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Playing us all for suckers


Undocumented invaders feel they're entitled to enjoy all the benefits of a nation of laws without having to respect those laws.


f "this (al'Qennedy-'Bush' Comprehensive Invasion Bill) isn't amnesty," I don't know what is.

Even businesses that are breaking our laws also get "not amnesty" amnesty:

Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007


Subtitle A--Access to Earned Adjustment and Mandatory Departure and Reentry


(b) Adjustment of Status-

(1) IN GENERAL- Chapter 5 of title II (8 U.S.C. 1255 et seq.) is amended by inserting after section 245A the following:


`(k) Employer Protections-

`(1) IMMIGRATION STATUS OF ALIEN- Employers of aliens applying for conditional nonimmigrant or conditional nonimmigrant dependent classification or adjustment of status under this section, the AgJOBS Act of 2007, or the DREAM Act of 2007 shall not be subject to civil or criminal tax liability for activities relating directly to the employment of such alien that occurred before receiving employment authorization under this section, the AgJOBS Act of 2007, or the DREAM Act of 2007.

`(2) PROVISION OF EMPLOYMENT RECORDS- Employers that provide unauthorized aliens with copies of employment records or other evidence of employment pursuant to an application for adjustment of status under this section or any other application or petition pursuant to other provisions of the immigration laws, shall not be subject to civil and criminal liability pursuant to section 274A for employing such unauthorized aliens.'.

No amnesty to see here. You haven't read the bill. Move along, move along.

Speaking of DREAM Act NIGHTMARE Act of 2007:

Illegal students await immigration plan
By NANCY ZUCKERBROD, AP Education Writer

Ms. Zuckerbrod (really, that's her name!) must be new at AP. Obviously she hasn't gotten around yet to reading the following provision in the Associated (w/ Lawbreakers & Terrorists) Press' newspeak manual: "Under no circumstances shall any writer use the word 'illegal' when referring to persons who allegedly violated U.S. law by entering the U.S. illega— we mean, undocumentedly. Instead such persons are 'undocumented workers' or 'undocumented immigrants' or, preferably, simply 'immigrants.' Any writer caught using the Ill-word shall be immediately branded a racist and fired (because we don't hire filthy racists)."

But she more likely didn't have anything to do with choosing that title; so we'll call the folks at Yahoo racists and move on.

WASHINGTON - At 23, Mariana should be carefree. She is finishing up her undergraduate degree at the University of California, Los Angeles, and has been accepted to a master's program at Harvard University's education school.

Harvard, now also known as another Sanctuary University™ funded in significant part, in case you "didn't read the bill" that ordered it, by your tax dollars. Over 400 million of them annually to be precise. Sucker— I mean, move along, move along.

But life is not so simple for Mariana, who insisted that only her first name be published because she is illegally [better watch out, your slip's hood's showing, Ms. Zuckerbrod] in the United States and worries she could be deported to Guatemala, where she was born.

An AP edumacation writer doesn't have any trouble finding undocumented invaders, but responsible agents in our federal government do? She's the one we should be hiring as an immigration enforcement officer.

"I'm even afraid of eating an apple in the library because I'm afraid of getting caught," she said.

Mariana also worries about how she will pay her tuition and what kind of work she will get after she completes school. "What happens next? Without a work permit, how do you exercise your degree?" she said during a recent interview.

Oh, yeah. Right. Like you have anything to worry about living and working illegally in the Great Sanctuary State of Mexifornia.

Mariana is among an estimated 50,000 undocumented students in U.S. colleges today. These students would be among the people who would benefit from a part of an immigration bill that the Senate plans to resume work on this week.

Specifically, the NIGHTMARE Act of 2007 mentioned above. For us suckers who "haven't read the bill," this might help:


(a) Special Rule for Certain Long-Term Residents Who Entered the United States as Children-

(1) IN GENERAL- Notwithstanding any other provision of law and except as otherwise provided in this subtitle, the Secretary may cancel removal of, and adjust to the status of an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence, subject to the conditional basis described in section 625 [i.e., simply filing a "petition"], an alien who is inadmissible or deportable from the United States, if the alien demonstrates that--

(A) the alien has been physically present in the United States for a continuous period of not less than 5 years immediately preceding the date of enactment of this Act, and had not yet reached the age of 16 years at the time of initial entry;

(B) the alien has been a person of good moral character since the time of application [apart from knowingly violating our laws and failing to report other violators personally known to him or her as such, of course];

(C) the alien--

(i) is not inadmissible under paragraph (2), (3), (6)(B), (6)(C), (6)(E), (6)(F), or (6)(G) of section 212(a) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1182(a)) [i.e., hasn't engaged in "any activity... relating to espionage or sabotage" against the United States or been convicted of or admitted to committing one or more crimes "involving moral turpitude" or "relating to a controlled substance" or its "illicit trafficking," has no "communicable disease," and hasn't — *snicker snicker* — "failed to present documentation of having received vaccination against vaccine-preventable diseases"], or, if inadmissible solely under subparagraph (C) or (F) of paragraph (6) of such subsection [i.e., is "present in the United States without being admitted or paroled" or arrived in the United States "at any time or place other than as designated by the Attorney General"], the alien was under the age of 16 years at the time the violation was committed; and

(ii) is not deportable [i.e., hasn't been caught yet] under paragraph (1)(E), (1)(G), (2), (3)(B), (3)(C), (3)(D), (4), or (6) of section 237(a) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1227(a)), or, if deportable solely under subparagraphs (C) or (D) of paragraph (3) of such subsection, the alien was under the age of 16 years at the time the violation was committed;

(D) the alien, at the time of application, has been [illegally] admitted to an institution of higher education in the United States, or has [illegally] earned a high school diploma or [illegally] obtained a general education development certificate in the United States; and

(E) the alien has never been under a final administrative or judicial order of exclusion, deportation, or removal [see "hasn't been caught yet" above], unless the alien has remained in the United States under color of law [e.g., in a so-called "Sanctuary City" set up by the illegals' aiders and abettors inside city hall for the express purpose of evading and obstructing due enforcement of federal law in blatant violation of their oaths of office] or received the order before attaining the age of 16 years.

