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Tax cheats, lobbyists, pushers of porn on kids, All Censuses Organized... er, we mean Rigged Now (ACORN), increased Poor Tax®, muslim king's personal hand licker, redacted Jesus, czarist crooks, harvested human babies, rambling racists, nihilist nannies, marauding missiles, crackdowns on unauthorized thought, Biggest.Debt.Ever.
    These are just the warm-up acts. Here are a few more:

Deep in debt? Well, buy a Cadillac!

ust let your children and grandchildren make all the payments.

Former Senator Øfascist is the most stupid person ever to polish an Oval Office chair with his butt "brain."

The country has no money to spend on extravagant non-necessities like his Super Dooper Railway, Yay!™ which no one will ever use unless his already over-bloated fascist Democorrupt Party government regime(birm) spends steals from us even more money to bribe, threaten, or outright force We the People Oppressed Subjects™ to use it.

Yet it's "Damn the Tremendous Debt and Deficits. Full Spending Ahead!"®

Ninety percent of all firearms that Mexico asked Nigeria to trace came from Nigeria

Former Senator Teleprompter-for-"Brains"™ "thought" up a "statistic" that he thinks feels further "shows" our country is to blame for all the world's ills. (Come on, you could at least pretend you're surprised.)

This famed "statistic" is that only one in ten guns criminals use in Mexico weren't bought in the United States.

What he conveniently "forgot" to include in that "statistic" is it only applies to a tiny fraction of the guns Mexican authorities are seizing there.

Those same Mexican authorities, while sorting through their piles and piles of seized guns, every now and then come across one stamped "Made in USA." So, under international agreement, they send it to the USA to find out exactly where in the USA it was made and sold. Very logical. Also logical is the conclusion that a gun stamped "Made in USA" has at least a 90 percent chance of being, well, made in the USA.

By the same token, at least 90 percent of the guns Mexican authorities seize which are stamped "Made in Nigeria" will, after the Nigerian government performs traces on them, indeed be guns that came from — you guessed it — Nigeria.

Of course all this involves, you know, logic. So it's really not surprising that a fascist totalitarian progressive liberal(birm) like "Present" Øfascist would so glaringly distort any purportedly related "statistic" that proves nothing except how much of a lying liar, yes, he can be.

"Why am I bowing again? Because Fidel's short too, you asker of unauthorized questions. And unless you want me to have my Homeland SSecretary target you also, you better stay silent!"

Or in short, freaks of a feather flock together.

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