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More good news


For America, Iraq, and all freedom- and peace-loving peoples.

Iraq's parliament confirms key ministers

Baghdad, June 8, (BNA) Iraqi Prime Minister, Nuri al Maliki, appointed today, Abdulqader Mohammed Jassim as Defence minister, Jawad al Bulani, as Interior minister and Shirwan al Waili as the National Security Minister.

Iraqi News Agency said the newly-appointed Defence Minister, Lt.Gen. Abdulqader Jassim is currently the Land Forces Commander while Interior Minister, Jawad al-Bulani is close to the alliance and as for National Security Minister, Shirwan al-Waili, he was an officer in the Iraqi Army in the days of the ousted regime and is now a member of Parliament for the coalition bloc.

CBS News: Iraqi Parliament Swears in New Ministers
Iraqi parliament swears in key security ministers, seen as crucial step toward domestic takeover

Repaired and refitted USS COLE sails again

[WUSA9.com/AP] The U-S-S Cole leaves Norfolk, Virginia, for the Middle East today for the first time since the ship was attacked in Yemen, killing 17 sailors. Terrorists bombed the Cole as it was refueling in Yemen's port of Aden on October 12th, 2000. Those killed included three crewmembers from Maryland — Patrick Roy and Craig Wibberley, both from Washington County, and Joshua Parlett of Churchville.

No sailors from that crew are still on the ship. But many sailors in the current crew asked to be assigned to the Cole and say they're unafraid to deploy to that region. Command Master Chief Pat Reynolds of Lubbock, Texas, requested duty on the Cole in part because he was impressed with the crew's ability to come together to save the ship. Reynolds says he can't wait to deploy to show the world that — in his words — "we mean business."

The Cole is one of six ships and a submarine with six-thousand sailors and Marines leaving the East Coast this week to conduct security operations in support of the war on terrorism. They'll be gone six months. The Cole spent six months in the Mediterranean Sea in 2003 and 2004.

US Navy web site: USS Cole (DDG 67) "Determined Warrior"

Questions surround Haditha 'witnesses'

[euphoricreality.net] Putting It All Together

The Marines had hot intel that warned them of an attack from at least 20 terrorists that day. They were fortifying the Command Outpost accordingly.

Several children knew about the attack ahead of time, and there were quite a few people in the vicinity of the IED when it exploded. Their dead bodies are not accounted for in any Iraqi statement thus far.

When the IED exploded, the Marines began taking heavy small arms fire (as corroborated by the surveillance drone in the area). The Iraqi "eyewitnesses" claim the Marines were never fired upon. THEY ARE LYING. There are radio records of what happened that day, and they will come out. I have no doubt whatsoever that they will prove that the Marines were under fire from the terrorists. The Marines reacted swiftly, having already been briefed to expect such an attack. At the time, they did not know that one of their own had been killed, thus removing the media's pet motive of "uncontrolled revenge triggered by Sgt Terrazas' death" from the scenario.

[much, much more]

Massive quakes felt as Lefties' heads explode

(LUNews) Seismologists at the US Geological Survey, the University of California at Berkeley, and other sites across the United States recorded massive earthquakes of "biblical proportions" all day Thursday after a series of stunningly favorable news reports from Iraq set off unexplainable episodes of Intermittent Explosive Disorder among members of the endangered species, Moonbatus Idiotarianus.

Scientists were at a loss to explain any of the large quakes. But some speculated that the explosions heard at Dhimm al-Qratic National Committee headquarters in Washington, D.C., may have triggered some sort of chain reaction that spread into even the deepest house basements — commonly known to be the natural habitat of that paranoid species and their personal computers. Asked whether he felt the quakes could be attributed to such a phenomenon, Dr. Kookos T. Dailey, a prognosticator at UC Berkeley's department of reality-based studies, claimed he couldn't feel any quakes. "What we have seen is really some people's overreaction to the blatant propaganda activities of none other than Karl Rove and his double super secret mind altering device and popcorn machine, which I call 'Baby Snookers,'" he said.

Several persons who said they saw one or more heads of this species explode were certain that those were the real causes of the quakes. "This morning there was a whole bunch of them gathered at the Starbucks down the street, and after one of them turned on the television they all just started convulsing very violently. That was right before their heads started exploding," said one woman. A man who saw the same event added that it didn't seem the explosions were physically fatal to any of the victims. "Like (their heads) exploded and, you know, there wasn't any blood or anything. It was like popping a balloon. It just released a lot of hot air but nothing else. Guess their heads must have already been empty before they exploded," he said.

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