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Peloosi Says 21-Year-Olds Are 'Children'


That's so she can tell herself our subsidizing her richer voters' health insurance and pulling our Troops out of Iraq would all be "For The Children™."


dults treated like children by their own government. Middle class workers treated like poor ones in need of handouts.

Welcome to the upside-down, bribes-for-votes, bigger-government, loss-of-freedoms world of Democorruptic Party Nanny-Pelooni Statism. It's where the Dictatorats government will control take care of you if only you'll just consent to their its taking more of your money and power so they it can always do so in practically all matters affecting your life.

It means No-heart Peloopi raising taxes on the poor. Because smokers are, by and large, "persons living below the poverty level," the extra tobacco taxes required to fund the latest Naggy Peloseri Statism Dream — also known as H.R. 976, the 109-page Children's Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Massive Expansion Act of 2007 — would've hit the poor the hardest. Obviously, Dirtbagorats such as Peloathi hate poor people and want to slap more regressive taxes on them.

The Democorruptic Party Nanny-Pelooni Statism World also is full of liberal demagoguesbirm like herself who use big lies and scare tactics to try to fool or pressure you into letting them have their way with you.

Current law covers "almost all of the 6.5 million uninsured children" below 200% the federal poverty level ($41,228 for a family of four in 2006), according to the nannyist Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured (latest PDF factsheet). It's their parents' job to enroll them in either Medicaid or the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) if those parents want that "hand up." The Bush Administration, using its waiver and initiative authorities, has already expanded SCHIP to include children up to 300% of poverty (in New Jersey since 2003). For parents of the remaining 3 million uninsured children, Republican lawmakers have a plan to offer "tax incentives and breaks for middle-class families without health insurance to level the playing field against those who get tax-protected health plans from their employees."

But that's not "good" enough for Demonannies like Peloseri. She wants everyone below the Top 50% income bracket to be entitled to "free" health insurance for their children 21-year-olds.

(No, that's not a misprint. In Pelooni's dreamworld, all 21-year-olds are legally defined as "children." In her Big Nanny State bill, under section 203,

"(G) CHILD DEFINED.—For purposes of this paragraph [the new, aptly numbered 13th paragraph, aptly titled 'EXPRESS LANE (TO NANNY STATISM) OPTION'], the term 'child' means an individual under 19 years of age, or, at the option of a State, such higher age, not to exceed 21 years of age, as the State may elect."

Are there any states that won't automatically invoke the above option?)

Nabby Peluti's attempt to massively expand SCHIP was only the latest in her party's efforts to enact such extreme form of handouts bribes for your votes. Instead of a one-page bill that says "SCHIP is hereby extended for an additional ten years," she and her fellow statists were hell-bent on loading it down with 108 more, all chock full of vote-buying goodies to benefit just her own party's selfish re-election interests. She was even willing to tax steal from the poor and give to the middle class in order to buy the latter's votes.

Surrender Nan' is always on the lookout for some "political victory" for her party, never any kind of victory whatsoever for the good of us all and our whole country.

Fortunately for every overly taxed American with common sense, today our House of Representatives' sane members, including two true Democrats, ushered out Nanny Pelastic's World Commune-ity of massively bigger SCHIPs GIPs. No telling what bribes or threats she dangled in front of the Pro-Freedon 15 13 — all patriots and Republicans, of course — who refused to be taken in, bullied, or otherwise "peeled away" by her and her party's selfish, vote-buying minions.

Now that it's again The End Of The World for Nanny Pelumpi and her statist Demagogic Party, we have a renewed chance to build for ourselves and our nation an even brighter, better, more beautiful world of freedom.

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