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Aid and Comfort, as well as Talking Points


Isn't trying to give the terrorists victory after victory enough?

errorists don't want their captured co-"militants" to be interrogated harshly. Neither do Demotraitorats.

Terrorists don't want their uncaptured co-"freedom fighters's" telephone calls into or from the U.S. to be monitored. Neither do Demotraitorats.

Terrorists don't want their captured co-"insurgents" to be renditioned inside foreign "secret prisons." Neither do Demotraitorats.

Terrorists don't want their captured co-"radical Muslims" to be imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay. Neither do Demotraitorats.

Terrorists don't want their uncaptured co-"Bush Victims's" bank transactions to be traced. Neither do Demotraitorats.

Terrorists do want everyone to believe that "Mr." Bush is losing the World War. So do Demotraitorats.

Terrorists do want everyone to believe that "Mr." Bush is incompetent and a failure. So do Demotraitorats.

Terrorists do want everyone to believe that "Mr." Bush is a liar. So do Demotraitorats.

Terrorists do want everyone to believe that "Mr." Bush lied about Sickdom's weapons of mass destruction. So do Demotraitorats.

Terrorists do want everyone to believe that "Mr." Bush is spilling blood for oil profits. So do Demotraitorats.

Terrorists do want "Mr." Bush to get out of Iraq now. So do Demotraitorats.

Pete and repeat. Wanting or not wanting the same things terrorists do or don't want, respectively, is a little something Demotraitorats like to call "dissent."

Now the Demotraitorats's No. 1, Dr. Howard Dean, is lending his speechwriter to al-Qaeda's No. 2, Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri.

al-Zawahri called President Bush a failure and a liar in the war on terror in a video statement released Friday....

This dissent makes al-Qaeda's leader just as "patriotic" as any Demotraitorat one.

Granted, there is dissent sometimes, albeit rarely, between what the terrorists and Demotraitorats are saying. For example, Demotraitorats selectively cite ABC News polls to say Iraqis view us as "interfering occupiers," not liberators, while the terrorists selectively cite the Qur'an to say Allah views us as such. That is, the terrorists don't have to wait around until a few hundred or so "random" people answer poll questions before figuring out what they believe. Nor do terrorists feel they have to commission groups like the World Values Survey Association of the University of Michigan's Institute for Social Research — whose members, visiting scholars, and research assistants receive scholarships or grants from George Soros's "open society" foundation or represent his pet projects — to ask others to inform them what is right and wrong.

Such aberrations are always only minor, however.

It's no accident that the message of the Moveon Borg, MSM, and Al Qaeda have finally converged. Not only do Michael Moore and Bob Woodward assure us that Bush lied, but they're backed up by that stalwart of veracity, Ayman Zawahiri!

Still, no matter how indistinguishable their messages are, when one of them starts reverently mentioning God, it's a dead giveaway he wasn't a Demotraitorat.

You should worry about your presence in two areas. The first is the Gulf, from where you will be expelled, God willing, after your defeat in Iraq, and your economic ruin will be achieved. And the second is Israel, because the jihadi reinforcements are getting closer, with God's help and power, and your defeat there will put an end to the superiority of the Zionists and Crusaders.

Sure, Demotraitorats may or may not be thrilled by the fact some al-Qaeda leader could give the keynote address at their next "national" convention and no one would notice anything strange about it — other than, perhaps, he was wearing a turban. Even then....

Get Off Our Side!

That must be the Democrats' reaction to the new videotape by al Qaeda number two Ayman al-Zawahiri....

It's interesting to think about the possible explanations for the fact that al Qaeda's leaders believe that their most effective public relations strategy is to repeat the Democratic Party's talking points.

On the bright side, no one can accuse the Demotraitorats and terrorists of not being united in their message.

The good news is, Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean, Ned Lamont and the lefty blogs have united to sue al-Zawahiri for theft of copyrighted intellectual property.

Semi-seriously, how many commenters on how many blogs will now write, "Look, Zawahiri has a point, and he's right that we need to get out of Iraq"?

Al-Qaeda wasn't worried about plagiarism. Of course, neither was Joe Split-Iraq Pack Biden. (Hey! another non-difference between terrorists and Demotraitorats.)

[Bush,] you lying failure. Why can't you be brave at lest once in your life and inform your nation of the disasters being faced by your forces in Afghanistan and Iraq? Why don't you tell them how many millions of citizens of America and its Allies you intend to kill in search of the imaginary victory, in breathless pursuit towards which you are driving your people's sons in order to increase your profits?

I know, it's difficult to tell which one said this when there's no religious reference. But, thanks to the Internets®, you can read the whole thing and find out. (Stop The ACLU)

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