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What your world would be if everything liberals wanted, they got. Open the door at the bottom of its Elysium fa├žade and take a glimpse of hell.

'Renewal' Means 'Yes, You Can Keep the Plan You Like. Period.'


"Cancellation" means "No, you can't legally keep it anymore, but from now on must pay extremely high premiums and deductibles covering your pregnancies (even if you're a man), birth control (even if you're a senior citizen), drug rehabilitation (even if you're a non-addict), and all the other things you neither want nor need but have no choice but to have covered in your 'better [sic] plan' that, yes, lying-liar Øtyrant and his fubareaucrats can now dictate you buy or else pay a fine new tax that increases every year, on top of the many other forms of tax increases you'll be paying either way, all thanks to Democrooks and their Øtyrant'Care' Pay More For Less Care Act ...because 'Afforwardable!' 'Morethanjustajokeofawebsite!' 'Yeswecanrolloutmajorscrewups!' 'Iwasnotinformeddirectly!'(?) 'Sorryyoufellformylies!'..."


iberals very rarely say what they mean, much less mean what they say. It's only when they're talking to each other and believe the microphones are off do they dare say out loud what they're really up to.

Of course, they do it inadvertently every time they slander others. Among those who professionally study diseased minds, it's the textbook case of projection.

Even so, liberals "think" feel they possess this magical lexicon wand they can furiously wave at us any time they need to change normal people's definition of a word that otherwise keeps getting them into trouble. Take the word "wrong," for example. The insanely unworkable plans and other liberal-caused disasters of the past, such as public housing high-rises, aren't proof that liberals are always more wrong than a broken clock. It's just that "circumstances have changed."

Now we have this word "cancellation" that's proving once again how extremely wrong liberals and their mindlessly unrealistic or make-believe worldview are. No one's having their cancelled health insurance policies "renewed" by anything except the most unfair and unjust burdens that could ever be forced on supposedly free people at the point of a government thug's gun.

When Øtyrant and other extremist Demofascists(birm) say their oppressive law dictatorial decrees are forcing us to buy "better plans," they actually mean "the worst plans anybody can possibly imagine."

Why else would such proven liars and screw-ups be scrambling so desperately now to unlawfully delay their plans' full harmful impacts on us until after next year's federal elections? Do they really "think" feel yes we can be as utterly incapable of learning from past mistakes as they are? If we can't remember between now and then all the harm we're suffering because of those lying liars and the lies they tell us, we'll be condemned to repeat it and much worse.

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