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61 Troops Have Been Killed in Afghanistan Since 'Present' Obama Received on August 30 His Top General's Official Request for More Reinforcements


God help our Troops and the rest of us if this becomes a regular feature.


ight among that egregiously increasing number were killed in action Saturday while defending a remote combat outpost. Hundreds of Taliban "militiamen" terrorists — most if not all newly recruited, no doubt, as a direct result of "Present" B-weak Øfascist's cowardly indecisiveness and dangerous incompetence — surrounded and attacked it.

“U.S. commanders had been planning since late last year to abandon the small combat outpost in mountainous eastern Afghanistan where eight U.S. soldiers died Saturday in a fierce insurgent assault.
    “The pullout, part of a strategy of withdrawing from sparsely populated areas where the United States lacks the troops to expel Taliban forces and to support the local Afghan government, has been repeatedly delayed by a shortage of cargo helicopters, Afghan politics and military bureaucracy, U.S. military officials said.”

Our Troops were forced to use up the whole day repelling the "man-caused disasterists" terrorists because of the Chicagø Ølympics 2Ø16 lobbyist-in-Che's ongoing refusal to support them: No discernible strategy. No critically needed reinforcements. No readily available vehicles or equipment.

Nothing but his constant taking his eye off the ball and displaying utter weakness and unforgivable cowardice in the face of the now much more emboldened enemy.

So ten more of our Troops have been killed since just last Saturday.

All because "Present" Øfascist lied when he said

So what we're looking for is a comprehensive strategy. And there's got to be an exit strategy. There's got to be a sense that this is not perpetual drift.

That was over six months ago; and still there's no real strategy for our annihilating the terrorists and achieving total victory in this "Overseas Contingency Operation" World War. Of course, "victory" isn't his goal.

Apparently "Present" Øfascist's only goal is to set up our own Troops for annihilation:

On Friday[, March 20], a military official said the overhauled U.S. strategy would call for new garrisons in far-flung Afghan communities to better hold off the Taliban.

He intentionally sent those eight Troops we lost and their brothers to that hopelessly undefendable "far-flung" outpost, without the support or change in policy they needed.

"Present" Øfascist is guilty of murdering our Troops through his gross negligence, miserable failures, dangerous incompetence, and traitorous appeasement.

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If you have been blogging for five years, where are all the comments?

Sad to think there aren't any. If I were you I'd just give up.

Not to be insensitive, but why would we put our troops in such a terrible location. Even the folks on Bonanza know that a valley is one of the worst locations for any type of post. Who the hell is the tactical commander?

At the least they should of had observation posts on the ridge lines surrounding there location. If they did guess what…. they would have seen this coming well in advance and had the opportunity to squash it before it ever started.

What is happening to our military’s tactical strategies?
deniseg55: No more sad than degrading yourself by spamming a blog that you feel doesn't receive any comments, or openly following another that in truth has received in the last two months even less.

Craig: Appreciate your comment.

What is happening directly stems from the dangerøus incømpetence and negligence of that strategic "commander" in the White Høuse who ordered the placement of such outposts in or right next to far-flung villages and communities near the Afghan-Pakistani border. Few if any of which are on the sides of mountains.

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