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Qerry thinks he's Christ


Qerry's hairmate, Qerrwarts, says he'll make the lame walk!

iracle Max couldn't even do that. Nor would he be able to make a pill to bring Qerry's qampaign back from the dead. Because the latter isn't mostly dead, it's all dead.

With all dead, well, with all dead there's usually only one thing you can do....Go through his clothes and look for loose change.

Qerry's zombie hairmate, not realizing that his own pocket's about to be emptied, attributes Christ-like powers to the longface liberal:

When [Hanoi] John [al-Q]erry is president, people like Christopher Reeve are going to walk. Get up out of that wheelchair and walk again.

Hallelujah! Just like increasing the number women in labor who are surgically sliced open might reduce cases of infant cerebral palsy and brain damage—not. Now Qerrwarts is resorting to more junk science to try to fool you into thinking that human embryonic stem cell research—not adult stem cell research or the umbilical-cord kind, both of which have helped real people—is going to all of a sudden produce results that will, for the very first time ever in medical history, miraculously cure paraplegic patients within only four years. He forgets to tell you that embryonic stem cells cause tumors when implanted in laboratory animals. (Oh.)

Trial Lawyer, sue thyself! You slander our president when you say his administration has "banned" human embryonic stem cell research, yet negligently forget to mention that the Bush Administration is the first ever to actually provide federal funding for it. President Bush didn't order anything like the outright ban that al-Qlinton imposed:

Years before stem cells had been isolated, President [Q]linton issued an Executive Order banning federal funding for research in which human embryos were created for research purposes, and Congress followed this up with a ban on federal funding for such research, and for any research in which human embryos were discarded or destroyed.


Between 1978 and 1993, inactivity of the Federal Ethics Advisory Board and then its dissolution made it impossible to review, and hence, to approve, any proposals for embryo research. Subsequently, an advisory committee that was chaired by Dr. Steve Mueller of Johns Hopkins University provided a report to NIH, which was presented to ACD members in December 1994. The report outlined safeguards for going forward with such research. However, President [Q]linton immediately issued an Executive Order prohibiting Federal support for efforts involving creation of human embryos for research purposes but allowing research use of human embryos that had been created for reproductive purposes.

Even after those cells were isolated, Qlinton still failed to offer federal funding for human embryonic stem cell research until his term was nearly over. His delay made it impossible for researchers to receive any grants at all before President Bush took office.

It was only after George W. Bush became our president (thank You, Lord) that human embryonic stem cell research started receiving federal funding.

Nope. No ban there. Just a lot of lies and slander about our president from the Desperatic party and its last, final, no-more-in-anyone-else's-lifetime presidential candidate Hanoi John F'in' al-Qerry.

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