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Crap gets vetoed, Qongre$$


Al-Demoqrats and RINOcrats want to raise taxes to buy middle-class parents' votes. It isn't about The Children. It's all about selfish politicians' own greed and power.


ocialism is achieved when the people effectively vote themselves the public treasury. Although politicians' promises of "free" handouts from government are not possible without their voters' promises of electing them to government office and power, in the end only those politicians benefit. They get their power while the people get higher tax bills, a shrinking economy, less job opportunities, and much greater need and demand for more such "free" handouts. This cycle continues until there is no one left who is productive enough to keep paying for the same amount of handouts. At that point the handouts also diminish. But the politicians get to keep their power because they now have the people by the throat as well as by their wallets.

Al-Demoqrats know all this. Like Lucifer, each of them realizes she can't command any meaningful level of widespread dependency and control over people without their personal approval. Both the Devil and the Demoqrat (but I repeat myself) also know people won't give either one that approval without some assurance there's something in it for them. Of course, he or she is only too happy to turn such people's greed against them in order to feed his or her own. So each will — being invariably satanic in both motive and effect — offer these people any illusion of assurance which makes them at least feel they're about to get everything they wanted in return for selling him or her their very souls.

Al-Qongre$$'s 109-page bill "to extend and improve the Children's Health Insurance Program, and for other purposes" (PDF here), is a perfect example of al-Demoqrats' devilish desire to so solidly instill in us an inescapable dependence on federal government handouts that we have no choice but to let them perpetually run it, as they alone can promise to make us feel firmly and forever beholden to their ever "generous" release of more and more of "our" government's seemingly endless largess.

Colin McNickle, writing in Philadelphia's Evening Bulletin, totally gets it. The Allsocialist Press, of course, is totally clueless. Because Mr. McNickle's comments are much better suited than anything I could write for fisking the latter's report glowing approval of al-Qongre$$'s middle-class soul vote buying scheme, it's best that he do the honors:

Veto Is Certain, Bush Tells Pelosi

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Bush insisted to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Friday that he's going ahead with his promised veto of a major expansion of a children's health program despite its overwhelming approval by Congress.

The 'S' In S-CHIP Stands For Socialist
By: Colin McNickle, The Bulletin

There can be no better contemporary example of the creeping crud of socialism than the congressional exploits surrounding reauthorization of the State Children's Health Insurance Program. But it's refreshing to see that President Bush has drawn such a deep line in the sand. Whether it's a Maginot line, however, remains to be seen.

[Screecher] Pelosi, D-Calif., said she told [President] Bush in a morning phone call that she was praying he would change his mind. "I think I have to pray a little harder," she told reporters moments later, at a Capitol ceremony where Democrats celebrated passage of the proposed $35 billion increase in the State Children's Health Insurance Program.

The quite generous and well-intentioned program, generally known as S-CHIP, was designed at its 1997 inception to cover truly needy kids. But just to be safe — just to make sure those on the cusp didn't slip through the cracks — even kids well above the poverty line (a line, by the way, that discounts government subsides) were afforded medical coverage. Children in families of four earning 200 percent of the poverty level (just over $41,000 a year) are eligible. The program expires a week from today.

Of course, leave it to Disciples of Dependence to use kids in pursuit of statism's faux communal good.

It's doubtful that any new arguments were made in what [Naggy] Pelosi called "a friendly, friendly conversation." She said she reminded [President] Bush that many Republicans [In Name Only] voted to raise tobacco taxes to fund a program expansion, and that many governors from both parties support it.

Under one early Democrat proposal, children in families with incomes exceeding $80,000 would have been eligible for government medical care. Upward of 75 percent of all American children could have ended up being covered under the government plan. The numbers have been ratcheted down but they're still quite onerous. And in typical fashion, Democrats keep lowballing the real cost.

"He said he liked people who don't give up," [Ninny] Pelosi said, but he also made it clear he is not backing down.

White House press secretary Dana Perino confirmed [Comrade] Pelosi's account.

"The president has been very clear for months that if the bill came to him in its current form that he would veto it," [Ms.] Perino said.

Mr. Bush has promised an uncharacteristic spending veto. And it's a veto that can likely be sustained in the House. Of course, chickens often do come home to roost.

She added: "What he did say is, 'I'm going to veto this bill, and after that, let's see if we can sit down and come to a compromise.'"

Now just because S-CHIP involves children doesn't make socialized medicine any more palatable. In fact, using them as human health-care shields is downright despicable. Taxes would have to rise to cover the escapade. The cost of private insurance coverage for kids will skyrocket or dry up altogether. And all the goodies that come with socialized medicine will soon follow. Long waits. Crappy care. Can dead kids be far behind?

The president deftly stated his position — what should be every American's position — in a Thursday news conference: "Our goals should be for children who have no health insurance to be able to get private coverage, not for children who already have private health insurance to be able to get government coverage."

Congress and [President] Bush have agreed to fund SCHIP [Shouldn't that 'P' be a 'T' so we get a truly accurate acronym for this socialist crap? Just asking, 's all.], at its current level, at least through mid-November.

