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'An Even Bigger Fool Than Neville Chamberlain'


"Religion of Submission Peace" in our time

Muslim terrorists released a video of their mass execution of Christians, Egypt responded with jet fighters carrying bombs, the pope condemned the destruction of life and President Obama went golfing.


t's called priorities. Those golf balls don't hit themselves, you know.

That's even though the ISIS killers, in their video release of details of their beheading of 21 Coptic Christians dressed in orange prison jumpsuits, referenced the language Obama used just a week ago in his remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast.

The ISIS killers described their victims as "crusaders" after Obama took a jab at Christians when he said: "Unless we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ. And in our home country, slavery, and Jim Crow, all too often was justified in the name of Christ."

Christian Crusades: 16 offensive battles over 180 years against the muslim occupying hordes (A.D. 1080-1260).

Muslim Jihad: 548+ offensive battles over 1,300 years against the whole civilized world (A.D. 620-1920).

Our Lord Jesus Christ: "If your right hand offend thee, cut it off."

"Teh Prophet Mohamhead" (© Dhimmedia): "If that guy/gal/kid over there offend thee, cut his/her head off!"

See? No difference.

Obama's prayer-breakfast remarks drew a rebuke from Christian evangelist Franklin Graham, who reminded the president that Jesus Christ came to earth to die for the guilty, while Islam's Muhammad killed the "innocent."

Or enslave them, even today.

That's 1,400 years of slavery in islamic countries justified in the latter's name, including the slaves he personally owned.

But this is no different than the 90 years of it in our home country, the United States of America, and the zero slaves Our Lord Jesus Christ owned.

Over the weekend, Obama's golfing was uninterrupted by the savagery in Libya, prompting criticism of his priorities.

President Bush: 24 rounds of golf and four countries attacked offensively over eight years.

Caliphate-enabler-in-Chief al-Øbammed: 218+ rounds of golf and seven countries attacked offensively over six years.

See? Also no difference.

The Weekly Standard quoted Middle East scholar Bassam Tawil, "Does Obama really want his legacy to be, 'The president who was an even bigger fool than Neville Chamberlain?'"

Yeah, but the latter never won the Nobel PeaCe Prize. So there!

The commentary by Tom Gross referred to the synagogue shooting in Copenhagen over the weekend and accused the Obama team of a "willful lack of understanding about the nature of Islamism, about anti-Semitism, and about the intentions of the Islamic revolutionary government in Iran."

"They seem more interested in disparaging the prime minister of America's ally Israel than in preventing the regime in Tehran going nuclear — a regime which has already de facto taken control of large swathes of Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Lebanon."

The Dhimmedia-approved, PC form of the second country's name is the Model-of-Success Yemen. Don't be disrespectful.

Fox News commentator Charles Krauthammer wrote, "Obama's reaction to, shall we say, turmoil abroad has been one of alarming lassitude and passivity."

He cited the death of American hostage Kayla Mueller, the evacuation of the U.S. embassy in Yemen and warnings from Obama's own appointees.

"And America watches," he wrote. "Obama calls the policy 'strategic patience.' That's a synonym for 'inaction,' made to sound profoundly 'strategic.'

"Such on-the-ground appeasement goes well with the linguistic appeasement whereby Obama dares not call radical Islam by name. And whereby both the White House and State Department spend much of a day insisting that the attack on the kosher grocery in Paris had nothing to do with Jews. It was just, as the president said, someone 'randomly shoot(ing) a bunch of folks in a deli,'" Krauthammer said.

Well, I guess we could say another random muslim randomly shooting a random bunch of Jews. But isn't that becoming monotonous?

Besides, what about all the Jews, Christians, Buddhists, etc. randomly running around decapitating children, kidnapping schoolgirls, massacring magazine employees, shooting free-speech conference attendees, chopping off cell-phone users' hands, waging a real war on women, sniping shoppers and commuters, etc.? Let's not get on our high horse here.

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