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Obama and Senate Democrats Hate Veterans


Judge them by what they do, not what they say.


ecause of petty partisan politics, lies-telling lying Øliar and his fellow Veteran-hating Democrooks in the Senate opposed last year's bipartisan House bill that would've reduced the backlog problems that are literally killing our sick Veterans.

But these haters are more interested in scoring political points than saving the lives of any of our Veterans. Yeah, a real shocker.

One area of commonality for [House] Republicans and Democrats was the need to get the VA to reduce its backlog of disability claims. The VA has been widely criticized for making more than 800,000 veterans wait for decisions about their benefits, with most of these veterans waiting longer than the 125-day deadline that the VA has set as a goal for handling claims.

The bill includes new funding to help the VA work through these claims.

"The bill includes funding that will jumpstart efforts to clean up the backlog and force DOD and VA to get moving on a system that should have been in place years ago," House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers (R-Ky.) said during the debate.

But in addition to that carrot, the House also include a few "stick" measures, including an amendment that would cut the salaries of senior VA officials unless the backlog is reduced.

The House also approved amendments to block bonus awards for these officials and strip the VA of $10 million in funds it would normally use for conferences. Instead, that $10 million would go to process disability claims more quickly.

"No, we can't cut Secretary Shinseki's salary. No, we can't cut his or his staff's 'conference' trips to the hottest vacation spots. No, we can't cut any of their exorbitant bonuses. He and they are doing such wonderful jobs!" That was one of the two main reasons they opposed the bill. The other is they hate our Veterans.

House passage sends the bill to the Senate, but given the uncertainty about the budget and the process for handling spending bills this year, it's not clear whether or when the Senate will consider it.

Given how much Demøfascists in the Senate and White House hate our Veterans and love their government perks, it's very clear. They'll consider reducing those backlogs as soon as ten feet of snow Climate Change® blanket every square inch of Hell.

Earlier this week, the Obama administration said it would veto the bill....

Because it hates our Veterans and loves its extremely generous perks.

Now go crawl off and die quickly, Veterans. You're cramping Øfascist's and his Senate rubber-stampers' style.

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