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It's CITizens, Not SIT-ON-YOUR-ASSitens


Or even SERFitens.


he parasites on our land have no energy for anything other than sucking, both literally and figuratively. They wait and look for somebody else to sustain their so-called lives. Whether that body be yours or the not-so-honorable office holder's greedily making yours a source of their sustenance, it's all the same to them. The latter provides them HOSTizens to suck dry in exchange for the privilege of being able to provide them more and more such sources. You provide them the necessary veins until, once your own life's blood is completely drained and you're left no other choice, you have to start sucking too. Eventually, yes, only the office holders can be the winners. But since at that point there remains no body for the parasites to hang onto, everybody winds up a loser.

The above has become the story of America. The reason it has is that for too long we the so-called citizens have been letting ourselves and others rewrite it that way. The Founding Fathers drafted and, as Framers, composed the original — a timeless classic that keeps proving to be the best possible story for us. Whenever our forebears lived that story, this became a land full of constructive energy and progress. Whenever they didn't, it quickly devolved into one mired in misery.

Free and independent states aren't built by parasites, only brought down by them. The hard work of paying attention and flicking the parasites off whenever their ravenous sucking jaws try to latch on is the only chance our land has of staying free and independent. True citizens are, yes, the only ones who can make that happen. Indeed, they innately have the upper hand, especially in this year's mid-term congressional elections.

The office holders parasite wranglers, on the other hand, know it's an uphill battle to prod their charges into stop being SIT-ON-YOUR-ASSitens long enough to agree to be dragged into a polling booth and cast a ballot for somebody they never heard of or cared hearing about before. After all, there's no more "Barack-the-vote" to readily zombify the parasites into becoming one mindless, lockstep-marching horde.

No one can deny there's a general, pent-up disgust with how the rewritten story is playing out and with its self-appointed editors who keep insanely red-penning us all into an increasingly unavoidable corner. What kind of ending has the parasites winding up on top, literally crawling out from the desiccated corpses that left them stuffed, but now are no long able to feed them? It would be the end, all right, where no one lives happily ever after or even, for that matter, lives. Needless to say, America — the last, best, most shining hope of mankind — will be gone too. Good thing, because who would want to try living in the bleak and inhospitable world that must remain?

The fundamental question is whether that pent-up disgust bursts before Tuesday, November 4, and leaves the parasites and their prodders scrambling for the safest shadows they can find in its wake. It will decide nothing less than who reclaims or retains full control of the story and all of its content.

So, yes, we can believe either that we're all doomed or that true citizens turning out in droves and voting this and every November is going to help completely remove the present massive infestation as well as forever repel the parasites and stop them from infesting our land so again.

May God once more heal and bless our country.

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