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Obama bin Biden anno Hegirae 1429


A campaign year that's given election fraudsters, lying politicians, George $oros, and terrorists both foreign and domestic hope for more of the same change only they need.


he candidates we have now are Profiles in Contrast — among the most novel of such in the history of presidential elections — or A Tale of Two Citizens' Experience, from the best of them to the worst of them:

John Sidney McCain has been a U.S. Navy captain and a two-term congressman and is a fourth-term U.S. senator.

Barack Hussein Obama hasn't yet finished being even a first-term U.S. senator.

The presidents we have elected, without exception, each had plenty of federal or statewide government experience when he first successfully ran for our nation's highest office:

George Walker Bush was a governor.

William Jefferson Clinton was too.

George Herbert Walker Bush had been a two-term congressman, a U.S. ambassador, and a CIA director and was the vice president.

Ronald Wilson Reagan had been a governor.

James Earl Carter had been too.

Richard Milhous Nixon had been a two-term congressman, a U.S. senator, and a vice president.

Lyndon Baines Johnson was the president.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy had been a three-term congressman and was a second-term U.S. senator.

Dwight David Eisenhower was the supreme commander of NATO.

Harry S. Truman was the president.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a governor.

Herbert Clark Hoover was the U.S. secretary of commerce.

John Calvin Coolidge was the president.

Warren Gamaliel Harding had been a lieutenant governor and was in his sixth and final year as a first-term U.S. senator.

Thomas Woodrow Wilson was a governor.

William Howard Taft was the U.S. secretary of war.

Theodore Roosevelt was the president.

William McKinley was a recent governor.

Benjamin Harrison had been a U.S. Army general and a one-term U.S. senator.

Stephen Grover Cleveland was a governor.

James Abram Garfield was a nine-term congressman.

Rutherford Birchard Hayes had been a two-term congressman and was a governor.

Ulysses S. Grant was the general of the U.S. Army.

Abraham Lincoln had been a one-term congressman and was an instrumental founder of the U.S. Republican Party.

James Buchanan had been a five-term congressman, a two-term U.S. Senator, and a U.S. secretary of state and was a U.S. ambassador.

Franklin Pierce had been a two-term congressman, a one-term U.S. senator, a U.S. attorney, and a wartime brigadier general.

Zachary Taylor was a U.S. Army general and war hero.

James Knox Polk had been a seven-term congressman, a U.S. House speaker, and a governor.

William Henry Harrison had been a territorial secretary, delegate, and governor, a U.S. Army brigadier general and war hero, a one-term congressman, and a U.S. senator and ambassador.

Martin Van Buren had been a one-term U.S. senator, a governor, and a U.S. secretary of state and was the vice president.

Andrew Jackson had been a congressman and U.S. senator, a state supreme court judge, a U.S. Army general and war hero, and a territorial governor.

John Quincy Adams had been a U.S. ambassador and a one-term U.S. senator and was the U.S. secretary of state.

James Monroe had been a continental congressman, a one-term U.S. senator, a U.S. ambassador, a governor, and a U.S. secretary of war and was the U.S. secretary of state.

James Madison had been a continental congressman and a four-term congressman and was the "father of the Constitution," an author of the Federalist Papers, the author of the Bill of Rights, and the U.S. secretary of state.

Thomas Jefferson had been a continental congressman, a governor, a U.S. ambassador, a confederation delegate, and a U.S. secretary of state and was the author of the Declaration of Independence, the vice president, and the author of the U.S. Senate's manual.

John Adams had been a continental congressman, an author of a state constitution, a U.S. secretary of war and ordinance, and a U.S. ambassador and was the vice president.

George Washington had been a British colonel and the commander-in-chief of a state army, a continental congressman, and the commander-in-chief of the Continental and U.S. Army and was the president of the states' convention that wrote the very federal constitution that created our nation's highest office.

Barack Hussein Obama's problem isn't that his external appearance doesn't resemble any these exceedingly experienced federal or statewide officeholders' before or after they were in his same shoes.

Barack Hussein Obama's problem is that his alleged experience doesn't come anywhere close to even wistfully resembling any of theirs while they were in his shoes.

Obama bin Biden
2008  A.H. 1429

Moreover, given what so-called experience Barack Hussein Obama does have, along with his extremist liberal "thoughts" emotions and "ideas," any tale of the worst of his problems in this year's election would have an extremely wide profile, far surpassing that of even the thickest novel.

Examples of Barack Hussein Obama's worst problems include:


Obama hates Americans
He hates Americans in the mainstream opposing his extremist plans.

Obama hates America
He hates America and her citizens being fully capable of defending themselves against any and all threats.

Obama hates our Troops
Why else would he have called them failures before giving them any real chance to succeed?

Obama hates election laws
He hates election laws forbidding his use of phony donors, foreign contributions, and fraudulently registered "voters."

