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‘The people are not “refugees”’


In the spirit of coming together to help out our fellow citizens who've lost their homes in the catastrophe, on this point I'm in full agreement with a liberal.

oreigners can be refugees. Folks crossing borders to flee murderous marxist regimes can be refugees. Christians escaping China's persecution of them can even be refugees. But no American anywhere, anytime, in any shape or form will ever be one inside his or her own country.

While I vehemently disagree with every unhelpfully rabid, illucid, blame-others thing said by members of the congressional Race-based Caucus™, as reported yesterday by Ms.NBC, I am in total agreement with this single statement by Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick of Michigan:

The people are not "refugees" — they are American citizens, they pay taxes, they raise their families... and I wish the media would call them American citizens and not refugees

The rest of the report is refuse. Senseless ideas, pointy fingers, hand wringing, and race baiting all rolled into one big fruity nutcake of a story. The only non-indigestible part is that statement about citizens being called refugees, when they are in fact temporary evacuees: It may take them weeks to return to some interim shelter near their former homes; and months before they get those homes rebuilt. But they will be back.

As for Tom Curry's line that a "Republican House member issued a statement that reflected a perhaps bipartisan sense of weariness with overseas commitments" — um, no. Rep. Foley's statement that calls for breaking up our troops' units by removing selected swaths of their fellow soldiers from the battlefield in Iraq, reflects an absolute lack of clear thinking and reasoned judgment. The only folks who would soberly support any such plan (other than al-Demoqrats) are members of al-Qaeda. The first thing on Abu Zitcoward's wishlist is that we find some way to make those cohesive, integrated units somehow less cohesive and integrated. Foley's Folly is one plan that would do just that.

Also, as far as Mr. Curry's speculation about the probable political focus for next year's mid-term elections goes, he should remind himself to which party a certain mayor and governor — whose clearly incompetent leadership and failure to take necessary preventative measures (each known to them long in advance) have only deepened, not alleviated, the crises in their respective city and state — belong. You aren't hearing anywhere near the same kind of complaints by and about them as you do with respect to the leaders of, say, those "Republican-led and Republican-dominated" congressional disctricts in Mississippi. We also won't be forgetting Rob Qennedy, Jr.'s wild fingerpointing only hours after Katrina's winds moved off; or Hilldabeast kicking our oil industry while it was down and still sorting out which of its employees remained alive and able to work, by demanding investigations of its "price gouging and profiteering" when there was no evidence at all it was engaged in any; or the generally unproductive moaning, whining, blaming, and refusal to offer any helpful alternatives by members of the Dementedrat-dominated Race-based Caucus; or Dodorats otherwise claiming that our federal government can or ought to fund, rule, and control everything that goes on in this country, without any regard for state and local responsibilities and decisions. Mr. Curry neglects to factor these values as well into his calculus of political variables.

Other than that, I agree. Let's stop calling any of our fellow citizens "refugees." How about "determined survivors" or "can't keep 'em down citizens" or, no doubt in the very near future, "returning residents"?

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