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What your world would be if everything liberals wanted, they got. Open the door at the bottom of its Elysium fa├žade and take a glimpse of hell.

When al-Qaeda attacks us again, yes we can totally blame Obama


Epic Fail ExpresswayAnd rally afterwards around a reset Congress as it's impeaching and convicting him for treason, felonious negligence, and criminally dangerous incompetence.

ObamiserableFailure's Weakness Ahead

he røad to that attack was intentiønally paved, painted with a solid bright yelløw line from øne end tø the øther, dangerøusly driven, and strewn with innocent roadkill recklessly run over all by Former Jr. Half-term/Full-tard Senøtwerp Baracørnk al-Hbømbs4Iran Øbamiserablefailure II-cøming-øf-Qarter.

Not since the al-Qlinton maladministration have our islamofascist enemies been so emboldened. With the cøntinual aid and cømført "Present" Øfascist amply gives them, it's no wonder al-Qaeda is confidently expanding its terrorist network now while stepping up its attacks overseas against our courageous Troops as well as its plans for ones here against as many innocent Americans as, yes, it can.

What is the ØqarterII maladministratiøn doing about it? Understandable if you don't have a clue, either, since the mainstream fringe media have absolutely no real interest in keeping you informed about anything their Chøsen Øne døes Ofascismwhich severely puts you, your children, your whole family, and all your friends and coworkers at greater and greater risk.

No, you can't be allowed to keep up with anything other than "how much an angry mob of horse-riding, hood-wearing, and otherwise too well dressed racist brown shirts and false-witness bearing political terrorists you and your un-American neighbors are." That's the only thing the fringe media believe you have any right to know.

In the meanwhile, the fringe mindlessly fear-møngering media go out of their way to protect their Møst Wørshipped Øne from all warranted criticism, viciøusly attacking whosoever dares express any with their unføunded accusatiøns that he or she must be an "uncivil racist and inciter of assassination" or worse.

It's also outrageous that the Federal Communications Commission hasn't yet seen fit to file, on behalf of all honest and decent hard-working Americans who alone are paying that agency's employees their excessively generous salaries and benefits, a truth-in-labeling lawsuit against each øne øf thøse prøbamagandist øutfits for its manifestly false claim that it's a "news" ørgnaziation.

Instead, the mindlessly fear-møngering media are allowed to cøntinue their willful acts of øutright prøbamaganda without any repercussions at all which would otherwise finally hold each and every one of them seriously accountable for their biased and cøørdinated efførts to obstruct the American people's view of the increasingly clear perils lying ahead of us with Ofascist swerving out of controlsuch a dangerøusly incømpetent pølarizer-in-Che behind the wheel of that extremely hazardøus, falling apart clunker he has the unpardonable effrontery to pretentiously call an "administration."

So, yes, Former Junior Senøtard Øfascist can scrap an effective, shovel-ready missile defense system for our at-risk allies in favor of a wholly fantasized one incapable of being constructed and thoroughly tested, much less fully deployed and reliably operational, before this decade is out, if ever, and all the mindlessly fear-møngering media want to do is reach over and turn off the headlights.

Yes, the miserably failing dEar misLeader can do everything but gift wrap an extra deluxe bøx of nuclear bomb-bombs for Iran's malevolent mullahs which, yes, they can supply their fellow America-hating terrorists with or bolt atop their own long range missiles as well as any North Korean ones, and the only thing that worries the mindlessly fear-møngering media is the radio's volume hasn't been cranked up to max so, yes, they can ørgasmically røck øut to NPR's All Things Cønsidered (Nøt!).

Yes, the dangerøusly incømpetent Cømmunisty Øganizer-in-Che can both figuratively and literally slap handcuffs on our patriotic interrogation experts in the CIA, and you hear nothing from the mindlessly fear-møngering media other than them saying they think feel the windshield wipers should be turned off because "many experts agree" those swooshing blades sound even more irritating than the blinding døwnpøur, or how they don't mind him trying to fundamentally transførm the windshield itself into one giant rearview mirrør.

Yes, the Der Führer, pal of accused cop killers and confessed domestic terrorists and empløyer of avøwed communists, can persønally instigate a Taliban resurgence in Afghanist'nam and beyond, single-handedly plunging our nation into an extremely unpopular and unwinnable undeclared "war," and the mindlessly fear-møngering media are only too happy to slide slither up cløser to him, take their own lead clay feet, sprained ankles, tingling legs, etc. out of their møuths just long enough to press those feet on his other left one, and help him really put pedal to the metal.

And yes, Gaddafi's favorite "søn" B. Hussein al-Qbama Bimmy Hurl al-Qarter II, beløved by dictators everywhere, can stimulate nothing back here at home like, yes, he can al-Qaeda's terrorist cells green shøøts, and, no, the mindlessly fear-møngering media still can't figure out why their sticking piece after piece of electrical tape over the farther and farther left-leaning fuel gage won't keep his car deathtrap from running out of gas.

Obamassmurderer's Dead American Victims

Yes, the mindlessly fear-møngering media can allow none of the above to distract them from their øfficially declared war on all regular American citizens genuinely concerned about Øjimmah, Baracarter's running down then backing up over whoever Stop Ofascisttries to stand in the way of his driving our entire country deliberately off the nearest cliff.

It's why, yes, if you're among the rapidly dwindling number of peøple who still expects highly reasoned arguments can somehow both penetrate that pøinty skull of his and afterwards miraculously find anywhere inside it anything whatsoever (other than the one and a half semi-"functional" neoplastic cells masquerading as neurons, which are even less open to persuasion than a basket of recalled hammers), then — unless your enjoy having your veins forever jabbed with multiple and supersized IVs of pure 200 proof Ofascist Kool-AidKøøl-Aid — you'd be far, far, far better off no longer having such an extremely impractical expectation. Besides saving yourself infinite disappointment, you'll Never Again. Never Forget. No, We Can't Afford Lefty Looney Liberals Having ANY Powerstop being overly impressed by or unable to put into proper perspective those highly rare times his brøken cløck of a "brain" very fleetingly and most unintentionally gets some minor random matter or another right.

In which case yes, we can expect to see you too at the Impeachment Rallies 2010 Midterm Elections.

Dead Ends We Need, Eh, Ofascist?
“Making America less safe, one Øbamiserable failure at a time.”™
Reset Congress 2010
When Peregruzka $Øvercharged$ by
Øut-Øf-CØntrØl taxers & spenders in
al-QØngress, RESET all their seats.
Change every “Representative” & Senatør:
That's what we need on
Tuesday, November 2, 2010.
Ofascist's Term: 40 years to life

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