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'Racism' Is Dead


Murdered by its massive overuse and violent abuse.


t had suffered battered-word syndrome a long time before its murderers finally killed it.

Ironically, the ones who abused it before it died see and perceive nothing but skin color.

For example: A white man sneezed in the subway. Why? "Because he's a racist!"

Thank you, word beaters, for so beautifully illustrating your favorite punching bag's cause and manner of death.

"Racism" — may it rest in peace — had become a convenient scapegoat for its abusers' numerous shortcomings. The primary ones being their so-called arguments' want of logic and shameful avoidance of facts.

Tragically, it waited too late to seek outside help because it thought felt either it wholly deserved the violent, brutal beatings it got on a regular basis or, during those rare times in between beatings, as it tried to hide the multiple bruises on its face with heavy makeup to at least make them seem not as bad as the previous set of bruises they were overlaying, that if only it was nicer to its abusers, and didn't complain or talk back whenever they repeatedly punched it, they would, hopefully, one day stop for a moment to see the intense physical and emotional pain they were causing and decide then and there not to hit it anymore.

Alas, that was not to be the case.

So today, instead, we're having to bury its thoroughly bruised and battered body, and forced to ask ourselves that painful and somber question so steeped in ever darkening feelings of total helplessness and regret: "What could we have done differently?"

The saddest part is that its life once had purpose and meaning before its abusers, way before their callous cruelness took on it this inevitably fatal toll, beat even the last vestiges of both out of it. Hence, it goes to its grave not known as much for its contributions to the betterment of our society as for its being yet another nameless victim soon to be lost in a veritable sea of all the past, present, and, unfortunately, future victims of heartless, despicable liberal word-beaters. A cold and too easily forgettable statistic.

"What good can come of its death?" we ask. What can we do now so that, someday, somehow, we'll know that, in reality, it didn't die in vain?

That is something you'll have to find an answer for yourself.

We can tell ourselves to be more watchful, to pay closer attention whenever we see one or more of the same signs of word beating which "racism" showed — like large, bright red flags — before it, too, slipped through the cracks only to meet such a horrible fate.

But would even that be enough? What do we do about the vile and barbaric liberal word-beaters? Do we bury their indefensible actions in dismissive excuses, even as we bury their latest victims underneath ever newer parcels of ground?

Or do we inform them and all who would be like them, in no uncertain terms, that they'll find absolutely no tolerance at all anywhere in our society?

That alone would give us hope that this grave will not merely forever mark in silence the entombed remains of "racism" but be the place from which we, continuing its original work for a better, more honest, decent, just, and, yes, united society, took our first step towards bringing about, to the loud and joyous praise of millions now living and yet born, the long awaited demise of this monstrously backward malevolent liberal practice of word beating.

Such is the change every one of us needs and, the Lord willing, shall all have.

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