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John McCain 'lived' and 'studied' overseas too


A lot more than Freshman Junior Senator B. Hamas-endorsed Obombast ever did.

Well, actually, my experience in foreign policy is probably more diverse than most others in the field. I'm somebody who has actually lived overseas, somebody who has studied overseas. I majored in international relations.


ite Your undergraduate major all You want, Your BHOliness.

With the third degree Senator McCain got from his professors of pain at Hilton Hanoiversity™, he literally has a bloody Ph.D. in international relations.

Not only did he get to study up close and personal a very real enemy of the United States, he majored in that specialty of international "relations" known as foreign tormentors knocking your teeth out because you refuse to "confess" after they so long denied you basic "health care coverage" for your broken bones it's a wonder you're still able to move your arms any at all.

During the five and a half years he "lived" on this overseas "campus," HH sadists administrators required all its graduates to complete a number of diverse and very advanced courses, including Staying Alive 510, Covert Intra"campus" Communications 411, Rope Bindings and Other Programmed Tortures Laboratory 435, Solitary Confinement 222, Propaganda of al-Qerry's VVAW 301, and the semester-to-semester Attitude Checks.

"Student" McCain also took several electives, most notably Openly Defying Brutish Guards and the extraordinarily difficult Refusing Preferential Early Release.

When You were eight years old, John McCain was living, breathing, eating, and crapping far more of a useful major in international relations every day than You could ever hope to earn in Your entire life, while Your future associate the remorseless terrorist Bill Ayers was trying his damnedest to make sure one of Your peers and his whole family couldn't live, breathe, eat, or crap anymore, period. It's the difference between John McCain seriously working to help the victims of Hurricane Gustav and Your own politburo's party's officials and supporters profanely laughing about it at the expense of those victims.

After "graduation," Senator McCain resumed a career in public service which included membership on the Senate Armed Services Committee and Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs, chairmanship of the Senate Commerce Committee and Indian Affairs Committee, and since 1993, chairmanship of the International Republican Institute.

You, well, actually are the quintessential Poster Child for Inexperience™:

No relevant international-relations experience whatsoever. No relevant executive-branch experience whatsoever. No, nil, none, zip, zero, nada military-service experience whatsoever. No relative federal-legislative experience whatsoever, either, from Your mere two-thirds of one term as a rookie backbench junior freshman U.S. senator (if You don't count Your nepotistically earmarking a million of our taxed dollars for Your wife's employer).

You know it, I know it, and certainly now a majority of the American people know it.

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Done some reading and it appears that BBC recently did a survey in 22 countries, asking people who they belive would improve Americas relation with the rest of the world. Well to summon up …

46 percent voted for Obama and

20 percent for Mcain and

34 percent said they where not shure!

AH… In Canada which after all is the neighbouring country 69 percent voted for Obama, Italy 64%, France 62% and Germany 61%…

ONLY in USA… in a new survey it reveals that Obama gets 47 percent of the votes and Mcain 46! How in the world is it that the rest of the planet, people like Obama vastly more than Mr Mcain … while only in The US, it appears to be equal?

No matter the reason, I believe the rest of the planet also should get their say in this election… (or at least the 100 countries America has put under their military control !!) Anybody more affected by an election should be able to vote… otherwise it cant under any circumstances be called a democratic system. We live in a global world where no nation stands excluded from neighbours around. Obviously its hard to have a global election for the president-post in every country, but think about it… don’t you believe a great deal of people in Iraq are more affected by this election than a whole lot of people in the USA… ? I do! If the US e´wants all this global military/financial responsibility, they can atleast hear what the world has to say… jao!

But hey … anywho anyways anywhat, that just me right!?
Shure™. But why not make it reciprocal? They can vote in our elections if they allow us to vote in theirs.

That's only fair.

Also, if you're able to vote in a country's election, you ought to be able to run for office in that country. That'd make it much more democratic.

Besides, how else could I vote or write-in Ann Coulter for president of Germany?

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