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Democomplainerats and the Party of Blame


I was going to blast Pakistan's dictatorship for declaring martial law, but...


cary Screed, Demonegativist Party politician responsible for the legislative branch's Lowest. Approval. Ever.™, slithered onto the Senate floor to blame our president, in time of war no less, for Pakistan's internal turmoil. About the same time, Surrender Nan', the Worst. Speaker. Ever.™, predictably oozed up alongside the nearest microphone to do the exact same disingenuous thing.

So I'll blast these two useless Demoblamerratsbirm instead.

Muckority Leaper jeREmIaD, here's a novel concept for you: How about you ask not what your country shouldn't have been doing in a past neither you nor anyone else can ever change — ask what you can do for your country now and in the immediate future. This means, rather than you rasping out any more risibly regressive rants, you tell us all the wondrous things President Screed would be doing if he were slithering around the Oval Office instead of the Senate floor to oh, so magically create for all mankind the Perfectest. World. Ever.™ Don't blamingly bleat, "By staying so bogged down in Iraq's civil war, President Bush has made it harder to respond to the Pakistani problem and other challenges throughout the world." Your sophistic lie does absolutely no one any good and is utterly useless to everyone except our country's wartime enemies.

Stinker of the House Pipsqueaki, here's an equally novel concept for you: How about you start letting every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and the success of liberty. This means, rather than you attempting to alienate any more of our wartime allies — each of whom would be fighting all-out against us instead of with us to defeat our common enemies if we ever unnecessarily or foolishly assign, like you're trying now, the sins of a long-extinct, World War I Ottoman Empire to today's Republic of Turkey or any truth whatsoever to the propaganda of terrorists who are exploiting every rift and weakness they can find, or which you and your ilk keep progressively giving them, for the sole purpose and effect of helping them bring about the swift extinction of the present Islamic Republic of Pakistan and establish in its place the next Taliban state — and rather than you kowtowing to Syria's terrorist regime and otherwise trying to set up your own personal renegade Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you tell us all the miraculous things Secretary of State SinFringeNinny would be doing if she were oozing out of Air Force Two in Islamabad and not the Speaker's chair in Washington to oh, so wondrously accomplish for international diplomacy the Marvelousest. Feats. Ever.™ Don't complainingly cluck, "The Bush Administration enabled Musharraf's delusion by ignoring his undemocratic acts and lack of internal support in exchange for his assistance in efforts against terrorism." Your wedge-driving lie does absolutely nothing except give further aid and comfort to one of our country's worst wartime enemies by increasing the perception we're abandoning one of our country's best but most besieged wartime allies.

Not that either of you care, of course. It just would be a remarkable change of pace to hear something other than your sanctimonious condemnation of our wartime president for strictly your own selfish partisan purposes each and every time our nation is most in need of presenting a unified front.

At least America's bloodthirsty enemies appreciate all your efforts in their behalf.

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