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Bring it on, Demogrrls


Blast retired U.S. Navy Captain John McCain over his insane proposals. Call him a flip-flopping betrayer of his oath of office. But


ny of you again impugn or disparage in any way the record of bravery or sacrifice of this or any other genuine Combat Hero who fought, bled, or left pieces of his body, mind, or soul behind on the battlefield or inside the enemy's barbed wire so even you and other assorted unworthies, each too lowly to be given the honor of cleaning up his unbidden vomit anytime he fully remembers all of what he did or went through, could enjoy not just a taste but a veritable flood of Freedom, and — as God is my witness — neither I nor any of mine will rest until your party and the maggot infested linguini spined carcass of a skunk it road in on are buried so far down in the slime you oozed out of, all future generations will have no memory of it or your political collectivist "career" except extremely bad ones, and then only in the recurring nightmares that disturb whoever, God forbid, has the grossly unjust misfortune of stumbling upon the meager footnote tucked deep within the theretofore unturned pages of the sole extant copy of the thickest and most obscure and unreadable academic journal in history found only at the very bottom of the least disturbed pile of bibliotaphic refuse crumbling away in the farthest corner of a sub-basement archive even the spiders long vacated underneath the wholly unmapped, dilapidated, and overgrown structure of absolutely no distinction beyond being the ancient ruins of the most unvisited library since the invention of writing which alone constitutes the entire evidence of either obscenity ever having existed.

You better pray to that grotesque simulacrum of semi-humanness in the mirror you call "god" that Captain McCain can't be convinced to drop out the race so the Republican national convention will be free to nominate a state governor who's an actual conservative and who'd make your candidate's false messiah's "credentials to be president" seem as impeccable as any of the third grade holdovers' now in D.C. on a summer school field trip.

Because if, God willing, that happens, then your "inartful" invariable dismissals, insults, ridiculing, and incognizance of not just his but all our veteran and active duty Servicemen and women's heroic service to their country aren't going to be the only proofs we'll bring up again and again of your surly hate, hindrance, and condemnation of everything they amply love, support, and defend.

Unlike that New & Improved Nominee® of ours, your Obaminable snowjobman's extensively documented love of punishing taxes and invasive government controls so, yes, he can strangle and barricade our livelihoods and freedoms, support of "comprehensive" amnesty and other "free" handouts second-hand bribes for lawbreaking invaders of our country so, yes, he can buy their friends and relatives' aiders and abettors' votes, and defense of the terrorist "detainees'" "constitutional" "right" of shooting fish in a barrel making every liberal bleeding heart "judge"birm in the country cry after hearing their trained lies and misdirections aimed at infidels oh, so sad sob stories about killing our Troops and using innocent civilians as human shields "torture" so, yes, he can give them all hope and a better chance to get out and back to the battlefields and kill and maim more of our Troops and us — just for starters — are exactly the types of things Obusthrowyouunder,grandma can't say "aren't what he used to know" once Americans start recoiling from him in horror after we extensively remind them of his love, support, and defense of these and all the other things which together clearly show he's neither trustworthy nor able to lead or protect us or this country.

No, he can't, regardless what he contrives to "prove" his "patriotism" to a "frustrated" people he's personally tried and convicted of bigotry, xenophobia, and "clinging" to their worship of God and protection of self wholly out of "unsurprising bitterness."

Nor can we bring any of these up as effectively while the Panamanian-born foreign deals-making, tax cuts-reviling, First Amendment-hating, amnesty for invaders-billing, anthropogenic global warming KoolAid-drinking, Americans' gun shows-eliminating, ANWR oil-obstructing, Senate gangs-leading, and bring the terrorist enemy on U.S. soil-advocating — just for starters, unfortunately — Juanita Shamnesty MqQain III is the Republican's apparent(ly) Demoqratiq nominee because, yes, he can't stop himself from respectively loving, supporting, and defending the very same things.

But whether or not this señior Demoqrat señátor of Mexico can be convinced to drop out of the race for the good of both the country (i.e., USA) and her two-party system, no one and nothing is going to let you again get away with trying to sully the good name of our Heroes in uniform, no matter how much you spin it as something other than still another example of your chronic maligning of their deeds accomplished in defense of our nation.

Neither does it matter that Captain McCain's record of unquestionable valor, like that of Continental Army General Benedict Arnold at and before Breymann Redoubt, is overwhelmed by his subsequent and repeated betrayal of the American people. Awe-inspiring individual military records such as theirs will always reflect well on the Service, because they never could have established those records without it.

So when you belittle or dismiss either's honorable deeds in uniform, what you're really trying to demean are the deeds of all those wearing it at the time too who — physically or in spirit — truly and faithfully stood alongside him: the subaltern who brought a unit of riflemen up just in time to cover the general's charge, the corpsman who examined the lieutenant commander after his release, the private who stood watch while the general planned the next day's attack, the brother officer who stood over and comforted the commander during what appeared to be his last night on earth, along with all those manning the posts or the ships, requisitioning or delivering ammunition and supplies, recruiting or training volunteers, reporting to or appearing before the Congress, and the many, many thousands of others also in uniform then and there who indisputably assisted them all.

You better hope you never forget that, Disserats. Because, yes, we can guarantee every time you show you have, everyone who indeed supports our Troops certainly will never forgive you.

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