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Schumer: 'All they had were boxcutters'


Another Deludedrat poo-poos our war efforts. (They sure know how to make you feel safe, don't they?)

llegedly, Dhimmrip van Winkorats are opposed to terrorists slaughtering Americans. (For sake of argument let's assume this is so.) You might think, then, they'd angrily come out against any plan for accomplishing just that. Especially if it was their state the terrorists picked to carry out such a plan.

Yet anger was not on the face of New York's senior senile senator when he met with reporters right after he learned that terrorists were planning to obliterate "train tunnels beneath the Hudson River used by thousands of New York City commuters every day" (originally reported to be the Holland Tunnel) in order to "flood lower Manhattan." Instead, emanating from his perpetually smug look were the dismissive smirks that said in effect, "so what?"

How loathed he was to concede that "this is one instance where intelligence was on the ball." (Just "one," Chuqy? You're off by at least 17. Only nine months ago President Bush reported to the American people:

Overall, the United States and our partners have disrupted at least ten serious al-Qaida terrorist plots since September 11 — including three al-Qaida plots to attack inside the United States. We have stopped at least five more al-Qaida efforts to case targets in the United States or infiltrate operatives into our country.
10 Plots
The West Coast Airliner Plot: In mid-2002 the U.S. disrupted a plot to attack targets on the West Coast of the United States using hijacked airplanes. The plotters included at least one major operational planner involved in planning the events of 9/11.
The East Coast Airliner Plot:In mid-2003 the U.S. and a partner disrupted a plot to attack targets on the East Coast of the United States using hijacked commercial airplanes.
The Jose Padilla Plot: In May 2002 the U.S. disrupted a plot that involved blowing up apartment buildings in the United States. One of the plotters, Jose Padilla, also discussed the possibility of using a "dirty bomb" in the U.S.
The 2004 UK Urban Targets Plot: In mid-2004 the U.S. and partners disrupted a plot that involved urban targets in the United Kingdom. These plots involved using explosives against a variety of sites.
The 2003 Karachi Plot: In the Spring of 2003 the U.S. and a partner disrupted a plot to attack Westerners at several targets in Karachi, Pakistan.
The Heathrow Airport Plot: In 2003 the U.S. and several partners disrupted a plot to attack Heathrow Airport using hijacked commercial airliners. The planning for this attack was undertaken by a major 9/11 operational figure.
The 2004 UK Plot: In the Spring of 2004 the U.S. and partners, using a combination of law enforcement and intelligence resources, disrupted a plot to conduct large-scale bombings in the UK.
The 2002 Arabian Gulf Shipping Plot: In late 2002 and 2003 the U.S. and a partner nation disrupted a plot by al-Qa'ida operatives to attack ships in the Arabian Gulf.
The 2002 Straits of Hormuz Plot: In 2002 the U.S. and partners disrupted a plot to attack ships transiting the Straits of Hormuz.
The 2003 Tourist Site Plot: In 2003 the U.S. and a partner nation disrupted a plot to attack a tourist site outside the United States.
5 Casings and Infiltrations
The U.S. Government & Tourist Sites Tasking: In 2003 and 2004, an individual was tasked by al-Qa'ida to case important U.S. Government and tourist targets within the United States.
The Gas Station Tasking: In approximately 2003, an individual was tasked to collect targeting information on U.S. gas stations and their support mechanisms on behalf of a senior al-Qa'ida planner.
Iyman Faris & the Brooklyn Bridge: In 2003, and in conjunction with a partner nation, the U.S. government arrested and prosecuted Iyman Faris, who was exploring the destruction of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. Faris ultimately pleaded guilty to providing material support to al-Qa'ida and is now in a federal correctional institution.
2001 Tasking: In 2001, al-Qa'ida sent an individual to facilitate post-September 11 attacks in the U.S. U.S. law enforcement authorities arrested the individual.
2003 Tasking: In 2003, an individual was tasked by an al-Qa'ida leader to conduct reconnaissance on populated areas in the U.S.

And only the other day the newspapers reminded the American people:

New York's transportation system has emerged as a potential terrorist target in several recent cases. A June book by journalist Ron Suskind highlighted a reported plot by al-Qaida terrorists to kill thousands of New Yorkers by spreading cyanide gas in the subway. In May, a man was convicted of plotting to blow up a subway station.


Seven men were charged in the United States last month with conspiring to blow up the landmark Sears Tower in Chicago and FBI buildings in Miami and four other cities as part of a pledge to al-Qaida to wage war against America. U.S. officials said the plot never went beyond the earliest stages.

But who cares? Right, Charlie? It's all a mistake. The war's a big failure. We've only had "one instance" of anything not going badly.)

