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What your world would be if everything liberals wanted, they got. Open the door at the bottom of its Elysium fa├žade and take a glimpse of hell.

Pixie dust and unicorn droppings


Or windmills and solar panels.


ither "alternative" has the same chance of lowering fuel prices in the next few years decades centuries.

If we covered the land from sea to shining sea with the latter, they might be able to supply, at most — given only consistently windy conditions and cloudless days all across it, of course — a quarter of the electricity our nation must have for her economy to keep growing.

Even assuming we're able to build that many without entirely diverting our manufacturing output from practically every other type of production, and without astronomically increasing our national debt from all the new outlays for necessary land leases and eminent domain purchases, any hope of getting them all "online" in time to make a real difference would require the most unrealistic redefining of the phrase "humanly possible."

Which, it so happens, is exactly what Demokick-the-canic Party Politburo leaders propose we do here and again and again down the road. (Now you know which "can" they've been talking the talk about all along with their Yes, We Can Hope for Change in the Future™ blather.)

No, we can't renew-a-babble our way out of the energy "crisis."

We can't flex-fuel our way out of it, either, despite how much liberals want to see our grain food prices increase to the point where everyone besides the richest of them is forced to go on a permanent starvation diet.

Most Demoqrats (including Juan MqQain) and other liberals concede we have the ability to start bringing greater supplies of domestically-drilled oil and natural gas online in about five years. That is, if they take down the Big Green® stop signs they've put up out at sea and on faraway barren tundras which for the last several decades have been the only "man"-made things standing in the way of such drilling.

Then why haven't Demoslackers already done so? Why are they still essentially doing nothing? Most importantly, why do they keep ignoring us and what we want?

The only viable answer is that they want Americans and their economy to not only suffer but keep taking hit after painful hit from ever higher and higher fuel prices until we and it are reduced to one giant withering heap of mangled, foreign oil-dependent vassalageness.

That, they arrogantly snort, will teach you for consuming so much and expecting the world to say OK, you fat filthy capitalist!

Actually, liberals know that the only way to stop us from being a free people — the kind they can't control — is to stop all of us from growing economically. With no one other than themselves having material wealth and power, everyone will wind up slavishly dependent on their tinier and tinier crumbs of "assistance" dropped off a larger and larger government table that they feel exclusively entitled to completely and always run. Your only duty then will be to sit at the bus stop and cheerfully wave at al-Gore as he passes by in his gas-guzzling limousine. Oh, and to also never, ever complain about the larger and larger tax withholdings they'll be taking out of your lower and lower paychecks so, yes, he can keep it — and his private jets, too — always filled up.

That's why Juan MqQain and other Demoqrats tell you they're going to make you conserve oil, although their stated intention is to make you totally "move away" from oil. (So there will be more for them, obviously — to keep up with just their Importanter Than Thou's™ personal needs.)

Of course, if you're a liberal, conservation means never having to say you're using whatever it is you say you've been "conserving," even if you actually are using a whole lot more of it. Or to put it tunefully: I fill my home/ With electricity/ While average homes/ Use nine-tenths less, you see/ I fill my cars/ With so much gas.... (© 1970 AlTipp Inspirations)

However, it's not any of their taxpayer-funded silver spoons you should be worrying the most about right now. Nor is it the latest knife Juan MqGreenQoolAid's trying to stab you and the rest of us in the backs with again.

Focus primarily on the forks. Specifically, their forked tongues that demand you fork over to them a lot more of your earnings so you won't find any fork at all in that road they repetitively say they're going to pave over for you and your family with their "good" intentions any day decade now. (That is, if you can afford the extremely expensive fuel they'll be forcing you to buy just to get on it.)

But we do have a real alternative. Specifically, stick a fork in them and their unworkable do-nothing "plans." We won't be done in by either.

Instead we will be taking this available on-ramp so we can head out on the highway that lets us move much more speedily towards the only solution with truly the best chance of helping every American here and farther down the road: more and more domestic drilling.

Yes, we do. Yes, we will. And, yes, we can.

Drill Here. Drill Now. Pay Less.

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