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Now some math for Iran's despots' best aider and comforter


aka Demoqratiq al-Qongress

“Annual U.S. oil production is about 1.8 billion barrels. The Interior Department estimates that up to 10 times that amount — about 19 billion barrels — is potentially recoverable in offshore areas that currently are off-limits [courtesy Big Green libenviral-Obamboozler whackos now running Qongress] to drillers”

f, as qongressional Demoqommierat kingpinheads claim, it's indeed the case that from just the 15 percent of "our" public lands they now so graciously allow us wretched, huddled plebeians to lease out for drilling oil and natural gas, we have the potential to "nearly double" domestic production of both indispensable fuel sources, then it stands to reason that if they would so kindly deign to allow us trivial, unworthy (to them) mortals to lease all "our" public lands for this purpose, we'd have the potential to increase such production to over 13 times its current level:

.15 PL ≡ 2.0 DP
⇒ 1.00 PL ≡ 13.3 DP

Good news is Demoilqrats® have finally come around to supporting more drilling. (You OK under the O-bus there, envirowhackos?)

However, merely doubling our production isn't going to be enough to let us do anything more than catch up with, much less surpass, the net amount of foreign oil we'll be importing afterwards.

U.S. demand for all petroleum products is 21 million barrels per day, seven million of which is being supplied by domestic production and 14 million by the refinement of foreign crude oil. In addition, we're producing about a million barrels of crude oil per day for export. Subtracting those exports from the five million total barrels of crude oil we're producing daily leaves us only four million for domestic consumption. So if we doubled domestic crude-oil production, we'd presumably still have at least a million barrels each day for export, but not more than a total of nine million for our own use:


21 MMbd all petroleum

14 MMbd foreign crude
4"domestic crude*
3"other sources**

After doubling
domestic crude production

  >21 MMbd all petroleum

>9 MMbd foreign crude
9"domestic crude*
3"other sources**

* Excludes 1 MMbd structured for export commitments.
** Natural gas plant liquids, refinery gain, alcohol fuels, etc.

If all we want to do is become just as dependent on imports of foreign oil as we are on domestic supplies, then our country should adopt the Demolightworkerrats' Co-Dependency "Plan"™. (This of course unrealistically assumes that the crumbs lousy drilling leases they've tossed down to us are really as full of crude as they are of crap crud.)

But if we want to truly declare our independence from the dual tyranny of do-nothing Demoqrat Party terraphiliacs (when they're not busy hatefully trying to control and ruin our economy and lives in order to prop their extremist selves up) and terrorist-coddling Third World despots (ditto), we must nearly quadruple our production of domestic oil:

After quadrupling
domestic crude production

  >21 MMbd all petroleum

0 MMbd foreign crude
>18"domestic crude†
3"other sources

† Excludes 1 MMbd structured for export commitments and up to 1 MMbd for expanding exports and reserves.

Which means we must at least double the acreage of drilling leases that the Peloseri-Reamed Demoqrat Partyrants mule-headedly want to still limit us to, given that they obviously prefer to do nothing so that, yes, they can unnecessarily and sadistically prolong our suffering.

This, in turn, brings up the most important equation: How many America-loving Democrats would there need to be in the House and Senate before they have enough votes to show those misleaders of theirs how miserably failing and out of touch such mistaken Just Say No to Drilling®, (give us the) business-as-usual regressiveness is with everything the American people, in ever louder and louder voices, are now expressly demanding?

Of course, Nasty Pelooni, Scary Screed, and the rest of the status-quo Demohoaxerrat "leader"ship have already done the math here (or at least here).

And they didn't even have to worry about running out of fingers and toes before adding those figures up.

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