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More Wasteful Spending: Embryonic Stem-Cell 'Research'


"But, but, but... it may, someday in the future, we think hope feel, if only we could ever figure out how to overcome the impossibility of keeping the tumors that pop up like weeds from killing whomever it's used on, probably might — albeit not very likely — lead to something that maybe can, any decade century now, cure something other than our immediate selfish need to stuff our greedy special-interest's bank accounts with stupid American taxpayers' 'grant' monies."


esearch in non-embryonic — placenta, umbilical cord, and especially adult — stem cells, which doesn't involve the destruction of any human life, has already produced real cures, and actually promises to produce more. (Including for diabetes and end-stage critical limb ischemia, visual disorders, heart damage, heart disease, osteonecrosis and other bone problems, and cerebral palsy.)

"Research" in embryonic — or aborted-baby — stem cells, on the other hand, hasn't cured, and is extremely unlikely to cure anything. (Unless you count hideously painful death from explosive-growth tumors as a "cure.")

More of the former is what needs funding, not any of the latter.

But the pro-abortionist Øborted maladministration's miserable failures want to take our money they're stealing at the point of a gun and waste it on such fruitless "research" so, yes, they can line the pockets of their special-interest lobbying greedy Big Abortion industry corporate pals.

Yeah, that's some "Change."

Former Senator Øfascist and other extremist liberals(birm) won't let anyone spend one dime on very limited drilling inside ANWR because, they falsely claim, doing so can't help cure any of our energy problems.

Yet they demand all us taxpayers spend billions of "our" dimes on extremely unlimited drilling into unborn baby's brains and sucking out and smearing on microscope slides the bloody remains because, they falsely claim, doing so can help "people like Christopher Reeve walk — get up out of that wheelchair and walk again!"

What these extremist liberals(birm) and their greedy Big Abortion corporate special-interest buddies desperately need — besides billions of actual hard-working taxpayers' dollars being utterly wasted on Big Abortion corporate-welfare "research" bribes and payoffs — is some Happy Face® sticker they can slap on the extracted bottoms of babies they've killed after vacuuming out those babies' still-living brains. And what better such sticker than one captioned "Yes, Aborted Fetuses Can Abort Diseases... Have A Nice Day"?

Except it's all a Big Lie™. A lie intended to force us into bailing out the abortion industry so, yes, Present Baby-Hitman Øbamurderer can not only line the pockets of his ghoulishly greedy special-interest lobbyist cronies, but promote bad science and crowd out future grants for proven, cure-producing adult and other non life-destroying stem-cell research.

"Hope," my astronomically increasing taxes.

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