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Conclusion of Revisiting Governor Huckabee's ACU Questionnaire


When added to the responses in Part I and Part II given by the three-term State Governor who doesn't have a Washington, D.C. address but actually works for a living, and the very-señior señátor who does but soon won't be able to remember what it is, the ones that both give here clearly show why the former is much better qualified to be president than any permanent member of Qongress, and why the whole country will be much better off the day voters at last compel the latter to instead fill out this type of questionnaire, appropriately answering "AZ(tlán)" under the heading New Address.

n its final four questions, the American Conservative Union asks each candidate for his take on the meaning of our nation's sovereignty and how to protect it, on the conduct of our foreign affairs and diplomacy and how that conduct relates to energy, the environment, and America's economic future, and on the general strategy of our executive branch for governing America and how to implement it.

To the ACU's seventh question — "Describe your view of the meaning of American sovereignty. How would your administration approach issues related to preserving and protecting American sovereignty in the 21st century? Please provide specific examples related to such things as the World Trade Organization, the United Nations, UNESCO, international treaties, etc." — Governor Mike Huckabee (R-USA) responds,

I will never relinquish one iota or one inch of our sovereignty. I was the first presidential candidate to oppose the Law of the Sea Treaty. I don't have much faith in the U. N. except for some humanitarian missions. I oppose the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child, the North American Union, and the Kyoto Treaty. I will never appoint judges who rely on foreign case law in reaching their decisions.


The bleakest contrast imaginable to the above "never" is Juan Shamnesty MqGorianDisciple el Tercero (D-$oro$)'s weaselly response, that "putting any element of American sovereignty at risk only when the gains from doing so greatly outweigh the actual and potential costs and with appropriate safeguards" is just fine by him. Then jUaN Sovereignty's-negotiable MyFriends says, "We should start bringing democratic peoples and nations from around the world into one common organization, a worldwide League of Democracies." Nope, no New World Order Soros to see here. Move along, MoveOn along.

But before doing so, ACU would like each candidate to "describe the principles on which your Administration would conduct foreign affairs and diplomacy, relating specifically to your philosophy of the National Security Council, the State Department, as well as military affairs and the Pentagon."

Governor Huckabee:

My foreign policy would be based on my clear understanding that we cannot negotiate with the Islamofascists or appease them, we must eliminate them. Our biggest challenge in the Arab and Muslim worlds is the lack of a viable moderate alternative to existing repressive regimes and the extremists seeking to overthrow them. We can't "export" democracy as if it were Coca-Cola or KFC, but we can nurture moderate forces in all these countries where terrorists seek to replace modern evil with medieval evil. This moderation may not look like or function exactly like our system, it may be more of a benevolent oligarchy, it may be more tribal than individualist, but both for us and for the people of those countries, it will be better than either the dictatorships they have now or the theocracy they would have under the radical Islamists. My goal is to correctly calibrate a course between maintaining stability and promoting democracy. As for the existing terrorists, I will use the CIA and our special forces to track down and eliminate terror cells all over the world with swift, surgical air strikes and commando raids.

I want a strong National Security Council, rather than one in the pocket of either State or Defense. I don't want an administration where the State Department dominates the Defense Department or vice-versa. My generals will be independent advisers to me, always free to speak without fear of retribution or dismissal. I will give great weight to those with mud and blood on their boots, rather than the civilians in silk suits and ties. If I ever have to undertake a large invasion, I will follow the Powell Doctrine and use overwhelming force. The notion of an "occupation with a light footprint" that was our model for Iraq always struck me as a contradiction in terms. I will increase the size of our active armed forces and not rely so heavily on our National Guard and Reserves, whom we have worn out. We have to stop using our active duty forces for nation building. The State Department should be in charge and coordinate with the relevant departments, like Energy, Housing, Education, Treasury, Justice, and Transportation.

I will put a renewed emphasis on consultation with our allies and diplomacy with friends and foes — I believe in having conversations with our enemies. The wisdom of Sun-tzu from almost 2,500 years ago is relevant today: keep your friends close and your enemies closer. All of us know that when we stop talking to a parent or a friend, it's impossible to accomplish anything, impossible to resolve differences and move the relationship forward. The same is true for countries.

Consultation with allies and diplomacy isn't enough for quarter-century member of Qongress Juan Save-the-whalesy MqTreeHugger. He's still struck on his "new world global order." Of course, he tells us, "When we fight a war, we must fight to win." Sun-tzu's Michael Corleone's response: "Well... Duh!"

Speaking of trees, hugged or otherwise, the ACU is curious to find out "what principles would your administration adhere to in the realm of energy, the environment and America's economic future? How would your administration relate those principles to the philosophy and issues described in your responses to questions #7 and #8 above?"

