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Obama Undermines Obama'Care'


He's clearly a racist.


ow lying Øliar is "promising" us "if you like your health care insurance plan, you can temporarily keep your plan. Comma." (That is, "for one year only — after which you can't keep it anymore.")

Remember, before millions upon millions of Americans woke up to find him plunging his long, rusty knife in their backs and stealing the plans they liked, lying Øliar was "promising" us "if you like your health care insurance plan, you can keep your plan. Period."

What difference, at this point, does it make?

Several big fat whopping ones.

First of all, lying Øliar's alleged "fix" doesn't let you keep your plan if he's already stolen it from you. He and his Demøfascist comrades in Congress made sure their Settled Law Of Teh Land™ forces every health insurance company to cancel — forever — every plan that doesn't meet their arbitrary double standards. Yes, they not only can and will keep their Cadillac Rolls-Royce Lamborghini plan, but can and will make us taxpayers pay them huge amounts to keep it. But we aren't so lucky. No, we can't even tell our insurers his long, rusty knife in our backs is a pre-existing condition they have to cover.

Everybody with a functioning brain knows it's impossible for anybody to resurrect all those cancelled plans without putting all the insurance companies that offered them out of business more quickly than it took lying Øliar's green-"jobs" companies to go bankrupt. Then who would be left to offer these plans? especially since they're in fact still illegal per this fascistration's other dictates? Don't ask lying Øliar or the other mindless fascist liberal anti-America tyrants(birm) who keep ramming their unmitigated disasters down everybody else's throat. Their totally dead "brains" are indeed a pre-existing condition.

Secondly, lying Øliar told the Biggest. Lie. Ever. that any president, real or Øfraudulent, could tell the American people. While he and his Demøfascist comrades in Congress exclusively exempt themselves from every egregious hardship they keep forcing the rest of us to suffer, they made sure when the dust finally settles on their Settled Law Of Teh Land™ practically everybody who has an individual or employment-based plan — 156 million total — isn't going to be able to keep his plan no matter how much he likes it. Period. Lying Øliar's big fat whopping lie that it's "only five percent" is just his way of slowly and tortuously turning his long, rusty knife after he's plunged it deep in all our backs.

If our country had leaders in media and Congress who cared one whit about us and the fact we've been told such a massive, unprecedented lie over and over again willfully and knowingly by a sitting president and everybody else in his fascistration, he wouldn't be a sitting president anymore. He'd have been summarily impeached and convicted. Period. But they put their political party and personal power ahead of regular people and professional principles. That's irresponsible. It's unpatriotic. Both their professions and our nation are ill-served when they let selfishness and greed keep them from actually doing their expected jobs — the chief of which is helping us ensure that every government official, regardless who he might be, is always held accountable to the people he has sworn to ever faithfully serve. Otherwise, he will become as flagrantly dishonest and corrupt as lying Øliar has.

Finally, the only plan anybody will end up keeping is lying Øliar's one to death-panel completely out of existence the entire private insurance industry so yes he can ram down everybody's throat his even more disastrously fascist Government-Payer System Fraud (his and his pals' throats exempted, of course). Think our health care can't get any more unaffordable and unavailable following the considerable damage lying Øliar"Care" keeps rolling out upon it and us now? Wait until you're forced to play Beg Barry's Bean-Countin' Bureaucrats® for just a mere bandage, let alone bypass surgery. Not only will he tax you out the wazoo to pay for all his "free" "health" "care," but you'll be extremely lucky if you ever get on a pre-waiting list for just the chance of someday getting on a waiting list to receive any of it. Unless, of course, you're a member of his fascistration or of Congress. Then your every least little medical boo-boo gets you a Saturn V rocket trip to the very top of that list. No Virtual Waiting Rooms for you!

Elections have consequences; and we're suffering those of the last one good and hard. Unless we elect in 2014 enough new United States Senators and Representatives both willing and able to be part of an actual opposition party that doesn't shy away from any chance to fight for us and our interests no matter what the cost, yes we can keep lying Øliar's plan to force us all to suffer much, much more. He isn't going to care then, either, if you don't like it.

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