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Who's your daddy?


Moonbats say he's George Bush.

I feel that as the president of the United States, you are the father, and all Americans are your family. In this situation, George Bush didn't view us as his family. To show up four or five days later, that's no way to treat your family. If something happened to my family in Des Moines where I grew up, I would be there right away, not days later."

[Jamie] Foxx, the third African-American ever to win Hollywood's prestigious Best Actor award — he won for his performance in last year's "Ray" — is in town to host WGCI's annual Music & Entertainment Seminar today. Mayor Daley proclaimed Saturday "Jamie Foxx Day in Chicago [New Mecca]," honoring the actor's ongoing fund-raising efforts with the NAACP for Katrina victims.

ow about refusing to give your "family" a ride on your, oh, veritable convoy of buses that you had locked up where no one could lawfully get to them — although even a mere teenager could've driven any one of them clear out of the city loaded with dozens and dozens of "family" members; and although the city of New Orleans never had any problems deploying them to take hundreds of mainly Deludedrat voters to the polls on any given Election Day? Or how about corralling nearly all your remaining "family" inside a vacant building and not providing them with any adequate food, water, medicine, diapers, generators, toilet facilities, and protection? If you were being honest, O Prestigious Best Actor, you'd say that MayIfAndButOr Naggin', who had the keys to those buses but refused to give them to any of his "family," is an even worse "father." Criminally negligent, even.

Then there's the "mother" who ordered that no one — no rescuer, relief worker, or National Guardsmen — even approach her "family" when they were in dire straits and in most need of all such help — an order that not even the President of the United States could countermand without violating our constitution and breaking our laws. If she had found one of her "family" drowning in her luxury pool but refused to call either 9-1-1 or a neighbor or to dive in herself, or if someone showed up to help but she ordered them off her property, she would've been taken away in handcuffs after they plucked her "family" member's bloated corpse from that pool. But since she's a fellow moonbat of yours who happens to be "mother" of the entire state (not George Bush), she gets a complete pass for her criminal negligence from Prestigious Best Actors like yourself.

It's the time of the blamegame
When moonbats lie.

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