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Peloseri's Tax Hikes Against the Poor


Her 250% increase in federal taxes on tobacco disproportionately hurts the poor. Does she hate the poor? Was that a rhetorical question? (Yes and yes.)


annystate "No Compromise!" Pugosi loves highly regressive taxes on poor people because she hates them. (Poor people, not highly regressive taxes.)

How much would Regressive Nan's hateful tax hikes against the poor hurt them? According to the nonpartisan educational Tax Foundation,

the burden of the proposed cigarette tax hike on the lowest-earning 20 percent of households is 37 times heavier than it would be if the government raised the money with the federal income tax. Put another way, the proposed cigarette tax hike would hit the poor with the same force as cutting the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) by one-fourth....

Taxing only cigarettes to finance higher spending on SCHIP has absolutely no justification in sound tax policy. Excise taxes on cigarettes should be used to compensate for the costs they impose on society. Taxes levied above and beyond that point may be politically expedient because smokers are unpopular, but they only serve to make the federal tax system less principled and more regressive.

Since rich folks, whom Nanny Pelooni absolutely loves, don't smoke as much as poor folks, whom she absolutely hates, guess on whom she's trying to impose her higher taxes. No. Not rich folks, silly. She loves them. Remember? Poor folks are the ones she hates. So they must pay all her higher federal taxes. A fact they aren't ever likely to forget.

Instead of raising taxes on poor people you hate, Madam Despiser of the Disadvantaged, why don't you compromise and raise taxes on rich folks you love?

A federal excise tax of 61 cents on espresso coffees would force the rich to Pay Their Fair Share™. More importantly, it wouldn't hurt all those poor people you hate.

Pelooni Lied, Kids Died

Ninny Peloopi, a liar? Is that another rhetorical question? (Yes and yes:)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat, said [President] Bush didn't try to work with Democrats on the issue.

"He has not been receptive to that, nor has he made any overtures to us," [Nannystate] Pelosi said.

The House vote will go ahead as planned, she said. Some House Republicans asked for a delay because nine of their members are in California viewing damage from wildfires.

Everything Numbskully Pinheadsi said is an outright lie because President Bush clearly made overtures that show he was very receptive to trying to work with al-Qaedaqrats on the issue. In his statement on appropriations yesterday our president said,

After I vetoed their last SCHIP bill, I designated members of my administration to work with Congress to find common ground. Congressional leaders never met with them. Instead, the House [of Regressive-Tax Hikers] once again passed a bill that they knew would not become law. And incredibly enough, the Senate will take up the same bill next week, which wastes valuable time.

Of course, "wasting value time" is what Nincompoopy Pelazi's do-nothing Qongress does best.

Sneaker Peloseri would rather stubbornly refuse to back down, thus ensuring no bill For The Children® is ever passed, than even try to find any compromise that doesn't hurt the poor she so vehemently hates.

Your overly taxed dollars at work, Mr. & Mrs. America.

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