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Leaks and the Leaking Leakers Who Sell Them


In USA Today's case, they're just a bill of goods.

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A note to our readers

On May 11, USA TODAY reported that the National Security Agency, with the cooperation of several of America's leading telecommunications companies, had compiled a database of domestic phone call records in an effort to monitor terrorist activity.

Several days later, BellSouth and Verizon specifically denied that they were among the companies that had contracted with the NSA to provide bulk calling records.

The denial was unexpected.

nexpected? Your courageous, heroic, whistleblowing leakers — patron saints of all veracious truths all — were wrong? No, that can't be so. I smell a Rove 'Rat.

USA TODAY had spoken with BellSouth and Verizon for several weeks about the substance of the report. The day before the article was published, the reporter read the sections of the article concerning BellSouth and Verizon to representatives of the companies and asked for a denial before publication.

At the time, BellSouth did not deny participation in the program,

So you say. Let me try that in court next time: "Your honor, he told me that—" begins I. "Objection! Hearsay," interrupts opposing counsel. "Objection sustained," rules judge. Sits back down with perplexed silly look on face, does I.

...but[™] it issued a statement saying the company "does not provide any confidential customer information to the NSA or any government agency without proper legal authority." Verizon said that it would not comment on national security matters and that it acts "in full compliance with the law" and with respect for customers' privacy.

See what happens when you use actual quotes and not just your own twisted hearsay? It saves you from having to sit back down with a perplexed silly look on your face.

Oh, that's right. It also proves that everything your Saint Leakers of the Imaculate Truths told you was a complete fabrication. Now you may go and sit back down with it.

On May 15, BellSouth said it could not categorically deny participation in the program until it had conducted a detailed investigation.

Being a Big Phone® company and all, it has no way of knowing what every single one of its employees has been up to over the last several days, much less months. Especially whether or not, when, or how often the one or two Rabid Bushhaters among them were leaking ludicrously libtarded lies to USA TODAY.

BellSouth said that internal review concluded that the company did not contract with the NSA or turn over calling records.

How about some quotes? Like, "You Bushhating al-jazeernalists are just so full of dark staining stuff. And we don't mean ink. Whatever your libpal spies in our company told you has about as much chance of being called The Truth as that always-frowning San Franciscan gal in Congress has of ever being called Speaker of the House. What a bunch of gullible libtards you all are"? It would heighten your credibility.

On second thought, an actual quote like that, in all probability, wouldn't. So you can just sit back down again.

USA TODAY continued to pursue details of the database, speaking with dozens of sources [our money-grubbing spies, whom we've paid handsomely for any Bushdirt™] in the telecommunications, intelligence and legislative communities,

I.e., public treasonous leakers liars as well as private ones. Isn't it wonderful also knowing that our hard earned taxpayer dollars are hard at work paying their exorbitant salaries? You'd except they wouldn't even need that USA TODAY MSU Bonus.

...including interviews with members of Congress

*cough* Dddddddddddddddddddddddd ones *cough*

...who have been briefed by senior intelligence officials on the domestic calls program.

And who are now preemptively and unilaterally declassifying highly top secret information for Bushbasher-wannabe rags like USA TODAY.

In the adjoining article, USA TODAY reports that five members of the congressional intelligence committees

*COUG— (Oh, nevermind.)

...said they had been told in secret briefings

They do realize that even Demotraitorat Congresscritters can be arrested, tried, and sent to prison or, preferably, ride the Noxious Needle at Six Flags Over Indiana, for willful espionage, don't they? Their pat I Can't Recall®s (e.g., That The Law Says I Can't Treacherously Disclose State Secrets) won't save their traitorous selves then.

...that BellSouth did not turn over call records to the NSA,

But you didn't believe them so you ran your Bushhitpiece anyway...

...three lawmakers said they had been told that Verizon had not participated in the NSA database,

But you didn't believe them either...

...and four said that Verizon's subsidiary MCI did turn over records to the NSA.

But these unnamed, anonymously Holy Wholly Shady Saints of Selling Out Our Security Secrets you did believe! (Perhaps the previous eight lawmakers were all just a bunch of evil RepubLIARans.)

USA TODAY also spoke again with the sources [traitors] who had originally provided information about the scope and contents of the domestic calls database.

No. Telling AL-QAEDA TODAY about sources and methods we're using to stop terrorism and capture terrorists won't ever in a billion years wind up getting a bunch of Americans brutally murdered or injured once it blabs that information to the world. Just ask Abill al-Qeller at the DNC Slimes. Better yet, I'll tell you what an anonymous source at Mr. al-Qeller's paper terrorist tip-off tellnet told me he said: He hopes our mass-murdering islamofascist enemy does find all this spilling of secrets very useful in enabling that enemy's cutthroats to destroy millions of American lives next time so Bush will get pounded then with thousands of times more blame by his rag and its radically rowdy liberal friends. And no, I don't have to name my source to you. I invoke the same First Amendment rights you do. Besides, s/he has admittedly as much credibility as the ones you're paying off.

All said the published report accurately reflected their knowledge and understanding of the NSA program,

The once secret and now useless as a means of capturing terrorists program, in case you Can't Recall.

...but[™] none could document a contractual relationship between BellSouth or Verizon and the NSA, or that the companies turned over bulk calling records to the NSA.

You're miserably slipping. It's supposed to be "Everything our original Bushhating sources told us may be fake, but our other Bushhating sources told us it may be accurate" (©2004 D.BlaTHer). Better shape up if your want to keep your "jobs" at AL-QAEDA TODAY.

Based on its reporting after the May 11 article, USA [AL-QAEDA] TODAY has now concluded that while the NSA has built a massive domestic calls record database involving the domestic call records of telecommunications companies,

Just take our St. Lying Licentious Leakers' word for it...

...the newspaper cannot confirm that BellSouth or Verizon contracted with the NSA to provide bulk calling records to that database.

In other words, you have no verifiable facts to back up any of your bald allegations. But don't let that stop you. It never has before.

USA TODAY will continue to report [bash Bush] on the contents and scope of the database as part of its ongoing coverage of national security and domestic surveillance.

And, don't forget, ongoing efforts to tip off the terrorists about this and other information that could really help them horrifically slaughter much more of us as well.
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