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Aucun n'ose appel il ‘invasion’


Militant insurgent freedom-fighting Minutemuslims struggle against illegal French occupation of Paris.

Paris gripped by serious new riots [muslim uprisings]

Marc Burleigh | Paris, France

04 November 2005 09:46

Further serious rioting [muslim freedom-fighting] broke out on the outskirts of Paris early on Friday as gangs of youths [muslims] challenged authorities' vow to crack down on urban violence [muslim insurgency] that has plagued the French capital for more than a week.

Police said about 400 cars were torched, mostly in the Paris region, while 27 buses went up in flames at a depot, although there were fewer overnight clashes between police and "troublemakers" ["muslim militants"] than on Thursday, a police spokesperson said.

To the west of Paris, the 27 buses in the Trappes depot were burnt in a fire that swept through the building at about 5am local time.

Buses, fire engines and police were again stoned in the Paris suburbs, with five police officers reported slightly injured, a police spokesperson said.

hite flags, many hastily spray-painted with large red crescents, were waved furiously at the rampaging mobslims, but to no avail. The police spokesman explained to reporters that the buses, fire engines and police all deserved to be stoned because their ankles or hubcaps were plainly visible and none had been seen accompanied by any male relatives.

As dawn [and much glass] broke, the situation was "tending to calm down", he added.

One of the worst incidents took place at Neuilly-sur-Marne, where police vans came under fire from pellet pistols, causing no injuries.

Stones, pellet pistols,.... improvised explosive devices, jumbojet-missiles, dirty bombs.... For the time being it's "no."

Neuilly-sur-Marne is in the worst-hit north-eastern suburban region of Seine-Saint-Denis, where 1 300 officers have been deployed.

Armed with assault white flags.

A fire was also started in a primary school in Stains, as police were targeted by a group of 30 to 40 people [muslims] near a synagogue.

Being there was no nearby Mediterranean Sea into which to drive the Joooooooooooo members of this synagogue, the muslitants decided to push the first one they came across into a mud puddle created by the firemen hosing down that school building.

Paris firefighters fought a blaze at a carpet warehouse in Aulnay-sous-Bois in Seine-Saint-Denis. Truck drivers told a reporter for news agency AFP that they had seen a group of youths [islamothugs] briefly enter the building beforehand.

Those intolerant, racist truck drivers. Don't they know that carpets are an offensive reminder to all muslim militants of the grossly bigoted stereotypes incessantly leveled at them by the story of Aladdin and his flying carpet, courtesy the FrUNchman Antoine Galland's Les Mille et une Nuits (One Thousand and One Nights)? The burning of such a racist warehouse constitutes a justifiable response to just one of their "legitimate grievances."

Copycat rampages

And for the first time since the troubles [muslim intifada] erupted on Thursday last week, there were sporadic signs of copycat rampages elsewhere in France.

That is, more muslim invaders doing what the first set of muslim invaders were doing.

Police said several cars in the eastern city of Dijon were set alight, while similar attacks took place in the western Seine-Maritime region and the Bouches-du-Rhone in the south of the country.

Cars are particularly egregious to a muslim invader as they remind him of his home country's innumerable failures to build even one successful automobile factory near any of the vastly rich oil deposits used to produce their fuel.

The rioting marks a direct challenge to the authority of the French government [capitulez singes], and to Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin in particular.

De Villepin on Thursday vowed before Parliament [the Surrender Committee] that authorities "will not give in" to the violence [islamist insurgency] and will make restoring order their "absolute top priority".

Total capitulation is one method of "restoring order." Just look at it this way. Under shari'a law you won't have to spend a lot of euros on buying new burkas for your mistresses, because they'll all promptly wind up getting stoned for adultery.

"I will not allow organised gangs [muslim insurgents] to make the law in the suburbs," he declared.

The clashes [muslim invasions] have gained territory virtually every night since they began, exposing what commentators have labelled a blatant failure of successive governments to address the problems of low-income, high-immigration suburbs dominated by grim public housing estates, some of them little more than ghettos where crime and gangs run rampant.

See, the islamophile commentators know it's all the gummit's fault for not surrendering itself and all its massive tax revenues to the muslim invaders right off the bat.

The riots were sparked last week by the accidental electrocution of two teenagers [islamoyouths] who had hidden in an electrical substation to escape a police identity check in the suburb at the epicentre of the troubles, Clichy-sous-Bois.

So the answer to an isolated accidental electrocution is widespread, wanton burning of every car, warehouse, school, and synagogue in sight. Maybe the United Nations ought to pass a vague, noncommittal resolution or something — but only if it chastises the French for their intolerable mistreatment of muslim invaders.

'War without mercy'

The opposition Socialist Party and many in the suburbs themselves blamed hard-line policies by Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy for fanning the violence [muslim anti-occupation resistance].

If only those hardliners had instead praised the torching of synagogues (more than usual), the invaders would've limited their uprising to just a few scattered Joooooooish neighborhoods.

Sarkozy, who on Thursday said the total number of people arrested was more than 140, vowed a "war without mercy" on crime [muslim terror tactics] and rebellious youths [muslim fighters] in the suburbs just before the rampages [muslim takeovers] erupted.

The minister, leader of the conservative UMP ruling party and with ambitions of running for president in two years' time, has drawn criticism for his tough rhetoric, especially for referring to delinquents [muslim militants] as "rabble".

Yeah, fighting back is no way to respond to an outright muslim invasion. Whatever happened that time-dishonored French tradition of full-scale appeasement and surrender?

On Thursday, he claimed that recent rioting [muslim territorial expansions] "was not spontaneous, it was perfectly organised — we are looking into by whom and how".

O SAy can you see, MA, by the dawn's burning lights?

De Villepin — who cancelled a trip to Canada to tackle the crisis — said the violence [muslim attacks against their French occupiers] is "unacceptable". President Jacques Chirac on Wednesday called for calm, warning that an escalation would be "dangerous".

That's the unfighting French dispirit we all know and loathe!

The country has 751 neighbourhoods officially classed as severely disadvantaged, housing a total of five million people, about 8% of the population.

Many of France's estimated five million Muslims [sic! & bingo!] live in those suburbs. Thursday night was the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, a night traditionally marked by feasts and family get-togethers.

Now also marked by the mass capture of French soil by hordes of muslim invaders.

— Sapa-AFP

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