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Times 24


Another exiting new treason...

ay 6

. . . 08:16:31 08:16:32 08:16:33 . . .

(Counter Terrorist Unit, operations room)

Lynn McGill: Chloe, reopen the line to Jack.

Chloe O'Brian: His flight hasn't landed yet. I cannot guarantee the security of the connection.

McGill: We have an agent on board. She's working as an airline attendant for Cathay Pacific. Route the call to her. Code 2247.

O'Brian: Dialing now... Text-messaged code received.

(37,000 feet above Pennsylvania, aboard Flight CX921 from Hong Kong)

"Donna Woo" (Diana Lee): Mr. Bauer?

Jack Bauer: Yes?

Lee: There's a call for you. It's a family emergency. Would you come forward, please?

Bauer: Of course.

(flight attendants lounge; Bauer and Lee enter alone)

Lee: "The sushi in Hong Kong is the best."

Bauer: (surprised) CTU?

Lee: Yes. The line up here is for family emergencies. It's not normally monitored. The director's standing by on it. I've already informed the captain that you'll be deplaning first, so you can sit up here till we land.

Bauer: Good work. (picks up phone) Bauer here.

(split screen: attendants lounge / CTU)

McGill: Listen, Jack. There's been a change in plans. Your new final instructions are to proceed to the city morgue, not the hospital. Repeat, not the hospital. We need you to identify your brother's body.

Bauer: What happened?

McGill: (dripping with sarcasm) Check out today's New York Times.

(Bauer uses his palmOne Treo to access NYT's RSS feed; one headline reads "Bank Data Is Sifted by U.S. in Secret to Block Terror")

Bauer: (angrily) I'm on it. You believe my brother's already been transported to the morgue?

McGill: We're not sure. If he hasn't, wait there until he arrives.

. . . 08:41:22 08:41:23 08:41:24 . . .

(split screens: JFK International, Bauer hurries through terminal / bank's interior, Middle Eastern man approaches teller's counter / underneath Flight CX921, baggage is being unloaded, zoom in on a green suitcase)

. . . 08:59:58 08:59:59 09:00:00 . . .

. . . 09:22:07 09:22:08 09:22:09 . . .

Bank teller: I'm sorry, sir, but that transfer has been canceled.

Middle Eastern man: Thank you very much. (walks away)

(Jack Bauer enters bank, quickly walks over to same counter)

Bank teller: Yes, sir. May I help you?

Bauer: Bauer, CTU. (shows ID) Has anyone tried to pick up a RAPID transfer of funds here this morning?

Bank teller: I cannot give out that information without my supervisor's permission. He manages all transactions from the Regional Association of Personal Interbank Deposits. I'll go get him.

Bauer: I'll come with you. (jumps over counter)

Bank teller: But, sir!

Bauer: Where is he? Tell me, quick!

Bank teller: That's him coming this way now.

Supervisor: What's the matter?

Bank teller: Sir, he's with CTU.

Bauer: I need to know if anyone's picked up any transferred funds this morning.

Supervisor: (to bank teller) Have they?

Bank teller: Yes, sir. A man was at the counter earlier. But his transfer had been canceled.

Bauer: How long ago?

Bank teller: About three minutes. Right before you came in.

Bauer: What did he look like?

Bank teller: Tall. Uh, Middle Eastern, I believe. He had a beard.

Bauer: What was he wearing?

Bank teller: Dark suit. Red tie, I think.

(Bauer looks toward entrance, sees the Middle Eastern man exiting bank, takes off after him)

. . . 09:27:38 09:27:39 09:27:40 . . .

(split screen: Bauer is following the Middle Eastern man down the sidewalk / JFK International baggage claim area, a woman picks up the green suitcase)

. . . 09:50:43 09:50:44 09:50:45 . . .

(Bauer jumps the Middle Eastern man from behind, drags him into alleyway, pushes him up against wall)

Bauer: All right, "brother." The morgue didn't have your money. What's your contingency plan?

Middle Eastern man: I do not know what you are saying about! Look, if it is money you wish, I have some right here. In my wallet. (starts to reach inside jacket)

Bauer: (quickly steps back, draws gun) Don't move! I know you were expecting a transfer. I want to know how else you're getting the money into the country.

Middle Eastern man: I do not know what is your understanding. Here, let me give you... (hand disappears inside jacket)

Bauer: (shoots the Middle Eastern man three times, rushes up to him and kneels down, reaches inside the man's jacket and retrieves a hidden gun) Don't die on me yet! Tell me where the money is.

Middle Eastern man: (between painful coughs) We... read the... papers too... infi-... -fidel. (dies)

Bauer: (stands up, dials CTU) Let me speak to the director.

(CTU director's office)

McGill: Yes? Jack, where are you?


Bauer: Listen, McGill. The transfer wasn't made. They must have called it off after reading that story about RAPID in the Times. Kinda ironic, don't you think?

(director's office)

McGill: Never mind about that. They must be bringing the money in some other way. There's been no indication they're canceling their plans. So the target's probably still a go.


Bauer: Do you want me to proceed there, as originally instructed?

(split screens: director's office / alleyway / JFK International passenger pickup area, the woman gets into a taxicab while its driver packs her green suitcase inside the cab's trunk)

McGill: No.

Bauer: What about the payoff location? Any information on that yet?

McGill: We won't know for at least another hour. What's your location?

Bauer: Standing over my "brother." He's in need of a real morgue now.

McGill: Dammit, Jack! Did he get a chance to say anything?

Bauer: Only that he's looking forward to hooking up with six dozen virgins.

