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Hillosery's not authentic


(What do we want?) Authenticity! (When do we want it?) Now!


iIsIs Kiss-o-deatherson Qlinton's old "lady" wouldn't know authenticity if it came up and bit "her" on "her" amply booedhine.

At the New Hampshire Demoqratic Party's 100 Club Dinner last night,

[BJ Qlinton's old "lady"'s] tables were well within camera range of the TV riser and far closer to the stage than the [Barack Hussein] Obama tables (this is what you can do when your operation seeks to own the room). The Obama tables were on the far end of the domed facility, near the trailers holding the portable toilets.

Just where "she"'d segregate the black man and his supporters to: seats at the back of the room, if not in the toilets. That's "her" idea of putting them all in their place. Punished for being so uppity as to oppose "her."

But they won't take any of that from "her" sitting down:

[T]he first indication of trouble came when she warned that Democrats must not be beguiled by "false hopes" (an obvious shot at Obama) and a ripple of boos arose from the Obama tables.

That's right, "Her" Nibs feels you're "beguiled by false hopes" if you believe an African-American should ever have his supporters sitting anywhere except at the back of the room, much less ever run for president.

No wonder they booed "her" extremist self. "Her" soft racism and its dirty, underhanded display there should offend everyone.

BiIsIs's old "lady" hasn't changed one bit. Since day one "her" qampaign has been about nothing but "going the distance" beating up and trashing all "her" enemies — i.e., whoever stands in "her" way, Demoqrat or Republican — so "she" can move on to greedily take all for "her" own selfish use absolute, unquestioned power.

There's nothing authentic about "her" or that.

"She"'s the exact opposite of Bobby Jindal, our nation's newest and youngest governor. As a minority who won 60 out of 64 Louisiana parishes against 11 opponents, and whose receipt of 54 percent of the vote (compared to his nearest competitor's 17 percent) made him the first candidate ever to win that state's open gubernatorial primary, Governor Jindal knows first-hand a great deal about the true meaning of authenticity:

[Voters are] looking for authenticity... [and have] told me, "Bobby, I may not agree with you on 100 percent of the issues, but I respect you for being honest with us, telling us where you stand." Voters are tired of poll-tested messages. They want authenticity....

It is frustrating to see elected officials angry at the voters... or analysts who belittle the American public. The reality is, part of the reason this is the greatest country in the history of the world is that the people are in charge. They get to hire and fire the people who run the country, and the voters get it right. Not that I agree with every election result, but over time, voters will sniff out that hypocrisy. They'll reward honest and good and conservative and principled leadership....

[W]e're not a majority Republican state by far, but thousands of conservative Democrats voted for me, across Party lines. In Louisiana, and I think it's true across the country, Party labels aren't as important as they used to be. Voters are craving leadership, authenticity, principled conservatism, competence, ethical standards. They'll embrace that where they find it. That's what made the Reagan Democrats; that's what made President Reagan so successful. I keep going back to him as an example, because he unified the conservative movement, unified the country. Voters in America are hungry for that kind of leadership right now....

[I]f you give voters a choice between an authentic liberal and somebody who's imitating that liberal, or if you give them an authentic conservative and somebody who's imitating a conservative, they're going to choose authenticity every time....

Make no mistake about it: I'm not going to embrace somebody just because they've got an "R" next to their name or reject somebody just because they've got a "D" next to their name.... So when I say put an end to partisanship, that doesn't mean that you abandon your principles, and it doesn't mean that we're naive or weak.

Rush Limbaugh, "My Conversation with Governor Bobby Jindal," The Limbaugh Letter, December 2007, pp. 6, 8, 10.

And it doesn't mean we're "beguiled by false hopes," either, Hillosery.

We want authentic change, not the same old tired and worn-out Crush! Kill! Destroy!™ vengeance-seeking and poisonous Qlinton Inq. snake oil peddled by the BorIsIs & Natashary of American politics and their Fearless Leader George $oro$.

"Authenticity"? That's for mooses and squirrels. Not us!

Oh, Fearle$$ Leader. Your $$$
for me is $oooo authentic!

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