Obama Hates Free Speech
What a surprise.

Obuma hates the First Amendment
And the Second Amendment, and the Fourth Amendment, and... who knows how many other parts of our Bill of Rights.

Obama bin Biden hate women
Each hates the women he hires receiving equal pay for equal work.

Terrorist Ayers Hired Obama
"Only Ayers had the legal authority to approve of Obama('s)" appointment to chair the Ayers-run Annnenberg Challenge's board of directors.

Obama slogan change: 'VIOLENCE We Need'
When Barazor Hoodlum Obarbarian commanded his supporters violent gang members to "get in their face," he obviously meant slash their faces too.

Sexist, ageist, racist Obama
B is for Bigot.

What's the difference between a sexist freshman senator and a pig?
*crickets chirping*

[Obama's Obrownshirts] Protesting for Peace, My A**
ObombYa supporters invade the Republican convention and violate the basic constitutional rights of peaceable, law-abiding Americans.

Demoqrats Hate Women
By now, isn't it obvious?

Demoqrats' Prayer
Led by their former chair"man" and those hate-filled bloated jackasses "on their side." Our Obamessiah, Who art campaigning, Give us this day a hurricane....


Obama loves terrorist attacks
He loves terrorist attacks "testing" him.
There was a socialist who had a middle name
And Hussein-Ø was his middle name-ø
Huss - E - I - N - Ø
Huss - E - I - N - Ø
Huss - E - I - N - Ø
And Hussein-Ø was his middle name-ø

Obama loves government-only health 'care'
His "Everybody In (or Else!)" total-Big Government paid for run "health" "care" "system" is just more of the same old tired worn-out All Government, All the Time™ nanny-state Socialism, with everybody's lives literally in its incompetently bureaucrapic hands.

Obama loved Fannie and Freddie
And his love of their donated money made him blind to their corrupt faults, even as it became too late to avert this unprecedented economic crisis which they created and which John McCain had warned him and other Democrooks about years ago.

Obama loved cocaine
He loved admitting it, even.

Obraindeada wants us to understand the terrorists
Mr. HØpe,uh,dope gave us these pointers on how to "draw some measure of wisdom" from the 2001 terrorist sneak attack....

What's that seal above Lenin's tomb?

We Need?

Cover Your Fannie, Obuma
Like some butter on you're toast?

Golden parachutes for Obama's pals
ACORN, La Raza, "National" Urban League, etc., etc., etc.

Shove that $100,000,000 ACORN of Obama's right back up his scrawny butt
Not one penny of our hard-earned taxed money for any of his corrupt, crime-ridden lobbyists and special interests.

Demoqrats' politically correct financial industryPG
Pricetag: $700,000,000,000.00 (plus or minus a few $100,000,000,000.00)

'Can't do business with people who don't have any money.'
While we're waiting on Freshman Junior Senator zer-O'bagman for Fredd/Fannie MacMae's parachuting fat cat CEOs (aka his campaign's meltdown's "advisors"/donors) to stop his waiting on someone else to come up with enough fluffy text regarding Teh Crisis™ to fill more than a couple of scroll-throughs on his empty pointy skull's surgically attached teleprompter....

Obama bin Biden both voted in favor of 'Bridge to Nowhere'... Twice!
Pair of miserable failures.


Obama: Race Traitor
"I can no more disown Reverend Wright than I can disown the black community."

Obambi, the former Supreme Soviet just called
...and it declared that you should be on the three-ruble bill

'So get off your a**, white people, it's time to get out and vote!'
Is that racist? Oops. I misquoted "talented" hip hop "artist" Ludacris....

All Talk,
No Do.

Political infomercials are for losers
MSNBC, CNN, LAT, NYT, ABC, CBS, NBC, WaPo, NPR, et al. and the "pollsters" manipulative mind-controllers they hire have been nothing but one long 24/7 infomercial for Their Chøsen Øne™.

'cut taxes' changed to 'not raise taxes'
...changed to "not raise taxes much"? changed to...?

Qlinton-Gore '92 promised us a 'middle class tax cut' too
...during an economic downturn, also. And so it was the first promise they broke. Faced with this extremely worse crisis, are we really still so gullible as to foolishly buy that same loaf of moldy bread twice?

New Contest! -- Name One Tax Cut That Obama Ever Voted For In His Entire Life and You Could Win One TRILLION DOLLARS!
But hurry! Contest ends Tuesday, November 4th. (Hint: NØNEbama, zerØ-bama, 0zipa, Ø'Nada, ...)

Obama-Controlled Do Nothing Congress Miserably Fails the American People
Thanks for nothing, Freshman Junior Donothingrat Senator "New Kind of Politics" Øbama.

Want to end up homeless? Then let B. Hussein Obama 'help' you
A "change" no none can live with — much less in — is....

