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What your world would be if everything liberals wanted, they got. Open the door at the bottom of its Elysium fa├žade and take a glimpse of hell.

A vote for MqQrud is a vote for Obama


A vote for Governor Mike Huckabee is still a vote for real hope and real change as well as "for (the) GOP's future."


n the general election, would you vote for the dirty old man or the clean and young one? The senator who's been in Washington, District of Crooks for over a quarter century or the one who still uses a map like normal people to find his way around it? The senator from an extremely lawless-border state or the one from the Land of Lincoln? The cad who cheated on and dumped one of his wives because he didn't like the way she looked after she was mangled in a car crash or the man who's stood by the only wife he's ever known, through thick and thin? Someone born in a foreign country or someone born in the good ol' U. S. of A.?

Texans and Ohioans, that's the choice you'll be giving Americans this November if you vote tomorrow for Juan MqQain'tGonnaWinNothin'.

But you still have a choice and a chance to give us all a much better one.

Mike Huckabee, the former Republican governor of a Southern state, is the only candidate who can win in the general election against a sitting Demoqrat senator from a northern state. The only candidate who has actual executive-branch experience, including in time of war.

A President Huckabee would protect our freedom of speech, including restoring our right to speak out against 25-year incumbents like Juan MqFeingold before elections.

Juan MqImbumbent MqHaveItBothWays would continue to erode and destroy those rights.

President Huckabee would build an actual border fence and repel the invasion of lawbreakers.

Juan MqQennedy MqAmnesty would continue to do nothing except babble on and on about "needing to restore trust."

[MqQain has] proven his dislike for conservatives and would gut us at every opportunity. Why do I say that? Because of three decades of experience as a Republican California Senator and a fifty year activist in the conservative movement. I have first hand, in-their-face experience with elitist RINO's (Republican in Name Only) office holders. They are biblically ignorant, power hungry, status seeking egotists who have no difficulty aiding their liberal Democrat colleagues whenever their arms are politely twisted. The one thing they have in common with liberal Democrats is their dislike for all conservatives, especially those who are Bible-believing. McCain, as president, would stifle the voices of elected Republican leaders and try to legislate the conservative movement out of existence.
Former California State Senator H.L. "Bill" Richardson

President Huckabee would protect the right of every law-abiding citizen to keep and bear arms. Period.

Juan MqQlinton MqGunGrabber would effectively close down all our gun shows — as Only The Beginning™.

President Huckabee would cast the IRS onto the trash heap of history.

Juan MqQrud (D-Mexico) would keep it as well as give illegal aliens Social Security and other benefits using your money.

President Huckabee would investigate and prosecute the New York Slimes.

Juan MqDemoqrat would try to get another "easy" endorsement from that liberal, treasonousbirm rag.

President Huckabee would prevent the unethical harvesting of human embryos for unproductive "medical research."

Juan MqNoPrinciples would support that barbarous practice as well as use your money to pay for it.

President Huckabee would enter into office with a Republican vice president.

Juan MqQrumb would entertain the prospect of being a fellow Demoqrat's vice president.

President Huckabee would lead our country to total victory in this war before he leaves office.

Juan Mq100YearsWar would bog us down in Iraq for the rest of our lives.

Texas, Ohio, the eyes of America are upon you.

Please make the right choice tomorrow for all her people's sakes.

Huckabee for President

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