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President Huckabee will


The others won't.

ike Huckabee signed the pledge "Real Immigration Reform: A Roadmap for Demonstrating Presidential Credibility on One of America's Most Important Issues" authored by Senator Jeff Sessions from Alabama, one of the true heroes in our nation's decisive victory last year over the menacing MqQain-Qennedy amnesty bill threat. (PDF copy here.)

President Huckabee will secure the border, including completing construction of the 700 mile southern border fence required by the Secure Fence Act, constructing more miles if needed, and keeping the National Guard on the border until it is secured.
security pledge
President Huckabee will deter illegal entry by expanding the already successful Zero Tolerance Prosecution Policy (Operation Streamline) from 3 to all 20 border sectors, and support statutory mandatory minimums for the crimes of illegal entry, reentry, and reentry after deportation for any felony.
security pledge
President Huckabee will give our immigration system integrity by completing the 10-year past due exit portion of The USVISIT (Visitor and Immigrant Status Indicator Technology) system and eliminate other weaknesses in the system so that future visa overstays can be identified.
security pledge
President Huckabee will end the jobs magnet by requiring all employers to use the electronic verification system to check the legal status of all employees, reduce fraud by decreasing the number of documents employers must accept to prove legal status, and he will offer cooperating employers a safe harbor.
security pledge
President Huckabee will require a biometric (fingerprint encoded) identification card for all aliens authorized to work.
security pledge
President Huckabee will increase security for legal workers by requiring social security earnings statements to list all employers reporting wages under an individual's social security number so that fraudulent use of that number can be spotted and he will fight to keep using "no match notices" as evidence that employers knew they were employing an illegal alien under a social security number issued to someone else.
security pledge
President Huckabee will form effective immigration enforcement partnerships with state and local law enforcement by clarifying their authority to enforce federal immigration laws, deputizing state and local officers in every state (through the 287(g) program), offering a basic training course for all state and local officers, and compensating state and local entities for immigration enforcement related expenses.
security pledge
President Huckabee will promptly evaluate the 27% of prisoners that are non-citizens so that illegal alien criminals can be processed and deported at the end of their sentences, and he will implement a mandatory federal response to state and local law enforcement when they apprehend an illegal alien for a DUI, child abuse crime, or any felony.
security pledge
President Huckabee will put an end to the existing policy that allows illegal aliens caught inside our country to be released on bail after their arrest while they await their initial court appearance.
security pledge
President Huckabee will immediately expand the National Crime Information Center's (NCIC) Immigration Violators File to include: (A) aliens against whom a final order of removal has been issued; (B) aliens who have signed a voluntary departure agreement; (C) aliens who have overstayed their authorized period of stay; and (D) aliens whose visas have been revoked.
security pledge
President Huckabee will encourage compliance with Federal law by implementing a reduction of at least 10% of discretionary federal grants and highway funds to cities, states, universities, and other entities that undermine Federal law by implementing sanctuary policies, issuing driver's licenses to illegal aliens, or offering education benefits to illegal aliens (such as in-state tuition) that are not available to all legal residents and citizens.
security pledge
President Huckabee will rewrite the Treasury regulations to close the loophole that allows illegal aliens to open U.S. based bank accounts.
security pledge
President Huckabee will eliminate the visa lottery program and change current preference categories that guarantee automatic entry for aging parents and extended family members and replace it with a system that fairly and objectively evaluates at least 50% of applicants based on characteristics such as education, skills, English ability, and age. Specifically, President Huckabee will end the visa lottery and eliminate chain migration of adult siblings and grown children.
security pledge
President Huckabee will take a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens off the table.
security pledge
President Huckabee will ask Congress for necessary laws or funds to execute these commitments.
security pledge
By signing this document, President Huckabee expresses to the American people that he understands the challenges of ending illegal immigration, he is personally committed to that goal, and he will take the actions reasonable and necessary to achieve it.
security pledge

    1. Border Fence and National Guard
    2. Border Prosecutions
    3. Control Visa Overstays
    1. Enforceable Employer Verification System
    2. Biometric ID Card For All Non-Citizens
    3. Eliminate Identity Theft
    1. Form Effective Partnerships
    2. Federal Response to State and Local Arrests
    3. End Catch and Release
    4. List Illegal Aliens in the NCIC
    1. Deny Federal Funds to Sanctuary Cities
    2. Close Financial Loopholes
    1. Replace Visa Lottery and Chain Migration with Merit Based Immigration System
    2. Pathway to Citizenship Off the Table
    3. Seek Necessary Authority from Congress

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