Aware that the issue could be potentially explosive politically, the White House released a day early the part of the president's radio address that dealt with the insurance [socialist] program. In the address, [President] Bush urged lawmakers to "work out a more responsible approach."

"Congressional leaders have put forward an irresponsible plan that would dramatically expand this program beyond its original intent," he said in the remarks, which were taped Friday and being aired Saturday. "And they know I will veto it."

The grossly expanded S-CHIP program "is an incremental step toward the goal of government-run health care for every American," he said.

Eighteen Republicans [In Name Only] joined a solid Democratic block Thursday when the Senate voted 67-29 for the $35 billion expansion. The House passed the bill Tuesday, 265-159, with 45 Republicans [In Name Only] voting for it.

Actually, you might as well call it the Socialist Democrat Recruitment Act of 2007. Just as liberals and progressives and Democrats want to bolster their constituency by amnestitizing hordes of illegal aliens, they'd simply love to be able to create millions of new government health-care dependents. Inculcate and indoctrinate as you inoculate. What a plan!

It's outrageous, of course. As is the intellectual vapidity of supposedly smart people and institutions shilling for the latest government entitlement.

A veto override requires a two-thirds majority vote in both chambers, a threshold that Republicans say they can prevent in the House. [President] Bush is likely to receive the legislation next week, lawmakers said.

[President] Bush has proposed a $5 billion increase in SCHIP, which now covers 6.6 million children from modest-income families that are not poor enough to qualify for Medicaid. The bill approved this week by Congress, he says, is too costly, goes beyond the program's original intent, and shifts too much insurance burden on the government rather than private providers.

Incredibly, the New York Times was critical of the Bush administration implementing rules that make it difficult to enroll kids in S-CHIP in families of four with income at 250 percent of the poverty level. That's about $51,000, folks. And The Times calls restricting applicability "too stringent"?

It also labels as "ideological" the administration's opposition to "expanding government insurance programs." Using that logic, so too would be the world's horrific repulsion to the Holocaust. A St. Louis Post-Dispatch editorial called the case against what essentially is a big bear hug for greater health-care socialism "academic arguments (that) obscure larger truths."

Good grief.

The Times seems to have no problem entertaining government health care for children in families of four with annual earnings of $82,600. No wonder there are new projections that by 2040, 60 percent of Americans will depend on the government for their income.

Analysts say the legislation would allow about 4 million of the estimated 9 million uninsured children in the United States to gain coverage.

Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt said SCHIP should be focused on children from families with incomes that fall below twice the federal poverty level — $34,340 for a family of three. [Secretary] Leavitt said the administration wants to talk with lawmakers about other steps that can be taken to help uninsured children from families above that income level.

Now, kiddies, it's time for the childish For The Children™ portion of the Asshaturated Press' report ever predictable, immature appeal to emotion always commiserately underlying its pro-Democommierat Party propaganda:

Democrats feel [Like what else do they ever do? Think?!] the SCHIP program is popular, and sense a political blunder on the part of [President] Bush and his congressional allies. Friday's Democratic event, which included Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev[er Saw A Tax Increase He Didn't Like]., featured several small children whose families have relied on SCHIP for medical coverage.

In addition to the traditional entreaty of S-CHIP expansion being "for the children," its apologists also cite polling data that show a majority of the public want such a thing. But as stark as this is going to sound to some, the late, great Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises nailed the malady in "Socialism," his seminal 1922 work:

Propagandized with woefully little counterargument, "The truth is that most people lack the intellectual ability and courage to resist a popular movement, however pernicious and ill-considered."

Cameras clicked and whirred as [Béla] Pelosi briefly [and very Saddamishly] held a small boy, and his Elmo doll, on her lap. She said there "are 10 million reasons" for [For the last time, APee, it isn't "Bush" or "Mr. Bush." It's President] Bush to sign the bill, citing the number of children the proposed expansion would cover.


Associa[lis]ted Press reporters Deb Riechmann and Kevin Freking contributed to this report.

The bill is HR 976. [Subtract 3 from the 1st digit and 1 from the 2nd, and its number would be more accurate too.]

It is a lack of intellectual curiosity and proper education that allows America's Socialist Democrats to lead an ever more-gullible populace by the nose. And for that, a nation founded on the premise of liberty, freedom and individualism should be ashamed of its slide into collectivism.

Prof. von Mises said that what is needed to stop the trend toward socialism and its soon-to-follow despotism is "common sense and moral courage." Better add a large bolus of economics education for the illiterati.

Pity that all are in such short supply in America these days. But grand kudos to President Bush, who deserves criticism for so many failings, for being dead-on in fighting liberal efforts to make the "S" in S-CHIP stand for "socialist." Here's hoping his Maginot line holds.

Given that the Republican Party would take an even worse drubbing in the contributions department if its members in the House permit al-Qongre$$'s latest effort to tax and spend us to death even more, to advance any farther than President Bush's veto pen, I'm certain his Maginot line against this kind of socialist SCHIT SCHIP will hold, Mr. McNickle.

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