How on-the-ball he tried sounding himself with his uniquely brilliant suggestion that "they should find out everything (the head plotter) knows, who he's connected to, et cetera." (They've already found out just about all of it, Senator Scherloq:

"Lebanese security authorities have arrested Amir al-Andalousi, who is a suspect in a plot to bomb a tunnel in New York," a government source in Beirut told Reuters.

Another political source in Beirut said the suspect was part of a group believed to be linked with al-Qaida and was arrested by the intelligence department of the Lebanese Internal Security Forces.

The Daily News quoted unidentified counterterrorism sources as saying investigators had uncovered a serious plot to detonate enough explosives inside the road tunnel to destroy it and send devastating floodwaters through lower Manhattan....

The Daily News quoted a counterterrorism source as saying officials were alarmed because the plotters allegedly got a pledge of financial and tactical support from Jordanian associates of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of al-Qaida in Iraq before he was killed last month. The paper said it was not clear if any money or assistance was delivered.

Authorities have disrupted a plot by foreign terrorists to attack the train tunnels beneath the Hudson River used by thousands of New York City commuters every day, the FBI announced Friday.

Law enforcement officials said the plot involved at least eight people living overseas, including an alleged al-Qaida operative in Lebanon who has been arrested and charged....

"We believe we intercepted this group early in their plotting and, in fact, the plan has largely been disrupted," (FBI Assistant Director Mark J.) Mershon said....

He confirmed the alleged Lebanon operative's identity as Assem Hammoud.

A Lebanese security official said Hammoud, a Beruit native, confessed to plotting to attack New York City tunnels in October or November of this year and said he was acting on Osama bin Laden's orders....

The case has been under investigation for almost a year, Mershon said, and authorities believe there were several conspirators.

Federal officials said eight suspects had hoped to pull off the attack in October or November. But federal investigators working with their counterparts in six other countries intervened. Three suspects are in custody; the other five suspects remain at large.....

Mershon said the militants were on the verge of moving to identify "targets, establish a regimen of attack and acquire the resources necessary."...

The main suspect is being held in Lebanon. Two other suspects are also in custody.

Just think feel, Cholmes. Besides presenting many more examples of "one instances," none of these things would've ever been found out had you not single-handedly opened everyone's eyes with a suggestion that exclusively your escalated intellect could exhibit even the minutest capability of conceiving.)

How categorical was his mealy-mouthed proclamation that "you have to take every one of these plots seriously... (Get ready for it!) But™ you don't want to say every time they caught someone, 'Oh, within a week, had they not caught them, something terrible would have happened.'" (As the Wicked Witch of the West East — your junior colleague, Chuckles — is fond of asking: "How about a little fire, Scarecrow?" No one was saying that here or any other time the Bush administration caught terrorists months and sometimes years before their countdowns to mass murder got anywhere near T minus One Week — that is, besides your rooters in the Land of Nutz. With all the cold water that's been thrown on your and junior's straw men, Ms. Gulchmer, it's a wonder you both haven't melted.)

How insulting he was to our nation's brave defenders who caught these stealthy islamobutchers, with his desperate attempt to devalue our defenders' efforts by arguing that "these (butchers) don't seem to be the brightest bulbs in the terrorist lot." (Go back and read the account of their capture, Senator Schmucker:

In the latest case, a federal official said FBI agents monitoring Internet chat rooms used by extremists learned of the plot in recent months and determined that tunnels were possibly being targeted after investigators pieced together code words from their conversations.

People as oafish as you don't use (1) the Internets®, (2) clandestine chat rooms for covertly planning their martyrdom operations, (3) code words that take professional FBI investigators months to piece together. Unless you're arguing that our nation's defenders who caught them are all dim bulbs too, it's you, Your Schmirkeryness, who doesn't seem to be the brightest one in the dhimmitude lot.)

How utterly clueless was his pronouncement that "their plan made no sense." (Just as it made no sense on or before September 10, 2001, Ostricharles, to hijack planes, murder their pilots, and intentionally crash them — passengers and all — into the middle of our most internationally recognizable buildings? There's not enough sand in Saudi Arabia to match even a fraction of the amount of it covering from chin to point your entirely empty head.)

How dangerous to us all and our country is his benighted "thinking" — of Schlumber or of anyone else who currently occupies a seat in either house of our Congress — that no threat really exists or should concern the public if it's "just in the talking phase." (Oh, well. Let the terrorists talk, then, O Bliviously Bloviating One. Why should we be worried that any waft of words wagged between a bumbling bunch of bulbous bumpkins and babbling buffoons might somehow threaten us? It's silly of us to forget that terrorists have a First Amendment right to freely assemble and jabber, too, "especially in a time of ['Mr. Bush's'] war." Just turn out the lights and watch how every evil in the room immediately disappears. Maybe then they'll stop talking and want to go to sleep as much as you and they both would like all of us to. So dream on, Chlueles, about a majority in either our Senate or our House recklessly thinking feeling the same way. American voters in the real world who, regardless how dark it gets, still see the smoke and falling bodies billowing out from both twin towers, have no desire to rehear, much less drift off again on your and your colleagues' brand of lullaby which forced them to experience once that particular living nightmare.)

