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Democorruptic Party, part ad nauseum


We interrupt this wall-to-wall coverage blather nonsense farce of non-secret agent Valerie Plame's "outing"...


nother case the mainstream La Brea tar pits media studiously ignore is Dianne Feinkenstein's (D-Ca Ching!) business interest by marriage in the extremely lucrative "rehabilitation claims denial mill" of PRG-Schultz that's "improperly applying Medicare rules and using unqualified personnel" to not just dig itself out of a $10 million hole but end up reaping a $1.5 million profit — all in a single year. Now try to imagine if Mary Sessions, wife of U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), was the one whose "investment companies own 10.5 percent of (PRG-Schultz's) outstanding common stock, 53 percent of its outstanding preferred stock and 28 percent of its notes and securities," how equally hush-hush that media would be about this same case. What? That's all right. I can't imagine such happening either.

Then what about the person Naggy Peloseri (D-Kosmetic Surgery) herself appointed to the House's homeland insecurity committee, Racketeerocrat William Jeffer$90000n (D-NOLA)? You know, the one indicted Monday under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act for receiving more than $500,000 in overseas corporate bribes, as well as for "racketeering, soliciting bribes, wire fraud, money laundering, obstruction of justice, and conspiracy." Can't imagine the media not using the R-word every other sentence if it was Jilliam Wefferson (R-NOLA) instead who was indicted? Neither can we.

Other examples to even better confound your imagination — such as Hanoi John F'in' al-Qerry (D-North Vietnam) breaking campaign spending limits "by nearly $1.4 million during his 2004 presidential bid," or SagFragNag Peloopi (D-Damascus) committing felony violations of federal law when she had unauthorized, up close and personal communications "with a foreign government (Terrorist-Sponsoring Dictatorship of Syria) in an effort to influence that government's behavior on any 'disputes or controversies with the United States,'" or Her Nibs the Mrs. BiIsIs al-Qlinton (D-Socialist Hellbirm) failing five times to list her and her alleged husband's operation of a "family charity" on her Senate financial "disclosure" reports, or the non-reprimanded Jack MurderthaTroops (D-Okinawan Horizons) blatantly violating House ethics "rules" by his in-your-face threat "to deny (Rep. Mike) Rogers any future spending projects in defense bills after the Michigan Republican challenged his earmark pork barrel request for $23 million," or the Dirtbagorat Party head himself Howloud Scream (D-NH SC OK AZ ND NM CA TX NY SD OR WA MI DC... YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAGGGHHHHHH!), "hate[r of] Republicans and everything they stand for," being sued by a former al-DNC employee for "discrimination and retaliation on the basis of (the employee's) sexual orientation" — are given by Matt Margolis and Mark Noonan at the InGornet® home of their new book Caucus of Corruption: The Truth about the New Democratic Majority.

Of course the only reason America's doMSMestic enemy media (D-al'Qaeda) are seeing, hearing, saying no evil about the people they vote for 80+ percent of the time or else worship as their personal heroes — including Ticked Turbin (D-Pol Pot) who admits intentionally withholding earthshaking information from the American people about pre-Operation Iraqi Freedom intelligence even when he knew or should've known that anything he says on the Senate floor "shall not be (officially) questioned in any other Place," or George "MediaMudders" Soros (D-$$$...) who owns more EvilHalliburton® stock than Vice President Cheney ever did and has donated $525,000 to the pro-illegal invasion National Council of La Raza "The (Hispanic) Race" — is that they're way too busy with those Important Stories™, like why illegal aliens are involved in actual and attempted terrorist attacks against America while our public "servants" can't seem to recall that "homeland security starts with border security"... why NATO didn't pound the snot out of Taliban terrorists busy working in the poppy fields around Lashkar Gah, Afghanistan... why Republican presidential candidates have more women and minorities working for them in top-level positions than the Asshatiated Press (D-BDS) ever had working for it.TLB

What? Ah, of course. If Republican presidential candidates didn't have as many working for them, then the Dinosaur Media (D-New York Slimes et al.) wouldn't be ignoring that story too.

While we're on the subject of lying sacks of sick twisted slime, Her Nibsly Hilldabeastness the Mrs. BjIsIs al-Qlinton (D-Flip Flop) will be pleased to know we here at LU, per her request, have stolen come up with a theme song for her campaign which she's more than welcome to use — after paying us our requisite six-figure finder's fee:


with apologies to Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman

Hillbillary, Hillbillary, Hillbill fool me!
Socialism far as the eye can see
Hillbillary, Hillbillary, Hillbill fool you!
We sweep under rugs what no one e'er should view
So blow them some smoke and beat all raps too

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