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Victory at Home 2006 - Vote Like There's No Tomorrow!


12th Iman endorses Hilldabeast, Liarmont — Al-Jazeerah.info says "Vote Democratic"

Nevada primary election is Tuesday, August 15. Republican candidates in contested races for

United States Senator
John Ensign (incumbent)
Edward "Fast Eddie" Hamilton
United States House of Representatives, 1st Congressional district
Russ Mickelson
Michael Ace Monroe
Kenneth Wegner
United States House of Representatives, 2nd Congressional district
Sharron E. Angle
Dawn Gibbons
Richard Gilster
Dean Heller
Glenn Thomas
Bob Beers
Melody "Mimi Miyagi" Damayo
Jim Gibbons
Lorraine T. Hunt
Stanleigh Harold Lusak
Lieutenant Governor
Lonnie Hammargren
Eldon B. Hardy
George Kao
Brian Krolicki
Janet Moncrief
Barbara Lee Woollen
Secretary of State
Brian Scroggins
Danny Tarkanian
State Treasurer
Kathy Augustine (died July 11)
Mark DeStefano
Joseph Pitts

Project Vote Smart lists all House candidates.

Alaska primary election is Tuesday, August 22. Republican candidates in contested races for

John Binkley
Gerald L. "Jerry" Heikes
Merica Hlatcu
Frank H. Murkowski (incumbent)
Sarah H. Palin
Lieutenant Governor
Sean R. Parnell
Jerry Ward

Wyoming primary election is Tuesday, August 22. Republican candidates in contested races for

United States Representative
Barbara Cubin (incumbent)
Bill Winney
Ray Hunkins
John H. Self
Secretary of State
Mary Ann Collins
Max Maxfield
State Auditor
Bruce Brown
Rita Meyer
State Treasurer
Joe Meyer
Fred Parady

Oklahoma runoff primary election is Tuesday, August 22. Republican candidates in races for

United States Representative, 5th Congressional district
Mary Fallin
Mick Cornett
Lieutenant Governor
Scott Pruitt
Todd Hiett

Florida primary election is Tuesday, September 5. Congresswoman Katherine Harris is running for United States Senate in the Republican primary. Support her campaign and help launch Bill "Outer Space" Nelson (aka Identified Liberal Object) from Cape Dhimmicarnival into permanent orbit around the gas giant Planet MooreOn.

Rhode Island primary election is Tuesday, September 12. Steve Laffey is running in the Republican primary against incumbent DemRINOcrat senator Lincoln Chafee. Help put a Republican in our United States Senate from this state.

Pennsylvania incumbent U.S. Senator Rick Santorum is running against an Al-Jazeerah.info endorsed candiate. Al-Jazeerah.info calls terrorist group Hamas' founder a martyr and says "Vote Democratic." You can say "I support Senator Santorum, not a terrorist-supporting site's candidate."

Pennsylvania 12th Congressional district candidate Diana Irey is pro-Win WWIV. Contribute to her campaign and help retire the Defeatistic Party's Cut-n-Run Caucus leader Jaq "Redeploy to Okinawa" al-Murtha.

Primary Elections:

Tuesday, August 15
Nevada (Senate and Governor)
Tuesday, August 22
Alaska (Governor)
Oklahoma Runoff (Congressional district 5, Republican)
Wyoming (Senate and Governor)
Tuesday, September 5
Florida (Senate and Governor)
Tuesday, September 12
Delaware (Senate)
Arizona (Senate and Governor)
District of Columbia
Maryland (Senate and Governor)
Minnesota (Senate and Governor)
New Hampshire (Governor)
New York (Senate and Governor)
Rhode Island (Senate and Governor)
Vermont (Senate and Governor)
Wisconsin (Senate and Governor)
Tuesday, September 19
Massachusetts (Senate and Governor)
Washington (Senate)
Saturday, September 23
Hawaii (Senate and Governor)
Saturday, September 30
Sources: AP; The Green Papers.

Victory at Home and Abroad 2006

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