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Obama-Controlled Do Nothing Congress Miserably Fails the American People


Thanks for nothing, Freshman Junior Donothingrat Senator "New Kind of Politics" Øbama.


he American people were counting on your Congress to fix the "worst economic crisis since the Great Depression."

And you blew it.

You let your country down, Freshman Junior Senator Oblowhard.

Instead of "making Washington work for us," you were taking advantage of this bad situation by setting up multi-hundred Billion dollar slush funds for your campaign contributors and cronies' corrupt corporations. (Thank the Lord Senator McCain caught you all with your grimy hands in that giant cookie jar before any of you could take out what belongs to us, the people, not you.)

That's not Change®. That's more of the same underhanded Demoqrat Party backroom deal making and payouts to enrich your special interests and lobbyist buddies.

You just couldn't help yourselves, could you?

There was all that lovely money about to flow out of Washington in a virtual flood, and the only thing you ever let pop into your empty pointy small-minded selfish little heads is, "How much of it can we get our grubby hands on?"

How your beady eyes were bulging out of their sockets at the sight of all that potential loot!

It's clearly an instinctual reaction with you parasitic tax-and-spend bloodsuckers.

We know it, too.

You and your party thoroughly sicken us.

You don't deserve any power because, no, you can't be trusted with whatever amount of it we loan you.

But we took that power back today.

We sent you and your fellow dangerously irresponsible Demoqrat Party crooks, liars, and cheats a clear and resounding message:


Stop stealing from us! — from the very people you over and over miserably fail to recall are your sole, true bosses:

Not your rotten pals you sneakily tried to enrich this past week using our money, which you'd planned to embezzle;

Not your corrupted, in-the-tank worshipers in the alleged "news" media, who collectively turn the blind eye of a propagandist to your blatant incompetence and many wrongdoings;

But us.

Your Congress this afternoon didn't need a single Republican to get something passed that would've helped us.

But you had a multi-multi-Billion dollar heist planned, so you needed them to provide you cover on your shady backroom dealings.

Fortunately for the American people, many members of your own party saw exactly what you and your fellow so-called "leaders" were up to, how it wasn't going to be helpful at all to us, and patriotically dissented and deserted your same old greedy stinking corrupt party-first-and-always 'rat infested boatload of useless politicians before you could sink those true Democrats to the bottom of that filthy mire along with you. (Thank the Lord, also, for their acts of courage.) Many more, unfortunately, didn't think feel you were being shady enough. These deserve our country's scorn as well.

Today marks a true victory of, by, and for the American people over the shameless forces of fraud, waste, and abuse within their own halls of government.

Congratulations, fellow Citizens. We fought the good fight for all the good guys in America — and won!

Shame on you and your entire sick bunch of inept, broken-down, mean-spirited, self-interested, always-partisan, do-nothing charlatans and hacks, Freshman Junior Senator Øbama.

You are the most unhelpful, self-serving "representative" there is in your Congress. Which is quite an accomplishment in itself, and the only major one that, yes, you can ever really claim.

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