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Change we need.


overnment spending is the problem. The solution is not more of it.

Not even a constitutional amendment outlawing any budget deficit or huge public debt can effectually solve it. Politicians and judges(birm) would only gut it with all their self-serving loopholes.

What we need and what we want is a total freeze on all government spending that isn't totally essential to our nation's long-term survival.

When we need it and when we want it is now.

Bailing out banks, auto makers, and state governments or spending money on other handouts such as nationalized health care, unrestricted welfare, and special-interest payoffs isn't essential. Yes, we can and will survive as a nation without it.

In fact, that kind of government spending is now an existential threat to our nation's long-term survival.

The amount of that spending can't be funded no matter what anyone does. A 100 percent tax on 100 percent of all incomes — rich, middle-class, poor — individual and corporate — wouldn't raise enough money to pay any significant portion of its cost.

Government spending, debt, interest payments, and other public liabilities now exceed the total taxable economic output of our nation over entire generations.

Bottom line: Taxpayers are now on the hook for a record $59.1 trillion in liabilities, a 2.3% increase from 2006. That amount is equal to $516,348 for every U.S. household. By comparison, U.S. households owe an average of $112,043 for mortgages, car loans, credit cards and all other debt combined [i.e., Democrook House- and Senate-generated public liabilities are over four times the private ones generated by all American households].

Unfunded promises made for Medicare, Social Security and federal retirement programs account for 85% of taxpayer liabilities. State and local government retirement plans account for much of the rest.

This hidden debt is the amount taxpayers would have to pay immediately to cover government's financial obligations. Like a mortgage, it will cost more to repay the debt over time. Every U.S. household would have to pay about $31,000 a year to do so in 75 years.

Someone has to pay it. Although it's nice to feel it won't be us current "adults" getting the bill, it's not nice at all — indeed, it's extremely heartless, selfish, and cruel — that we're letting our own government hand this overwhelming bill to the next two, three, or more generations.

The adults of all those generations put together couldn't produce enough liquid and solid human waste to leave on our graves in remembrance an amount equal to the scornful coverage all of them will then rightly deserve.

Essential or excess?

That is the question every citizen of our generation must ask about each dime if we're to get government spending under control for a change so that whatever amount of it we have completely ensures, rather than threatens, our nation's long-term survival.

Any portion of government spending that isn't absolutely needed for America's long-term survival is what we must now and always forbid, or else there is no hope for her or for any of us.

Presently conservatives are at the forefront of this battle to forever preserve, protect, and defend the people's trust and hope in that same genuine American dream our forebears created and fought for, built our country on, worked honestly to achieve themselves, and passed down improved to us.

And beware of those different factions who seek as part of their attempt to redefine conservatism, as making sure the liberals like us, making sure that the media likes us. They never will, as long as we remain conservatives. They can't possibly like us; they're our enemy. In a political arena of ideas, they're our enemy. They think we need to be defeated.... [A]nd there will be factions in our movement, folks, who are going to make an effort to say we have to grow, we can't stay "stale" — I think I heard the term used the other day. Nothing stale about freedom. There's nothing stale about liberty. There's nothing stale about fighting for it. Nothing stale whatsoever.

All we are asking is give our and our descendants' futures a real, fighting chance.

We hope now every freedom-loving American will join us. And the E Pluribus ("out of many") will truly be as Unum ("one").

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