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Hillosery beats Nobody (literally)


Even with no one else on the ballot, Monica Lewinsky's Ex-Boyfriend's old "lady"® miserably fails to receive more than a tiny majority of votes.


early 600,000 declared Demoqrat voters cast a ballot in the Michigone primary; and close to half of them rejected "her."

This despite "Her" Nibs using every dirty trick in the book:

What happened in Michigan is not very different from what used to happen in the old Soviet Union. The [al-Q]linton machine manipulated the ballot. They don't care how they win, only that they do. It's wrong and people need to know that.
– former U.S. Sen. Don Riegle (D-MI)  

In the county with the largest number of Demoqrat votes (Wayne: 162,358 total) "she" couldn't get a majority at all. Neither in the fourth largest (Wasgtenaw: 27,952). Nor more than 51.2% in the second largest (Oakland: 86,595).

If "her" own party's voters won't overwhelmingly support "her" when it's only "her" name on the ballot in a partisan primary election which excludes all but Nobody-listed and long-shots, it takes little imagination — far less than even that minuscule one that passes for "hers" — to see how clearly unelectable "she"'d be in a general election!

BiIsIs al-Qlinton's old "lady" would need an extreme government mandate, even more extreme than the most extreme one "she" greedily desires to impose inflict on all of us, before "she" could ever hope to threaten with heavy, stiff fines and/or prison sentences compel any majority of any state's voters to universally cast their ballots for "her" anytime "she" faces an actual challenger.

Either that or Hillosery might again try voting in favor of legislation that allows terrorists and murderous gang members to enter our country illegally. Maybe their illegal votes could push "her" over the top. (That is, more so than "she" obviously already is is.) Or, being a wholly-owned subsidiary of George $oro$ as well as Big Insurance®, "she" might again try voting against the lobbyist reform bill when it reaches the Senate floor. All on behalf of "the power-hungry corporations behind [']her[']" and "the people who fund [']her['] campaigns," of course.

Or "Her" Nibs might continue poking black voters in the eyes with "her" racially offensive remarks. Perhaps "she" thought felt loosing 69% of their votes in Michigone was a Good Thing™.

Or BiIsIs-Job's old "lady" might consult a few more of those voices "she" keeps finding in "her" head. (Paging Eleanor... paging Elanor... come down, please, you have a call Qackle™ on line 666.) Or "she" might intersperse a few thousand more "comprehensive"s among "her" comprehensive lies. Including those ever-present bons mots like "I comprehensively don't recall" or "I don't comprehensively remember" or "yes, the constitution does say that al-Qongress shall have power to provide for the common comprehensive health insurance mandate in which the people have no right to choose except either obsequiously conforming to it or paying large fines and/or serving long prison sentences... it's comprehensively right there, in Clause 20, Section 109, Article XXX... and, no, you don't get the right to see the same plastic surgeon doctor I do."

Or the juniorly Chair"woman" of the lowly subcommittee on Environmental Health Sewage and Garbage Disposal might shed a girlish tear or two more over the fact that this isn't the old Soviet Union and the people have an actual right to not only participate in elections but ask unscripted questions of any person seeking to be hired by them.

Since losing the Iowa caucuses, [BiIsIs al-Q]linton['s old "lady"] has been critical of how caucuses operate, saying their requirement of in-person, on-time participation leaves many out.

Leaves out many plants, that is.

But don't expect to see a change in any of this. After all, to Hillosery "change" means that, when "she"'s done with you — once "she"'s forced you to so-called live under "her" many extreme, irresponsible government mandates — that's inevitably all you'll have left in your pocket or purse.

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