McGill: Before I send you anyplace else I want to know exactly what happened.

Bauer: Do we really have time for this?

. . . 09:59:58 09:59:59 10:00:00 . . .

. . . 10:07:52 10:07:53 10:07:54 . . .

(White House, Oval Office)

President Charles Logan: I want to know how this happened, Walt! (slams copy of NYT down on desk)

Walt Cummings: Bill Keller assured me his paper wouldn't run the story, Mr. President.

Logan: Then he lied to you.

Cummings: It appears so, sir.

Logan: What can we do about it?

Cummings: I believe that problem's going to take care of itself.

(split screen: Oval Office, Logan stares out window, Cummings glares at newspaper / downtown Manhattan street, woman gets out of taxicab, her driver opens trunk and hands her the green suitcase)

(full screen: same Manhattan street, off of curb)

Woman with suitcase: Here. Keep the change.

Cab driver: Thank you, miss. (gets back in cab, drives away)

Woman: (takes out cellphone, dials) I'm here.

(white delivery van pulls out from nearby street, drives to where the woman is, parks in front of her)

Driver of van: (rolls down passenger window some) Get in!

Woman: (opens passenger door and puts suitcase in the front seat before sitting next to it) Is everything prepared?

Driver: First, we check the contents. Lift the suitcase over the back of the seat, but do not turn around.

(the woman complies; behind the seat, two hands reach out and grab the suitcase, taking it into the back of the van)

Driver: It is a very clear day.

Woman: Yes. A perfect day.

(unseen person in the back knocks three times on the side of the van)

Driver: All is in order. You have done well.

Woman: Allah be with you. (exits van)

(split screen: van drives off, the woman stands on sidewalk watching it leave / another Manhattan street, Jack Bauer looks across it, watching the entrance of the New York Times building)

. . . 10:18:33 10:18:34 10:18:35 . . .

Bauer: (answering cellphone) Yes.

(split screens: across the street from NYT building / CTU operations room / following the white delivery van down several streets)

Chloe O'Brian: (inside operations room) Jack, we still don't have any information on the payoff location.

Bauer: McGill said it would take (looks at watch) another forty minutes.

O'Brian: He's talking to the president now.

Bauer: About what?

O'Brian: The president wanted to know if the target was still go.

Bauer: Look, just because the RAPID transfer was canceled doesn't mean they don't have another way of delivering the payment.

O'Brian: That's what I said. McGill's trying to convince the president we should proceed on the assumption that they did.

(full screen: Bauer starts crossing the street)

Bauer: That's the assumption I'm going on. I'll call back when I'm in. (ends call)

(CTU director's office)

McGill: Mr. President, I strongly recommend against calling off the operation. We don't have enough information yet.

(split screen: director's office / White House, Oval Office)

Logan: (inside Oval Office) It would appear, since they lost both that transfer from RAPID and their courier, they have no way of paying for such an attack. I'm going to talk to Karen Hayes about it once she gets here. In the meantime, I want your agents to back off. I can't afford to have the Times running articles about how I ordered their building evacuated based on little or no information. It'd look too much like a retribution for their printing that story about RAPID.

McGill: Mr. President, I don't believe you should base your—

O'Brian: (bursts into director's office) Sir, Jack's going in!

McGill: Excuse me, Mr. President. I'll call you back. (ends call)

Logan: McGill!

(split screens: Oval Office / director's office / following the white delivery van as it turns off the street and pulls into a parking garage)

. . . 10:57:47 10:57:48 10:57:49 . . .

(inside NYT building)

Bauer: (calls CTU) Chloe, got anything yet?

(CTU operations room)

O'Brian: Are you still in the building, Jack? I thought you said you were leaving, as ordered.

Bauer: I'm in the lobby now. It's crowded with those bicycle messengers. They might be waiting for the elevators to take them up.

O'Brian: Jack, are they all wearing backpacks?

Bauer: Of course. Wait a minute... Hey, the elevator doors just opened but none of the messengers got in. What's—

. . . 10:59:58 . . .

Bauer: going—

. . . 10:59:59 . . .

Bauer: on here?

. . . 11:00:00 . . .

. . . 13:16:04 13:16:05 13:16:06 . . .

(White House, Oval Office)

Walt Cummings: It's confirmed, sir. The firefighters just retrieved Jack Bauer's body. He's dead.

President Charles Logan: Have they put out the fires above the fifth floor yet?

Cummings: No, sir. They're still trying to lift a tether over to Bill Keller on that ledge he's crawled out on.

Logan: That's what they're showing on the live shots now.

Cummings: (watches the television) It doesn't look like they're going to reach him. He's too far up.

Logan: Just turn it off, Walt. I can't bear to watch.

Cummings: (turns TV off) We have the information on that suitcase CTU found inside the van.

Logan: Yes?

Cummings: It got through baggage because the bills were apparently tightly layered between the double-cardboard lining of the suitcase. X-rays weren't able to distinguish them from the surrounding material.

Logan: If only the attackers had used their normal RAPID transfer of funds, our monitoring would have allowed us to prevent this tragedy.

Cummings: You can't blame yourself, Mr. President. It wasn't your fault they decided to change their methods, forcing us to play catch-up. You tried your best to convince Bill Keller that this information would hurt the public if it ever got out.

Logan: I know, I know. But maybe I could've tried harder. Anyway, let's see how the rescue's going.

Cummings: (turns TV on) The ledge is empty! Seems they got that tether up to him after all.

Logan: If that's the case, Walt, then why is it still dangling in midair.

. . . 13:59:58 13:59:59 14:00:00 . . .

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