I would like someone to show me what if anything within this obscene monstrosity requires these lawbreakers to "pay a fine" before receiving that particular form of "not amnesty" amnesty.

Children born in the United States to undocumented parents are granted citizenship automatically.

Only by custom and use. Not by intent.

A section of the new legislation deals with illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children. They would gain temporary legal status when they graduate from high school as long as they agreed to enroll in college or enlist in the military.

They would be put on a fast, three-year path toward getting their permanent resident status and their green cards. While waiting for that, the students would be eligible for federal student loans and could work legally — options not available to them now.

In other words, not pay any fine. But "this isn't amnesty," so move along, move along, sucker.

The overall bill would help roughly 12 million illegal immigrants. For most, it would take a minimum of eight years to get a green card. The larger group also would have to pay fines that would not be imposed on the high-school graduates who came to the U.S. as kids.

Confirmed by the AP. Illegal students pay no fines. That is, they get clear and total "not amnesty" amnesty.

In all, about 1 million people now in the country illegally could potentially benefit from the provision aimed at children. Those include students currently in elementary and secondary schools. Current law allows children in the U.S. illegally to get a free K-12 education. They can go to most colleges if they can pay their way.

"Pay their way" means mostly soaking you for more of your tax dollars to pay their student grants and "loans," sucker.

The immigrants who would benefit from the provision [amnesty] must have been age 15 or younger when they were brought to the U.S. and must have arrived before January of this year. People older than 30 when the law is enacted would not benefit.

While the bill is the subject of widespread debate, the provision addressing students is popular. Advocates say they will try to add it to other bills moving through Congress if the immigration legislation does not pass.

Or, NIGHTMARE Act v1.3.

"I'm going to look for every chance I can find to make this the law," said Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., a chief supporter of the idea.

I can hear it now after Turbin's vile pet beast is mercifully slain: "Mr. President (of the Senate), if I read you what had happened and did not tell you who did it, you would most certainly feel this must have been done by Nazis, Soviets in their gulags, or some mad regime — Pol Pot or others — or at least those racist Red Staters, that had no concern for human immigrants."

"What we're saying is these kids deserve a chance," he said. "They didn't decide to come to America. Their parents did."

"Don't let those mean Nazi Soviet Pol Pot Red State Racists get them!"

One of the most vocal student advocates is Marie Gonzalez, a 21-year-old junior at Westminster College in Missouri. She has made numerous trips to Washington to tell her story.

Her parents were deported to Costa Rica two years ago. Gonzalez, whose deportation was deferred, said she could be sent back next year.

She said saying goodbye to her parents was awful. "There's no words to describe it. It's been absolutely terrible. I'm an only child. They're my best friends," she said.

All they had to do was respect our laws, which would've entailed filling out forms and waiting in line like every legal immigrant noncitizen sucker has done. Not sneaking in and being on the run and personally subjecting you to all manner of abuse stemming from their criminal acts.

Blame them for your troubles. We didn't do any of those things to you. No parent should ever harm his or her child like that.

But she said she cannot contemplate departing the United States for Costa Rica, a country she left when she was 5. "I've thought about visiting, but not going back to live there," she said. "That would be like a crashing of my dreams."

That's right. Your parents are the ones directly and completely responsible for crashing your dreams. Not us.

Student advocates say many of their peers drop out of high school because illegal immigrants typically only get jobs for low-skilled workers.

How else would liberalism's Peculiar Institution of Brown Slavery® work? An "ex"-hippie would have to start making his own beads or paying higher prices for his soybean oil. Then after the brown slaves literally break their backs and become wards of his welfare state, he can keep them in line by saying if they don't go out and protest or even vote illegally for him and his, he won't be able to "help" them. In case you "haven't read the bill dictionary":

slavery n. 1. The state of one bound in servitude as the property of a slaveholder or household. 2.a. The practice of owning slaves. b. A mode of production in which slaves constitute the principal work force. 3. The condition of being subject or addicted to a specified influence. 4. A condition of hard work and subjection.

The public form of it is no less revolting than the private one was.

But the provision is motivating some students to stick with their studies, said Tam Tran, 24, who just graduated from UCLA.

"The idea that it might pass someday — that they might be able to use their college degree to get a job — that drives people," said Tran, who was born in Germany to Vietnamese refugees.

Neither Germany nor Vietnam recognizes her as a citizen, so she considers herself stateless in some ways and a typical American in others, Tran said.

She said she tries not to dwell on her status and that of many of her friends.

"It's like a form of rejection," she said. "We can't fully participate in what we have worked hard to become a part of."

If this Tam Tran is also an undocumented invader, our AP writer has already caught two in a single story.

Ms. Zuckerbrod should be head supervisor of our immigration "enforcement" agents so she can train them how to effectually go about doing the jobs now only AP writers more often do.


On the Net:

National Immigration Law Center: http://www.nilc.org/

UCLA group advocating for undocumented students: http://www.ideasla.org/home.html

Sounds like a good place for those agents to begin looking for a better Source or two.

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