'It's not the environmental movement I used to know...'
That bus [of B.Ø.'s] is going to need some cheap, domestically-drilled petroleum, else it won't be able to run over anyone in an "affordable, energy-independent" manner.

Demoqrat Congress hates Americans
What other explanation is there? Ninny Peliesi promised two years ago she had a "plan" to lower gasoline prices For The Children®. Since then, gasoline has gone up over another buck a gallon. Good Plan™.

America Held Hostage - Day 11
No doubt our Demoqrat masters find sadistic pleasure in torturing us with high gas prices, as they do nothing but sit back and wait for more of our oil wells to dry up.

Pixie dust and unicorn droppings
No, we can't renew-a-babble our way out of the energy "crisis."

Now some math for Iran's despots' best aider and comforter
Becoming just as dependent on imports of foreign oil as we are on domestic supplies is the sum total of the Demolightworkerrats' Co-Dependency "Plan"™.

If Ninny Peloseri's 'rules' were baseball's...
(Every team would lose.)

Demoqrats' High Gas Prices Still Increasing
Analysts say "out of touch" Demoqrats want more "pain at the pump." [satire]

Ticket &

Rebates, credits are not tax 'cuts'
You would see that fact reported in the New York Slimes except its gossip columnists (aka "reporters") are too busy stalking and exploiting the minor-age classmates of a candidate's daughter on the Internet, trolling for dirt. (No, not the Demagogic candidate's daughter.)

U.S. Secret Service: Obama, you're a stinking liar
No witness, recording, or even confession can be found to corroborate Jr. 1-term-only Sen. OdumbO's claim that he "received a death threat" at his opponent's rally.

B. Hussein Obama's Anchor Tank
So I'll reintroduce to you / Their bias known for all these years....

Charlie Gibson has no idea what the Bush Doctrine actually is
Sorry, Charlie. Do your homework. You're either with us or you're with the terrorists. That's the Bush Doctrine.

Hostile Moderator
Pro-Obama author propagandist Gwen Ifill in charge of vice-presidential debate Gangbang Palin SlamFest.

If Obraindeada
had any brains
he'd be even
more dangerous

Senator Government the Wealth Spreader

You can't scan something that isn't there
Jøebama bin Biden(ial)'s "brain" scan: the ultimate There's No There There™.

Iran willing to talk to Ogullible, but with two preconditions
Namely, totally get out of the Middle East and totally cut off Israel. Junior Less-Than-One-Term Senator Ogullible flip-floppingly says, "No problem."

Christ isn't a 'community organizer,' Jr. Sen. Oblasphema
And He definitely isn't any kind of "was" either.

Obama's Prop
He had to look down to read it.

Troop Victory We Can Believe In
Except that "We" still doesn't include Junior Freshman Demoqrat Sen. Bereft-of-experience Oblahblahma.

What if Dimbulbqrats threw a 'civil war' and nobody came?
People who've lived all along far outside their fantasy world would still call it "Iraq."

Horrible Speech
Public officials serve us, not the other way around. But listening to B.Ø.'s acceptance speech accusations and blame, it's clear now that's not a principle he knows or ever even thought he knew.

What else are we supposed to be addicted to, OdumbO?
How about this: You lead by example. Swear off all oil for just One. Single. Day. You yourself can break your addiction to it for that long, can't you?

Vice Plagiarist
Turn out the lights. The Demoqratiq Party's hopes of winning this election are over.

The Bush 44

Bageorge H.W. Obusha
Obama is The One who wants to be Bush 44!

Make that 699,999,999,980 similarities...
Sen. Busharack OBushama probably thought felt all these warnings about his beloved Fannie Mae were just "distractions"....

Not laughing
with Obama...

Demoqrats' Convention Schedule Has Been Changed
To everything they hoped....

If Obamarx picks Hillosery for V.P....
The curse that befalls every sitting senator who's elected president — i.e., of dying in his first term — would be all but guaranteed to drop him, too, if he wins this November.

Demoqrat Party is an 'organization'?
I would call the Demoqrats' "rules" committee a joke. But that would give all jokes a bad name.

The End.

Now, for a truly refreshing change:


More than 'Present'
On reforming Wall Street and fixing Washington.

Thank you, John McCain
At least somebody's rolling up his sleeves and doing the job we taxpayers expect and pay him to do.

Biggest. Audience. Ever.
Sen. Pres. McCain wins in the ratings.

A Tale of Two Germanies
It was the best of visits [Gov. Palin's with our overseas Troops]. It was the worst of visits [Comrade Obamarx's just to his ritzy overseas gym].

John McCain 'lived' and 'studied' overseas too
A lot more than Freshman Junior Senator B. Hamas-endorsed Obombast ever did.

Thanks, Senator President McCain, for picking a governor to be our next vice president.

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