping the people build a representative government from the ground up, despite the best Iran as well as al-Qaeda can throw at them. A captured letter sent by al-Qaeda leadership (what's left of it) to al-Qaeda in Iraq leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi before his death revealed that al-Qaeda is in a "stage of weakness, and a state of paucity." The same letter warned that violence aimed at Iraqi civilians (especially that directed against Sunni leaders) is "undermining al-Qa'ida's ability to win the 'hearts of the people.'" The most recent National Intelligence Estimate, meanwhile, showed that Iraq is the linchpin in the War on Terror. Whoever ends up losing the fight in Iraq — whether us or the terrorists — will be severely damaged.

I want to help America's true leaders help America to win.

The Demoloserat Party doesn't.

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