Governor Huckabee says,

Energy independence has become a national security issue, it is part of the war on terror. None of us would write a check to Osama bin Laden, slip it in a Hallmark card, and send it off to him. But that's what we're doing every time we pull into a gas station. We're paying for both sides in the war on terror — our side with our tax dollars, the terrorists' side with our gas dollars. The first thing I will do as President is send Congress my comprehensive energy plan. We will achieve energy independence within ten years of my inauguration.

We have to explore, we have to conserve, and we have to pursue all avenues of alternative energy: nuclear, wind, solar, hydrogen, clean coal, biodiesel, and biomass.

While I want to reduce our dependence on oil, I especially want to reduce our dependence on imported oil as fully and quickly as possible. We need to get oil and gas from ANWR and our continental shelves. We need safe, clean, and economical nuclear power. I would provide loan guarantees to get our nuclear industry going again and ease the process for getting these plants licensed and built.

I support the increase in fuel economy standards to an average of 35 MPG by 2020, which the Senate passed, but the House did not consider. We need more flex-fuel cars that can run on biodiesel or on E85, which is 85% ethanol, and the pumps to serve them. Right now we have six million such vehicles, but only 2,000 pumps for those fuels in a country with 170,000 gas stations. We need more hybrids and more work on hydrogen cells.

I support the requirement that 15% of our electricity be generated by renewable energy by 2020, which the House passed, but the Senate did not. About half our states already have such renewable energy standards. I would expand these standards to provide for "alternative energy" rather than "renewable energy" because that would include all "clean" sources, letting us add clean coal and nuclear to the mix. That would keep prices down for consumers, be fair to parts of the country that, for example, don't have a lot of wind, and allow us to raise the standards to an even higher percentage and do it sooner.

I believe that we must be good stewards of the earth, and I support "cap and trade" of carbon emissions, but at a reasonable level that does not adversely impact our economy. I believe that some allowances should be given out and some should be auctioned off to ease the burden on businesses. I am opposed to a carbon tax and to the Kyoto treaty.

Señior citizen señátor Juan SaveAÑWRy MqQain'tGonnaDrillÑowhere,Ñosiree III (D-Polar Bears) is a Church of Gorebull Waaalarming zealot and would never allow anyone to ever drill for any oil anywhere near his precious little "Pristine®" Arctic National Wildlife WildSnow-n-Ice Refuge — a.k.a. "a flat, treeless, almost featureless plain where the temperature can drop to -40 degrees Fahrenheit" as well as at least "the second-largest oil field ever discovered in the United States." In Señor MqGreenian's words, "The barriers to nuclear energy drilling in ANWR are political not technological." He should know, seeing how ol' MqQlimate-Change MqQain has been the leading builder in al-Qongress of those barriers.

Finally, the ACU asks, "describe your general strategy for accomplishing your objectives and goals for governing America."

Governor Huckabee's response:

I am a conservative, but I'm not angry at anybody. I believe that I would be able to work well with Congress to find the common ground that will take all of us to higher ground. The American people want action on the issues they discuss around the dinner table — issues that don't focus so much on left or right, but in lifting all of us up. I call this "vertical politics," and having practiced it both as Governor and as Chairman of the National Governors Association, I am confident I can practice it as President. I also would communicate more effectively and more often to the American people, both in general and specifically about the war on terror. I don't believe the Administration has done an adequate job explaining the theology and ideology behind Islamic terror or convincing us of their ruthless fanaticism.

In light of how openly afraid the Bush administration is of even the risk of offending any sympathizer, excuser, or more-overt supporter of fanatical Muslim terrorism, the Governor is right. That, more than anything else, is what our next president must change.

Just don't except Juan MSM-Sycophancy MqQain'tGonnaHarmNoTerrorist III (D-"World Opinion") to ever change it.

All of America already knows the only general stragedy Señor MqQain would ever promote is the same one he's been promoting all throughout his over 25 years in Qongress: promoting Señor MqQain.

It's MqQain-Feingold, MqQain-Lieberman, MqQain-Reed, MqQain-Qennedy, and MqQain-  (insert every other non-conservative Qomrade senator you can name)  .

It's MqQain-Voted Twice Against President Bush's Tax Cuts (Like Any "Good" Progressive Liberal Moonbat Would), MqQain-Global Warming: A Top-III Priority, MqQain-Close Down All Gun Shows, MqQain-Never Held Any Executive Office In His Life.

It's MqQain-Bow To World Opinion, MqQain-Treat All Mass Murdering Terrorists Extremely Well, MqQain-Hundred Years In Iraq.

It's MqQain-Failures, MqQain-Hurt America.

It's MqQain-Of, By, And For Just Solely MqQain III (D-MqQain).

Fortunately for this land we love, Republicans and all other Americans still have an alternative to choosing yet another looooong-timer member of Qongress. Yes, we do.

We can choose a servant of American citizens, someone with real, top executive-branch experience which none of the other candidates have at all. Yes, we can.

We must choose Governor Mike Huckabee if we want to have any hope of saving America now, everyone. Yes, we must.

It's all up to you now.

It's still no one else's choice but yours.

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