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Resolutions of Expulsion


Effective counters to Kooktraitorich's unsubstantiated articles of impeachment substantial adherence to America's wartime enemies, giving them aid and comfort.


very Republican in both name and deed inside "our" House of Representatives should submit resolution after resolution to expel not only this Demotraitorat representative of the terrorists' aims, goals, and propaganda but every cosponsor of his Articles of Emboldening al-Qaeda, along with the speaker, majority leader, majority whip, and all other House Demoqrat officers who in any way allow, condone, or assist their commission — on our time and dime, no less — of so blatant an act of treason against all of the American people.

GOPusses, of course, can ignore this petition for such redress of the more than justifiable grievance every loyal citizen of our nation legitimately now has with the House over its latest betrayal of our trust, utter waste of our overly taxed monies, and, worst of all, outrageous succor of every bloodthirsty enemy of America who declares total war on us and is hellbent on destroying our freedoms and our very way of life. (Wouldn't want to interrupt the Gutless Obsequious Party's futile endeavor to outpander the Demopanderats.)

Speaking of enemies, Iran's government-controlled Press TV is speaking very highly — and gleefully — of the Dhimm al'Qrat congresskooks' overtly traitorous act:

House votes for Bush impeachment
Thu, 12 Jun 2008 02:20:59

The US House of Representatives has voted to send articles of impeachment against President George W. Bush to the Judiciary Committee.

By 251-166, House members dispatched the measure to the committee on Wednesday but it is not likely to hold hearings before the end of his term next January 20, AP reported.

The [mis]leader of the House, Speaker Nancy Pelos[er]i, a Demo[q]rat, long ago declared the prospects for impeachment proceedings "off the table." [snicker, snicker]

Rep. Dennuts [al-Q]ucinich, a Democrat who ran for president earlier this year, [p]resented articles of impeachment against Bush to [al-Q]ongress late Monday.

[Al-Q]ucinich said Bush "fraudulently" justified the war on Iraq and misled "the American people and members of [al-Q]ongress to believe Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction so as to manufacture a false case for war."

[Al-Q]ucinich's articles also charge Bush with failing to provide troops with vehicle armor, illegally detaining both foreign nationals and Americans, condoning torture, mishandling the government's response to Hurricane Katrina and undermining efforts to address global warning.


Our enemies are celebrating. Thanks, Demoqrat Suicidepact Party.

More than ever our country needs a Grand Gonadic Old Party willing and able to stand up to the Defeatist Party and put a stop to its members' persistent, despicable attempts to completely sabotage our Military and their commander-in-chief's efforts to end this World War in nothing less than total victory for the United States and her allies.

Softening of the rhetoric be damned. Telling us "I'm obviously concerned" be damned.

Trying to get along, let alone work with self-interested Domestiq-enemy Party members be damned.

If the 110th 1st al-Qongress gets even less done as a result, it's doubtful more than a few would notice any difference.

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