How would Chuq Schrug-off-these-threatsmer have responded to our capturing islamonazi "alleged plotters" months or years in advance of their creating the nightmare we woke to on September 11, 2001? Let's crank up the bright bulb of our overhead projector and try to make sense of this transparency of his motives then and now:



Senators Urge Bush To Protect Rights of All Individuals Accused of Belonging To Foreign Terrorist Organizations

Washington, DC -- In the wake of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's uncovering of a so-called plot by alleged terrorists to destroy the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon and Capitol buildings in Washington using eight hijacked passenger planes, US Senators Charles E. Schumer and Hillary Rodham Clinton today called on the American people to remain calm and not overreact to what President Bush has characterized a "diabolical scheme to kill tens of thousands of our fellow citizens."

"The FBI's announced arrest of these apparent 'terrorist plotters,' employing intelligence-gathering methods that may likely have violated federal bans against that agency's access to CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) data, calls into question President Bush's faithful execution of our laws and seems, with regard to its timing, a feebly concealed ploy to distract the American people from the more serious problem he's now facing over the Chinese government's detainment of our EP-3 Aries reconnaissance aircraft and its crew," the Senators said. "President Bush must make clear to the American people that nothing he has done in this matter has violated the accuseds' rights or any relevant criminal procedures. It's now time to focus our government's efforts on securing the release of that aircraft and all its crew and on developing an energy policy that protects the American people against the unregulated greed of big oil companies."

The Senators said that the FBI's actions merit a reevaluation of interagency information sharing because information gathered by the CIA is barred, under regulations enacted by the last administration, from being used in these types of criminal investigations. Specifically, even if the FBI suspects a person of participating in any terrorist activity, and that person resides in or is legally visiting the United States, no sharing of any information that the CIA may have on such person is allowed.

The Senators also expressed considerable doubts about the likelihood of success of any such plan for using passenger aircraft to destroy large buildings, as the FBI alleges in its announcement. After careful examination of all relevant reports, the Senators concluded:

  1. Boxcutters, which the so-called plotters reportedly planned on using as their only weapons once aboard each aircraft, are easily detected by regular security screenings. Even if they were able to get these "weapons" on board, other passengers would have little difficulty overpowering and disarming a small group of only four or five individuals if all they had were boxcutters. After wielding such an ineffective weapon, any bomb threats voiced by these individuals would've been deemed highly improbable and dismissed out of hand.
  2. Airline cockpits are equipped with sturdy locking doors. No unauthorized person could possibly break into one without using a gun or small explosive; and neither of those weapons could get past regular screenings. Without that ability to commandeer an airplane's cockpit, and without the viable threat of a bomb on board, no pilot would ever turn over his aircraft to anyone who plans to purposefully crash it.
  3. There is no evidence that the alleged plotters received any financial backing on the scale that would've been necessary for covering all expenses related to carrying out their purported plan. Its scale and complexity would require funding on the order of millions of American dollars. None of the accused plotters has the means to raise such funds, nor could they receive any large amounts of money via international transfer without those being detected. They simply do not have the financial wherewithal to accomplish everything the FBI says they were planning.
  4. It makes no sense to crash a passenger aircraft into a large building, such as either of the World Trade Center's twin towers, if your intention is to destroy that building. We know about the 1945 crash of a B-25 "Billy Mitchell" bomber into New York's Empire State Building. The twin towers' designers reviewed that accident and built each 1300-foot tall, 200-foot wide structure to withstand not only a larger such crash but up to 140 MPH hurricane force winds. If the so-called plotters actually believe such a plan has any chance of working, then they don't seem to be the brightest bulbs in the terrorist lot.

The Senators said it appears the alleged plot was still mostly in the talking phase; and while intelligence appears to be on the ball with respect to uncovering these kinds of plots, President Bush needs to investigate what the CIA and FBI knew, what information they shared with each other, etc. "Although we should take any terrorist plot seriously, it is very disappointing and troubling that persons residing in or visiting this country are being monitored by the CIA. More so that the FBI is receiving any information gathered from such monitoring. President Bush has a duty to take care that our laws are being faithfully executed. If reports about the method used by the FBI to uncover this apparent plot are true, then he has failed miserably in his duty. Even more troubling is how he now seems to be using reports of this plot to needlessly scare the American people and thereby distract them from his foreign-policy difficulties."

How pathetically useless he and his Dhimmiqrat colleagues are in this World War.

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