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The Know-Nothing 'President'


More Whine House Cover-Ups


aking time off from his "official" duties — namely, personally raking in half million-dollar book deal bonuses, belittling basketball coaches, flying off in extravagant luxury to sunny California at taxpayers' expense so, yes, he can appear on television shows to make fun of the disabled after being adored at staged rallies of screened worshipers, then lounging around at Camp David on extended weekends, etc. — Former Jr. Do-Nothing Sen. Øbandit again snuck up behind hard-working Americans to pickpocket their thinning wallets and rob them out of another $9,300,000,000,000.

Plus he wants to rub salt in our wounded Troops' wounds by making them pay for their medical treatment themselves, effectively telling them "you're on your own, stupid."

But after catching him with his hand in our bleeding Troops' pockets too, their Collectivister-in-Thief wants you to believe he knew nothing about it.

He's also using this same old "I know nothing!" defense to lie about why he personally signed into law the very AIG executive-bonus exemption he now says he wants to go back and capriciously unexempt.

Aides attempt to cover [up] for Obama
Stephen Dinan and Jon Ward

ST. CLOUD, Minn. | To hear his camp tell it Thursday, President Obama has been in the dark on his administration's controversial efforts to force veterans to use their private insurance for treatments and to clear the way for large bonuses to be paid to the executives of the failed insurance giant AIG.

Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. was the latest to offer the president-didn't-know defense, suggesting to a Minnesota audience that Mr. Obama was "unaware" of the veterans plan until the president floated it to veterans groups leaders this past Monday and stirred a major controversy.

"Floated," as in raised your knife high while sneaking up behind someone and hoping they won't hear you and turn around so, yes, you can plunge it deep into his back.

But apparently President-in-effect Tel E. Prompter® maliciously inserted this proposed bit of backstabbing into Former Senator Øblitheringidiot's speech script, knowing full well he would mindlessly read it and have to come back later and say he was "unaware" such words were coming out of his own mouth.

At least that's the explanation excuse Vice Gaffester Biden wants you to swallow.

Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner joined the bandwagon, saying it was he and not the president who deserved the blame for letting the bonuses to American International Group Inc. proceed.

"It's my responsibility," Mr. Geithner said, taking the blame just days after the White House leaked reports that it didn't know about the bonuses until after they were issued.

Is the buck stopping at this tax-cheating, dangerously incompetent underling's desk supposed to inspire the American people's confidence in the Cløwn Prince's highly trumpeted "special" Olympian abilities to run the White House Three Ring Circus?

The efforts to shield the president from the fallout of early administration missteps has opened a door for Republicans to cast doubts on the competence, credibility and discipline of the new White House.

"We have the president saying he takes full responsibility and then saying it's not his fault," said Sen. Jon Kyl, Arizona Republican.

It's called "Change™."

As in: "The 52 Percenters who voted for me do want a lot of it, so I'm going to give it to them by changing my 'mind'... a lot."

Those hopeless efforts to cover up Former Senator Øfascist's epic failures have opened innumerable doors for anyone with even the tiniest brain and weakest backbone (so, Republicans, you all qualify) to "cast doubts on the competence, credibility and discipline" of his Three Ring Circus.

Mr. Kyl and other top Senate Republicans tweaked the president for finding the time to fill out an NCAA basketball tournament bracket and appear on Jay Leno's "Tonight Show" while anger was boiling over in Washington over revelations of the bonuses and while the nation's credit markets remained in crisis.

"This administration seems to have disdain or very little time for the hard work of governing," said Sen. John Cornyn, Texas Republican.

It's called "Hope™."

As in: "I hope I look better to those 52'ers sitting down with foreign leaders, top generals, etc. professional jokesters and clowns taking about my puppies and Special Olympic-sized bowling scores than I do sitting behind that desk in the Oval Office... a.k.a., where I'm allegedly supposed to be."

Of course, given his dangerously incompetent miserable epic failures, him seated on a milk stool fondling a cow's udder and proclaiming what's in there is going to be — once... he ("Hey, stop moving!")... figures out ("You are a cow, aren't you?") ... how to extract... it ("There! See, the cow's [bull's] happy too.") — Teh New Alternative Fuel™, would look better than the latter.

The White House was mum on Mr. Biden's explanation excuse,

Because it was completely idiotic — even for the White House Three Ring Circus.

...but an aide argued that it was a moot point because no bill had been presented.

Translation: "We haven't plunged that knife into your backs yet, you stupid wounded troopies. So you have no reason to scream 'ouch!'... yet."

This hardly makes that one at the end of "Present" Øbackstabber's raised knife a "moot" point.

