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My country's enemies


Bring them on!

ower. Getting it just for themselves is The Most Important Thing® to progressives liberals. More important than saving the country, helping children, protecting the elderly, and all the other nice-sounding, touchy feely, tug-at-your-heartstrings stuff that liberals constantly wheel out to sucker us into giving them the governmental power they say they need to make all these so-wonderful things happen. Fortunately, an increasingly larger majority of Americans are no longer gullible enough to fall for such emotive flimflam. Thus the electoral method of acquiring power will remain, at least in our lifetimes, extremely unfruitful for them. This leaves liberals mainly hanging on by their overly long fingernails to a federal judiciary they've nurtured in the ways of liberalism over the last half century, but which is slowly returning to a state of sanity as more and more of its extremist members enter their final stage of senility — the first commencing the moment they began writing court opinions — and are replaced with real judges instead of usurpatious legislators.

In the meantime, liberals have no intention of actually helping anyone other than themselves. Doing so would only mean less power for them. If people are truly more free — have more control over their own lives with no dependency on government handouts — then what need do they have for any liberal's help? This is the sole thing liberals do get. It's why they want public welfare and Social Security to not only remain Just The Way They Are (© Billy Joel Jefferson al-Qlinton), but expand to such unprecedented levels that they engulf practically every nook and cranny of our daily lives. Our income, our health decisions, our recreation, even our procreation, all regulated under a socialist sledgehammer-and-sickle wielded exclusively by them. One they can forever beat us over the head with until we all utterly submit to their kind of help.

"Elect us and we'll give you all these 'free' goodies," they say. Like the drug addict who became hooked after accepting free samples his local pusher was gladly handing out to potentially new customers suckers, so too did the American people get addicted on the junk liberals were dispensing. Having tasted this narcotic of voting ourselves the treasury, we then grew progressively dependent on it. No matter what the cost or, more importantly, the personal and cultural damage to ourselves in taking away our self-control, individual freedoms, and cultural well-being, we demanded more. Thankfully, we took a brutally long, honest look at ourselves, saw where we were headed, and mustered the necessary courage to get ourselves rehabilitated before we wound up in the same early, socialistic grave that most EUrabian countries are hurriedly digging for themselves across the Atlantic.

Yet our nation's recovery is by no means complete. A half-century of accumulated rot inside her institutions must be entirely scraped out as well before we can finally move away from the scourge of liberalism that has been inflicting so much harm on our country and her safety far too long now. However, that rot won't be scraped out overnight because, as Joseph Farah explains, socialibressists have been steadily flinging it into our institutions even longer, all in accordance with a conscientious, long-term plan of theirs:

It all started many years ago, around the turn of the last century, when an Italian communist by the name of Antonio Gramsci came up with a strategic spin on accomplishing the political objectives of socialism. Gramsci argued that the road to victory wasn't necessarily found in armed, violent clashes, but rather in a long-term struggle for the hearts and minds of the people.

He advocated a long march through the cultural institutions — education, academia, the press, the entertainment industry, the foundations, even the churches. If you take over the key cultural institutions, he said, the political establishment would fall into your hands like the last domino.

The enemies of freedom, the advocates of state control and socialism, have been following Gramsci's cue around the world for at least the last 80 years.

They have thoroughly succeeded in sacking America's cultural institutions — and, today, the political establishment is sitting there like an overripe plum waiting to be harvested.

The job of lovers of freedom, therefore, is to retake sole ownership of our cultural institutions one piece at a time and thus ensure too that such a plum remains forever out of reach of our country's enemies.
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