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The Federal Budget Process Is Supposed to Be 'Piecemeal,' Obamoron


Where have you been the last 50-plus years?


ave you ever heard of the Budget and Accounting Act? Here's the link to a Wikipedia® article about it that's so easy to read, Mr. Constitutional-"Scholar"-in-Chief, even you might be able to grasp the overall gist of it.

See the part that says, "Appropriations committees... put together appropriations bills"? It says "bills," meaning more than one piece of legislation. That's the definition of "piecemeal," you sneering, arrogant brain-dead pussbucket. "One piece at a time."

Now we got that all cleared up, why don't you tell your heartless child-killing yapdog in the Senate Harry Reid Hank the Ripper to let our senators vote on and pass the House's bills — plural — that would fully fund child cancer research (that's bill "1"), Veterans services and benefits (bill "2"), national security agencies (bill "3"), national guard and reserve (bill "4"), parks and museums (bill "5"), and the rest you'll have to use the fingers on your other hand, as well as the toes on both your feet, to continue counting?

The American people will be glad you did.

Or yes you can keep being irrationally stubborn like you always are and let children needlessly die, old people needlessly lose their benefits, our nation needlessly be vulnerable to terrorist attacks, and many more citizens needlessly suffer, just because your idea of a "negotiation" is "everybody else just shut up and just let me have everything that I want!" Just keep cynically playing your damn "optics" games like you always do, until you and your whole damn callous, mean-spirited party "win" and all of the American people lose.

[fuBarack Øfascist] delivered another flaccid, embarrassing effort to absolve himself of his failures, to condemn any workable idea for which he can't take credit and to intimidate anyone who dares to call his bluff.

This is not the behavior of a strong and confident leader. These are the actions of a president in the middle of a complete panic-fueled public meltdown.

It's always funny when Obama puts on his best "don't call my bluff" poker face and attempts to bully someone into submission.

Even after nearly four years he doesn't seem to understand that "bluffing" means you know you're holding a losing hand.

Better yet, just goosestep over to that "shut down" golf course where you always go and enjoy the links this weekend. Let the true adults in the negotiating room work this out for the benefit of all the American people.

They'll be glad you did.

fuBarack Ofascist goose-step

Goose-stepping fascist fuBarack Øbraindead

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