In St. Cloud, Mr. Biden, responding to a veteran's question, blamed budget bean counters for trying to save money with the care proposal that died Wednesday after an outcry from lawmakers from both parties and veterans groups.

"OMB decided — the Office of Management and Budget — they're the guys who watch every dollar and figure out what we can spend and what taxes are coming in and what's going out, etc., they decided that we could — quote save — 4 to 5 billion dollars in veterans health care costs in fact when a veteran came in with a war-related, excuse me, military-related injury or problem, that they would then have their private insurer be billed for that service," Mr. Biden said lied.

In other words, Mr. Acting President: "I know nothing! Nothing!"

Put on a Luftwaffe uniform and you'd be perfect for the role of Bumbling Sergeant in any Hogan's Heroes revival.

"And that caused a real, a real ripple," Mr. Biden said at the second of his Middle Class Task Force meetings.

Everything about that sentence is industrial grade Stuck on Stupid®.

Members of our Armed Forces up in arms — many unable to be more than figuratively so because they left what was left of their arms behind on some hellish, distant battlefield that would've been here had they not been over there bravely defending our freedoms against a real armed and dangerous enemy of those freedoms — may have seemed a "ripple" to someone who, while he was imploring wheelchair-bound politicians to "stand up," "had the choice of being secretary of state" but who couldn't find the "Internet number" for Justice John Paul "Stewart's" Web bio no matter how many "f****** breaks" he got, and is the only person insane enough to celebrate Patriot's Day on April 15th.

To everyone else it was a tsunami.

Speaking of GMAFB, WTF's a "Middle Class Task Force"?

Are there any bona fide middle-class citizens on it? Or does this taSSk force have in store for them, too, just more of the same old top-down final solutions we've come to expect from a federal government corrupt fascist regime ruled by CYA-mode Demostatists and their punch drunk sociopathic führer Øbøzø teh Cløwnshoes who disturbingly laughs at his own "gallows humor" jokes on us?

Why not set up a Lower Class Task Force Star Chamber as well so, yes, you can come up with further regressive tax increases that hit the poor and minorities hardest?

"Haha, uh, ha."

Or an Eeeeeevil Rich Task Force Inquisition Council that picks out the best rack and thumbscrew designs for those torture chambers you seemingly want to whisk our country's top entrepreneurs off to — along with their family members, just so you can force them to watch — the moment they step off their corporate jets, thus saving you and ACORN your dangerous, extremist mercenary cronies the cost of deploying fleet after fleet of buses Torturemobiles® filled with your obsequious storm troopers to mob their "private" homes and turn their, their spouses, and their kids' lives into living hells per your regime's orders?

"Uh, yuckity, uh, yuckyuck, uh, yuck."

How about a Testtube-Baby Lesbian Midget Task Force also while you're at it? It'd have far better luck accomplishing any real good than all of your Force Everyone Into A Permanent Fascist Government-Dependent Class Task Forces, combined.

The worst it could do is give your despotic führer plenty of chances to laugh psychotically at another of his own disturbing jokes on us — that is, in addition to his stupidest one: aka you.


Veterans and military advocacy groups learned that the administration was considering the idea soon after the president's budget outline was announced last month. Leaders of 11 such groups sent a letter to Mr. Obama on Feb. 27 opposing the proposal and asked to meet with him, a request that was granted with a White House meeting Monday with the president and members of his staff.

Which makes the above "explanation" a lie and Acting President Biden the lying liar who told it.

American Legion Commander David K. Rehbein said after the meeting that while the president listened intently to their concerns, "it became apparent during our discussion today that the president intends to move forward with this unreasonable plan."

Mr. Obama "refused to hear arguments about the moral and government-avowed obligations that would be compromised by it," Mr. Rehbein added.

The veterans representatives said the president told him that he wanted to pursue the proposal because it would generate $540 million in budget savings — a number the White House has not confirmed.

No wonder "Present" Øfascist refused to hear your arguments. You used a word and phrase whose true meanings he's forever blocked out of his so-called mind.

Namely moral and avowed obligations.

Wouldn't be surprised to find out he maniacally laughed out loud right after you uttered them.

But when the administration dropped the proposal two days later, veterans groups immediately praised the president for his change of heart.

Fools. He has no heart.

To him you're just insignificant scratches on a very big ledger. Øbameinführer's in full controlled-demolition mode, printing money to paper over mountains of otherwise manifestly unrepayable debt that he's purposefully crushing generations of private wealth creators under, so they won't see the inevitably devastating bills until they're past due and it's too late to avoid the RepØ Man recovering repossessing everything that the stimulated and bailed-out Gull I. Bulls all across this land of flattened opportunity he's landscaped "for" us bought on such credit and thought they'd be able to afford and keep after they let him sucker them into taking out the Mother of All Subprime "Loans"® forged by and linked directly to his totalitarian fascist government-insured Øne National Collectivist Bank (member FUIDIOT).

