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America on Death Row


"You have been found guilty of wanton self-neglect and intentional gross stupidity. I hereby sentence you to death by lethal injection illegal invasion."


e're the ones on parole now, not our instant amnestZzzzz-carded illegal alien invaders. If we wish to avoid that death sentence, we must:

Withhold all non-emergency federal funding from every State that permits itself or one or more of its subdivisions to be a federal law-circumventing "sanctuary" for any of the invaders, including but not limited to all normal grants, contracts, matching funds, and federal assistance moneys which that State is otherwise authorized to have and which is not related to our fighting and winning World War IV;

Levy back taxes on every "church" or other tax-exempt entity that has aided, abetted, or otherwise harbored any invaders, from the point they started doing so, then seize its properties and arrest its officers if it fails to cease such illegal operations;

Protect all Border Patrol and other federal agents who are securing our nation's sovereignty, from any malicious or politically motivated prosecution with respect to their acting to provide that security, and discharge or arrest every federal or state prosecutor or judge who orders or willfully assists such prosecution or causes it to proceed;

Deploy to our borders a new, permanent, 50,000-man division of our National Guard whose mission is to stop further invasions and to capture any and all invaders and detain each one inside pre-deportation internment camps set up and maintained by that division, then reduce its number to 10,000 after we win World War IV;

Make willfully invading our country, as Mexico has, a felony federal offense, with a minimum sentence of two years in prison and the forfeiting of custody of all children any invader may have forced to come along with him or her during the commission of that felony invasion until the invader has served that sentence and is deported;

Appoint and authorize licensed bounty hunters to search for, seize, and turn over to the National Guard any invaders at $7,500 a head, and to safely deliver to state child protection agencies all children belonging to such invaders;

Warn the government of Mexico that in six months our country will fully impose total economic sanctions against Mexico unless and until it reduces to no more than 1,000 per year the flow of willful invaders coming from Mexico;

Forever deny all invaders we have caught, detained, or deported the privilege of applying for United States citizenship or guestworker status;

Make willfully hiring or assisting any invader a felony federal offense, with a minimum sentence of one year plus one day in prison and the seizure of any properties directly connected with that illegal employment or assistance;

Immediately begin construction of a provenly effective barrier along our nation's borders to protect us against further invasions, with every 1,000 miles of it along our southern border and every 500 miles of it along our northern one both fully completed by the end of each fiscal year; and

Authorize the president and responsible federal agencies to fast-track the lawfully documented citizenship or guestworker applications of every legal immigrant who has successfully passed a thorough criminal background check.

Granting amnesty in any way, shape, or form to willful invaders is not just an abuse of those powers we vest in our national and state governments, but the murder-suicide of our country and her laws. The only thing left for us to do after the crime scene tape is placed around our borders in lieu of any effective barrier there, is to lay our sovereignty down on the gurney and passively witness the inevitable carrying out of its death sentence.

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