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muslim attack of France continues unabated


Excusez-moi, MSM, but there's a real invasion and quagmire going on. Maybe you ought to cover it before your favorite country burns to the ground.

France takes emergency steps to try to end unrest [intifada]
Tue Nov 8, 2005 8:14 PM GMT

By Timothy Heritage

PARIS (AL!-Reuters) - The French government imposed rarely used emergency laws on Tuesday to put riot-torn areas of the country under curfew in efforts to quell the worst unrest in decades.

After 12 days of violence by youths MUSLIMS! who have torched cars, schools and churches SYNAGOGUES! in protest against racism and unemployment, the government invoked a 1955 law on states of emergency that was used to curb unrest during Algeria's war of independence.

The decree was due to go into force at midnight (11:00 p.m. British time). It allows emergency measures to be in force for 12 days and can restrict the movement of people and vehicles in areas where local government officials known as prefects declare a curfew.

azis, whether they be Aryian or islamic, are among the many violent, racist aggressors French officials would never dare to offend; even when the former threaten massive destruction as they're marching in to fly a swastika- or crescent-spangled flag atop the Eiffel Tower. Rather than oppose such invasion, Frenchwomen like President Jacquestap ChIraq seem ever willing to welcome it.

The northern city of Amiens was the first to announce a curfew, saying unaccompanied youths MUSLIMS! would not be allowed to walk the streets of the city and neighbouring districts from midnight until 6 a.m. In coming days the curfew will start at 10 p.m.

So as long as the little islamonazi is accompanied by a big islamonazi, it's all right for both to help take over the place. At least there isn't a restriction on their screaming "Allahu akbar!" as they do it.

"The Republic faces a moment of truth," Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin told the lower house of parliament.

The truth, of course, being "We're being invaded!"

"France is wounded. It cannot recognise itself in its streets and devastated areas, in these outbursts of hatred and violence which destroy and kill," he said.

Whereas it can easily recognize itself by opening any world history book and finding the date June 14, 1940.

Protests INVASION ADVANCES! receded in the Paris region on Monday night after shots were fired at police the previous night, but continued unabated in other towns in the early hours of Tuesday.

Nearly 1,200 vehicles were set ablaze during the night in violence that hit provincial cities including Strasbourg, Lille and Toulouse.

The protestors invaders decided at the last minute to spare Paris somewhat so they'd have a nice place where officials can formally surrender to them. Will make a great photo op.


More than 5,000 cars have now been set on fire during the 12 days of unrest and more than 1,500 people have been detained, some of them white youngsters ["some" in French-Arabic means "about two"] but many of them of Arab and African origin [i.e, "MUSLIMS!"; and "many" means "millions"].

Villepin said 1,500 police would be brought in to back up the 8,000 officers already deployed in areas hit by violence, widely seen as the most serious unrest since protests in 1968.

The more representatives of the government waving white flags, the better chance a muslim invader will see them and accept its unconditional surrender.

"We see these events as a warning and as an appeal," Villepin said. "A return to order is the absolute priority. The government has shown this. It will take all the steps necessary to ensure the protection of our citizens and to restore calm.

That is, a warning from the islamofascists that if France doesn't surrender immediately and unconditionally, all her non-muslim citizens will be sentenced to death — a sentence from which there is no appeal.

But once they do surrender there no doubt will be order. A new one. (How do you say "Taliban" in French-Arabic?)

The violence, which began when two youths MUSLIMS! were accidentally electrocuted fleeing police in a Paris suburb on October 27,

It's hard to flee from someone who's not chasing you. Maybe the moongod won't notice when it's handing out a dozen Sixpacks of Virgins® to each of those "martyrs":

Youths MUSLIMS!: The cowardly Infidels killed us with their strange sparky thingy, allah.

allah: Well, did you declare jihad on them and fight them before they cooked you to a crisp.

Youths MUSLIMS!: Yes we did, O just and merciful one. In fact they were so scared that the distance between us was very great — thousands of goat-lengths, even — when it happened.

allah: In that case, here ya go. Sorry about the selection, but i'm fresh out of blue-eyed blondes.

Then again, marauding bands of muslim "youths" don't need a real reason to invade, riot, rape, pillage, maim, and kill. Just a flimsy excuse.

...has undermined France's efforts to portray itself as a society based on equality for everyone.

