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Assassinating the Rules


Barack "RFK" Obama isn't the one in immediate danger.


iberals can quote a rule as readily as Lucifer can any passage of scripture. It's with the following of such each has inordinate difficulty.

They wouldn't be who they respectively are, however, unless they were breaking or ignoring the ones they find personally inconvenient. That, most of all, is what sets liberals and Lucifer apart from souls many would rightly consider both honest and trustworthy. It's why the phrase honest liberal is generally regarded to be only slightly more sensical than dehydrated water.

It also explains "Mrs." Williar Impeachedone al-Qlinton's obviously desperate attempt to assassinate "her" own party's clear and openly laid down rules.

After giving each state in the Union fair warning that if it held its Democrat primary before February 5, in violation of the party's bylaws which say only New Hampshire, Iowa, Nevada, and South Carolina may do so, and which all Democrats by virtue of their membership in the party mutually pledge one another to respect and follow, then responsible national party officials would take whatever actions they deem necessary to fulfill their duty to every Demoqrat in the county, of ensuring everyone's respect for those rules by punishing each and every inconsiderate and selfish member or group of them who not only think feel they don't necessarily have to follow the ones they don't like but thumb their upturned noses at their top officials, as well as all their fellow members whom they consider suckers for not feeling themselves above such rules too, as they proceed to flagrantly violate the same with neither any regard for the harm that would cause other members nor any expectation whatsoever that anyone should do anything at all to hold them in any way accountable for their irresponsible and inappropriate behaivor, even after being thoroughly warned about the consequences of that violation, guess what these national officials did after the party's echelon in Florida and Michigan proceeded to blatantly violate those bylaws? If you said "they did their duty," then you're not sufficiently selfish or inconsiderate to be one of Willy J***offerson al-Qlinton's Old "Lady"'s partners in crime. But you would be correct.

The duty of every organization's leaders is to enforce its rules for the good of all members, not just any self-appointed elite. If that elite can't or won't abide by the same rules everyone else has to, its continued presence will be a source of great harm to all "less special" members and, consequently, to the organization itself. For their own sake, those members would do well to either force that elite to abide by the rules or, if such isn't possible, purge it forever from their midst.

Senator Obama showed his respect for the Demoqrat Party's rules and its officials' measures to enforce them when he agreed to remove his name from the Michigan primary ballot.

Although "Her" Nibsjesty agreed to do so as well, "she" broke "her" promise — yes, surprise, surprise — after concluding that a ballot with only "her" name on it would mean "she" might have a chance of "winning" the most votes — the same way "her" admired counterparts used to win them in the former Soviet Union.

Sep 1, 2007 4:02 PM
al-Qlinton Qampaign Statement

The following is a statement by al-Qlinton Qampaign Manager Patti Solis Doyle.

"We believe Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina play a unique and special role in the nominating process.

"And we believe the DNC's rules and its calendar provide the necessary structure to respect and honor that role.

"Thus, we will be signing the pledge [with fingers crossed] to adhere to the DNC approved nominating calendar."

August 31, 2007
Four State Pledge Letter 2008

WHEREAS, over a year ago, the Demoqratiq National Qommittee established a 2008 nominating calendar;

WHEREAS, this calendar honors the racial, ethnic, economic and geographic diversity of our party and our country;

WHEREAS, the DNQ also honored the traditional role of retail politics early in the nominating process, to ensure that money alone will not determine our presidential nominee;

WHEREAS, it is the desire of Presidential campaigns, the DNQ, the states and the American people to bring finality, predictability and common sense to the nominating calendar.

THEREFORE, I  Billecherson al-Qlintoon's Old "Lady" , Democratic Candidate for President, pledge I shall not campaign or participate in any state which schedules a presidential election primary or caucus before Feb. 5, 2008, except for the states of Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire and South Carolina, as "campaigning" is defined by the rules and regulations of the DNQ. It does not include activities specifically related to raising campaign resources such as fundraising events or the hiring of fundraising staff.

 "Mrs." B.J. Rotten al-Qaqkles   Sep 1, 20079 (mwwuhaha haha)  
Demoqratiq Qandidate for PresidentDATE

Seeking an unfair advantage and being "Her" Royal Nibsness are, of course, synonymous.

As privileged as Michigan and Florida's Demoqrass polheads manifestly feel they are, they aren't above the rules that they and all other members of their party agreed to faithfully follow. Worse, they violated those rules knowing full well how much that violation would adversely affect not-so-privileged members in other states, forcing the latter to make last minute changes in their election schedules — just to accommodate the violators' illicit ones — thus sowing widespread confusion among voters.

Did those polheads care? (Is Juan MqQain actually a conservative?)

Worst of all, they knew their violations would force the party's national officials to resort to imposing the only meaningful punishment that wouldn't effectively amount to Crime Does Pay® and the other states' Demoqrats saps are doing the paying. Yet the rules assassins still want a special exemption. Does that mean Michigan's primary voters who wanted to cast their ballots for Senator Obama but couldn't (because he followed the rules) are supposed to be happy that anyone who wanted to cast one for Senibsator al-Qaqkles and did (because "she" violated the rules) will see his ballot counted but not their own?

Why is Bluedress Stainerson al-Qlinton's Old "Lady" working so hard to ensure not only that just "her" voters get to make choices but that all those Obama voters just get disenfranchised? Is "she" a racist?

Billjob's "wife" Hillosery wants to say, "Yes, I can get rewarded for cheating."

It's the duty of every party leader, out of fairness to all members, to ensure that, no, "she" can't!

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