It's called "Intended Consequences™."

"The important thing is this issue is behind us and we can move forward," Veterans of Foreign Wars spokesman Joe Davis said Thursday.

"Behind us."


On Tuesday, White House spokesman spokesclown Robert Gibbs did not dispute that the plan knife blade was floated (directly over their backs), but said no decisions had been made.

Because they turned around just in time.

But Former Senator Øfascist's intended victims want to "move forward," which will give him another chance to sneak up behind them.

Hours after the [Democrook-"run"] House passed a confiscatory tax [aka "hand over all your money or we'll shoot!"] on the executive bonuses of companies that [foolishly] take bailout money and Mr. Geithner took responsibility for allowing the bonuses, Mr. Obama told Mr. Leno that his Treasury secretary was "on the hot seat," but was doing an "outstanding job."

He's dangerously incompetent and a tax cheat.

Yep. That qualifies as "doing an outstanding job" in the corrupt Øbamination maladministration.

During a CNN interview, Mr. Geithner acknowledged that his staff encouraged lawmakers Ninny Pelousy to take out a key provision in last month's stimulus spendulus that would have taxed executive compensation in an attempt to discourage companies such as AIG from handing out excessive bonuses while receiving billions of taxpayer dollars.

"What we did is just express concern about the vulnerability of a specific part of this provision," Mr. Geithner said.

He confirmed that his staff said retroactive penalties would spark lawsuits.

So you aren't to blame. It's entirely the House Democrooks' Stinker of the House Nincompoopsi's fault.

All she had to say was no, the No Bonuses™ Keine Prämien™ tax (sounds better in the original German) stays in the bill — Heil Hussein!

It's not like she'd suddenly change character and exhibit any concern about the federal government her party's totalitarian fascist regime violating our Constitution's prohibitions against ex post facto "laws," bills of attainder, and otherwise depriving citizens of their liberties and pursuits of happiness without due process of law.

According to Nanny-state Pelooni, if you take our her government's money then you and everything you own belong to her.

Remember that, U.S. corporations, the next time you hear, "I'm Baracløwn Øbøzø and I'm here to 'help' you."

Otherwise may those Democommunists' chains rest lightly upon you and may your posteriors forget how swollen they were after they last whipped them.

Mr. Geithner continued to say that he did not know about AIG's planned $165 million in bonuses for top employees until March 10 but left room for the possibility that he had some inkling about the bonuses prior to that.

"On Tuesday, I was informed about the full scale and scope of these specific bonus problems," he said.

The Treasury Department and the White House did not answer queries about whether Mr. Geithner's comment meant that he had known something more general about the bonuses before March 10.

Although he was told a week earlier about the bonuses during a public hearing.

More lies and another lying liar who tells them.

"A++ outstanding job!"

The embattled 47-year-old secretary added that he took "full responsibility" for not catching the bonuses earlier and stopping them from proceeding, one day after Sen. Christopher J. Dodd, Connecticut Democrat, said his staff had removed language from the stimulus mandating retroactive penalties on big bonuses.

Removed on Naggy Peloseri's orders, no doubt.

But he and his department faced questions from Republicans why they did not renegotiate the bonuses earlier this month when they gave AIG an additional $30 billion in taxpayer bailout funds, bringing the total given to AIG since last fall to more than $170 billion.

Mr. Cornyn said Mr. Geithner and his staff knew about the bonuses before they rolled out the additional $30 billion in aid on March 2.

"The Federal Reserve Bank of New York says they notified Treasury in February," Mr. Cornyn said, referring to the institution that Mr. Geithner headed until Mr. Obama named him to the Treasury Department in December.

The New York Federal Reserve refused to comment on the allegation that it told the Treasury about the bonuses on Feb. 28, as has been reported by Time magazine.

— Jon Ward reported from Washington.

Correction: "Present" Ødingbat's dangerously incompetent, tax-cheating, lying underling, who admits the buck doesn't stop anywhere near his fascist führer's desk, knew about the bonuses over a week before the date on which he claims he found out about them.

If what Acting President Biden never seems to know makes him Sergeant Schultz, then what you always pretend to know must make you Colonel "Dissssmissed" Klink.

Except trying to cheat the Führer out of the highly confiscatory "patriotic" taxes he commanded that his enslaved subjects pay him likely would've caused him to order you sent to the Russian Front (or worse) long before the pilot episode.

Especially since he was a tax cheat too.

Wouldn't want to give anyone any reason to raise any wider questions that might result in any but a select few knowing anything about that, now.

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