It has also put fierce pressure on Villepin and President Jacques Chirac [to surrender more quickly].

New French Oussamastanian national motto: Shari'aty, Stupidity, Sorority.

Five cars were torched in Brussels during the night in what officials say could have been copycat attacks, but the rioting has not spread beyond France's borders [...yet].


Even so, fears of riots erupting in other countries helped push down the value of the euro, which at one point hit a two-year low against the dollar. French officials also fear investment and tourism will be hit by the violence.

How so? What greater tourist attraction could there be than daily, nationwide cheese frying riots festivals?

Villepin promised to accelerate urban renewal programmes [i.e., accelerate his gummit's complete capitulation] and vowed to help young people in poor suburbs by reducing unemployment and improving their education opportunities.

That's funny, seeing how the top muslim industries are invading, rioting, raping, pillaging, maiming, killing, and goat molesting. They're fully employed in each of those industries right now. Except the last one. But that's only because there's a dearth of Capra hircus in the country at the moment. As far as getting an education goes, most have completed their doctoral dissertations in Old Man Killing, Old Lady Burning, Police Ambushing, Molotov Cocktail Throwing, and Internet Incitement.

Chirac said the measures were needed to restore order but he faces criticism for saying little in public about the violence, in which one man has been killed.

That muslim victim's name is Jean-Jacques Le Chenadec. This true martyr of the Islamoinvasion of France™ was beaten to a pulp and left for dead by a "hooded" muslim. After his wife and family spent several excruciating days helplessly watching him lie in a coma and slowly slip away, he finally succumbed to the Religion of Break Into Pieces's much demonstrated expressions of kindness and voicing of "legitimate grievances."

"The absence of the president is remarkable in this period we're going through," said Francois Bayrou, head of a centrist party that is critical of the conservative government.

Socialist Party deputy Jean-Marc Ayrault said in parliament: "Your government, Mr. Prime Minister ... bears heavy responsibility over this outburst of passions."

That's rich. A communist blames another communist for not behaving communist enough in his country's redistribution of even more of its wealth to its most unproductive residents invaders. Either that or he's complaining there aren't enough gulags. It's hard to tell which a communist wants on any given day.

Mayors of riot-hit towns welcomed the government's tougher line [i.e., "We surrender, dammit!"]. A town east of Paris imposed its own curfew on minors MUSLIMS! on Monday evening and another to the west of the capital organised citizens' patrols to help the police [wave white flags].

But some mayors asked what another measure announced by Villepin — extended powers for them — would mean in practice.

"Every time they announce more powers for mayors, they cut the funds," complained Jean-Christophe Lagarde, mayor of the northeastern Paris suburb of Drancy.

You have the power to give the islamoterrorists invading your jurisdiction exactly what they want: your individual city's surrender. See, Mayor Dhimmi? It couldn't be simpler.

Officials in Belgium played down the violence there, although there were minor arson incidents in Sint Niklaas in the north and Liege in the east as well as in the capital.

Head. Sand. (Very little assembly required.)

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan urged Turkish immigrants MUSLIMS! living in INVADING! Europe to avoid getting caught up in riots. Influential Muslim muslim cleric Youssef al-Qaradawi called for calm and urged the French government to address the root causes [unconditionally surrender].

Yeah, those clerics are really influential at calming down the muslim insurrection and invasion. The temporary reduction of cars burned (558 just last night, "with more than 200 arrests") can only mean that the invaders are regrouping.

Nonetheless, given how long these Masters of the Waiting Game® usually have to wait to destroy the things they target, it's amazing that it took the islamofascists only a single score of years to bring to pass Aujourd'hui Beyrouth, demain la France.

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I just saw Wolf Blitzer's multilayered-factchecked report implying that the invaders might actually be Eskimos. Doh! (My bad.)
A YOUNG woman and her baby have been attacked in a suburban train near Paris by unidentified men who drew swastikas on the mother's stomach.

Police today said it was an anti-Semitic assault.

The six attackers who were armed with knives clipped the 23-year-old woman's hair, and cut her tee-shirt and trousers before drawing three swastikas on her body.

The men of North African origin also overturned the pram holding her baby, aged 13 months.

They then took the mother's backpack, which contained her identity papers, a bank card and cash.
Debt management plan--Debt management plan

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