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Chicago passes a resolution that invites further terrorist attacks on our home soil and...

CHICAGO The Chicago City Council halted debate on a resolution calling for the U-S forces to pull out of Iraq when an alderman collapsed today.

Alderman Burton Natarus collapsed after an intense speech in favor of the resolution. His colleagues rushed to help him, with some yelling for others to call 9-1-1.

raiterals are so busy overtly giving aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States of America that they miserably fail to realize they're not immune from the consequences of their treason. "The terrorists will like us and won't want to attack us now because we've shown them we're on their side," they think feel. Feel again, O Braindead Cowardly Ones.

War Protesters Call For City Council Resolution
Alderman Joins Ranks With Demonstrators

POSTED: 6:51 pm CDT September 13, 2005
UPDATED: 7:05 pm CDT September 13, 2005

CHICAGO — An alderman was among the speakers addressing more than 100 people who rallied in Daley Central Plaza late Tuesday afternoon to condemn the war in Iraq and urge that the City Council take a stand against its continuation.

Liberals and terrorists on the same page. What a surprise.

The demonstrators, holding signs and chanting in front of the Daley Center and across from the City Hall/County Building, said they planned to march around City Hall at the conclusion of the protest.

Followed by a Treasonous Ticker-Tape Parade for Terrorists down former Michigan Avenue — which had been renamed "Militant-Insurgent Memorial Avenue" in honor of the city's new-found adherence to America's bloodthirsty, baby-killing, civilian-beheading enemies — with an crowd estimated at more than 2 al'Qaeda advanced operatives.

Alderman Joe Moore, 49th Ward, charged that funds needed for citizens affected by Hurricane Katrina and others were "divided into tax cuts for the rich and military actions abroad."

No they weren't, "Miqael" Joe Moor. What do you call $100 BILLION? I understand you can't count beyond 20 (allowing use of your toes, of course). Nonetheless, what greater pouring of hundreds of billions of Americans' taxed dollars into statist hellhole singularities like New Orleans would it take before you'll ever say it is enough? I doubt there's enough money in all the bank accounts of all the No Fair Share Evil Rich of the First Through Sixth Dimensions™ that could even begin to satiate your envious, greedy lust for sucking dry America's real wealth and wrecking her economy just so you can force everyone onto your Dingocrat Plantation as handout-dependent slaves picking cotton-paper public assistance checks and singing "Oh thanka Masser! Oh thanka Masser, for heppin mes!" to you as you sit on the porch in your rocking chair sipping Mint JewLips®. You continue to think feel that making us all such slaves of yours is your only source of real power. (Perhaps the gnawing guilt liberals retain over this envisioned arrangement of theirs helps explain their mindless knee-jerk recoilings from a certain, solely technological term.)

Got news for you, Massah Moor. We Americans are getting ourselves emancipated from your racist-based brand of dependency and government-indentured, welfare servitude. Look around you. Your slave ship isn't about to come in anytime now nor at any conceivable point in the future. We're breaking our shackles from all slave owner-wannabe traitors like yourself in order to "undo the heavy burdens ... and to let the oppressed go free."

Before you begin yet another desperate attempt to crush the morale of the only people you've ever considered your one true enemy — i.e., us, the American people — by seditiously casting blame and doubt on our country's leaders in time of war and grave national peril, you should lose your reality-based virginity and rethink refeel your total abstinence from all facts:

Bush's war in Iraq, the [loony leftist] line goes, has depleted the National Guard's ranks and is therefore harming Americans in need.

Let's strangle this one in its cradle. First, let us note that the National Guard Bureau some time ago committed to the various state governors to keep approximately 50% of Guard strength undeployed for precisely these situations. Second, let us note that of the stricken states now, roughly 60% of their Guard strength is available for disaster duty now. That breaks down to about 6,500 Guardsmen in Louisiana, 7,000 in Mississippi, and 10,000 in Alabama. That's just the numbers available: of those activated, we see that it comes to 3,500 in Louisiana, 1,600 in Mississippi, and 750 in Alabama. Or, 50%, 19%, and 7.5% of available totals respectively. This doesn't even begin to account for Guardsmen from adjacent states: the Arkansans are ready to deploy, and there are 8,200 Guardsmen available in Florida — for starters.

There were, are, and always will be more than enough funds from the extraordinarily generous citizens of the wealthiest nation on the planet (despite your socialistic efforts) to meet the needs of all those afflicted by even catastrophic natural disasters, including outside this country.

It must be very lonely on that dock of yours.

Moore's resolution against military action in Iraq was passed by the City Council just before the war began in 2003, according to a news report.

Once a traitor to your country, always a traitor to your country. Bet you're looking forward to that third Christmas al-Ramadan Card from terrorist beheader-in-chief Abu Zitcoward, aren't you? Now that your on his My Bestest Friends Holiday Mailing List and all.

