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Democrat War on Nonvoters


Vote or die, literally.


k. These liberøfascists aren't saying outright they want to execute you for not voting — yet. That will only happen when all the other punishments they're so quick and eager to impose on you fail.

After all, punishing you for not behaving, speaking, or even thinking in a way that most enables them and their cronies to gain and retain absolute power and control over everything and everybody is what they're all about anyhow.

Instead of a Democrook-only passed and signed ØbamaVote-Or-Else! Act, why don't ISILiberals™ offer a Positive Alternative® and ditch their mindless opposition to every person's fundamental right to choose an elective abstention?

A financial carrot works far better than their normal tyrannical shtick stick.

How about an Exercised Suffrage Tax Credit, for example? If you vote in all scheduled elections during a calendar year, you get the full amount of the ESTC when you file your return for that year. If you vote in only a fraction of them, you get that same fraction of the credit. Of course, if there weren't any elections, you aren't entitled to it. Couple this with a First-Time Voter Credit, and you'll really get folks to the polls.

Another Positive Alternative® is a tax-free payment issued to every voter electronically or by mail immediately following a certified election. Call it a reverse poll tax. The more people participating in the election, the higher the amount of payment. Imagine the sight of voters forcibly dragging into the voting booth their reluctant relatives and friends and even total strangers off the streets. Now that would warm what passes for a heart of any authoritarian, mandate-loving Despoticrat(birm).

Finally, as an added incentive, when you vote a certain number of consecutive times you would qualify for the Consistent Voter Bonus. You get this bonus after voting in all scheduled elections during five straight calender years — double if 10 years, triple if 15 years, etc. That will entice older voters to keep returning to the polls.

But what about younger, more easily-manipulable nonvoters? How can we attract all of them to the polls? Glad you asked, Mr/s/etc. Liberaleftistyrant. Since you've brainwashed those you want targeted into "thinking" feeling all monetary gain is totally evil, let them "earn" a nontaxable Youth Voter Prize when they vote in the first scheduled election following their eighteenth birthdays. They each could choose which prize he/she/other gets: guaranteed college admission with free credits towards his/her/whatever graduation; free down payment and zero-percent financing on whichever electric vehicle pleases him/her/huh?; free lifetime pass to the Øfascist pResidential Liebrary & ISIL Training Camp; ten-year supply of free, preprinted protest signs; etc. Like moths to a flame, they'll swarm to anyplace where yes they can grab shiny free stuff.

See? Given all these Positive Alternatives®, Presidespot Øbola's "brain" fart so-called idea of punishing folks for not voting is the worst to come along since his Øfascist"Care."

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