Bob Clarke, president of the South East Lake View Neighbors Association, said he believed "the City Council (should) take a stand, because some other levels of the government appear to be too spineless, including the U.S. Congress."

No. Spineless is when you totally capitulate to terrorists out of fear because you're a totally spineless coward. "I'll keep feeding appeasing the alligator mass-murdering terrorist butcher in hopes that he'll eat behead me last" is not considered in the eyes of America's fanatical enemies "taking a brave stand." (Your brother's name wouldn't happen to be Richard by any chance, would it?)

Clarke also said he believed the damage and loss of life from Hurricane Katrina would have been less severe if more National Guard troops were available instead of being overseas.

That meme was destroyed three paragraphs ago.

No logic to see here. MoveOn along, MoveOn along.

Andy Thayer, representing the Gay Liberation Network, said he also believed the City Council should pass a resolution against the war. "I think that people have died in vain; they have died for nothing, as did some 500,000-plus servicemen in Vietnam, not to mention 3 million-plus Vietnamese," he said.

Here we are. Back in 1974 (the last year on any progeral's calendar). Also known as The Libressive Golden Time of America's Humiliating Defeat and Unmitigated Sorrow — ©HanoiJane. Sure, these folks are on our side and are "loyal" and "patriots" and "love our country too." Same words a wife beater uses when describing his "blissful" marriage.

Still, "died for nothing"? That's really supporting those troops and their families. (Reckon you traitors have given up saying they all just died for Hallibloodforoilton.) Let's recap—

Iraq Before "Nothing": had a mass-grave digging, Weapons of Mass Destruction-using, UN-ignoring, neighbor-invading tyrant who held "elections" with only his name on the counted ballots.

Iraq After "Nothing": no longer has said tyrant and absolutely (as opposed to guessingly) poses no more threat whatsoever from his always ever ready-to-restart WMD program, but now has free and open elections and a draft constitution and government both subject to the people's actual consent, as well as real opportunity to become the model of a truly democratic state right in the heart of the Middle East.

That sure is a lot of "nothing."

One by one speakers stood on one of the stone benches around the plaza and spoke through a microphone attached to a bullhorn. One of them was Juan Torres, who said his son died while serving in the military in Afghanistan.

These sad, heartless vulturals will use and exploit any grieving family member they can con into unwittingly aiding their treasonous causes. How much lower will they sink as they become increasingly desperate for anyone to pay any attention at all to them? Oh, I know! They'll lobby their city council to pass a Treason Resolution.

Police surrounded the protesters, but the demonstration was peaceful and no counter-protesters were seen.

City News Service contributed to this story.

This Treason Resolution, while not surprising either (still waiting for that "humanitarian catastrophe in the event of an Iraq war," by the way), was passed practically out of the blue (no pun there!). A committee holds a hearing on and reports this resolution two days before the council votes to pass it. Doesn't even Chicago's city council have a Second-Reading Rule so citizens have enough advanced notice to know what things their elected representatives plantation owners are about to vote on? Democracy Chicago-style, no doubt. No wonder there weren't any counter-protesters. That APee report was the first they ever heard about this resolution too.

Welcome to the self-maginalizing lineup of traitors to your country, Chicagoans. Remember next election who to thank for it:

Chicago City Council

Given that it passed its Blowin' Kisses to al-Zitcoward Resolution so close to our Day of Remembrance, I'll conclude with this email I received about — appropriately enough — liberal spinelessness:

Being the four year anniversary of 911 I could not pass up watching the documentary tonight on the Discovery channel about the brave men and woman of flight 93.

The documentary was sad, engaging, and definately inspiring, but at one point I felt as if I had been struck by lightning. After four years of fighting with Liberals over almost every issue imaginable it has finally dawned on me why I feel so angry towards Libs. The Left is living in fear, anotherwords.... LIBERALS ARE COWARDS!

The principle of bravery having anything to do with the founding of this great nation is almost never spoken about, so I'm asking everyone to think about it. This nation was NOT founded by weak knee'd people, and the values we hold near and dear have to be fought for day in and day out. It is because of this bravery that we still exist as the greatest nation on earth!

Lefties cannot explain in any rational, logical manner why we should worry about the rights of terrorists. Or why we should not fight terrorists in a foreign land. Or why we should not stand up and support our duly elected President. All the Lefties want to do is hold hands and try to understand the "why" of the terrorists mission. That is a sign of cowardice!

I understand that this is just one small statement coming from one small American, but I'm betting that this sentiment is shared by many. Please pass the word to your family, friends and neighbors that Liberals are COWARDS. The truth may hurt but it sure is enlightening!

America... Home of the Brave, land of the Free!

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